I think I just spontaneously sprouted a vagina, a rather fine set of breasts, and the duckface to finish it off
—  Phil. Phil, what the heck. You’re meant to be the masculine one of the two of us.

This isn’t too old, but it was the first time Phil and I ventured into wannabe-Epic Meal Time territory. It was gorgeous. 

Also please forgive Phil for looking demonic

Megadeth was on

It does things to him

Hello people

As expected, Tumblr has been busy O_o

Thought I’d stop by to give a sitrep - 

In reply to this post - Maggie darling, you and all associated people who reciprocated are far too kind :’) I’m missing you all too, this place without internet is harsh, unforgiving, and full of sharp objects. That last point is both a massive positive and a suddenly alarming negative. 

In reply to this post - Duuuuuuuude… You are also too kind, but all points are reciprocated :’) And yes, I shall return to the internether realm on Sunday like a shining knight of hope and honour and falling over the weight of my shiny armour and shrieking like some sort of ostrich. Also yes, gushy emotions like that do tend to build up until gush point xD But tis good :’) 

Life updates… Not many to speak of, me being a FRIGHTFULLY EXCITING PERSON. I have acquired Mortal Kombat, my first serious dive into a fighting game, and currently very much enjoying it. Other fighting games bore me, but I do believe the gore in MK attracts me - no fun in punching someone if they don’t leak, yes? xD Also, tearing people in half with the help of my shadow never gets old. 

Also, main point - seeing as I am home alone for the next few days, I have requisitioned a Phil and we plan to spend the days with much drinking, computer games (Amnesia… *hides*) and general merriment. 

If any guise are online tonight

And I know you will be

We will almost certainly be drunkblogging and drunk-TinyChatting.