I really wish that someone could have talked to Jahar and Tamerlan on the day of the Boston Marathon.  Told them that they didn’t need to go.  Get Jahar to stay back and smoke up with friends.  Tell Tam to spend some time with his little girl.  Maybe we could have avoided all this.  Maybe they could have avoided this new future that they never anticipated.

Everything Considered...

“The Times reported that he admitted to the bombings in questioning by investigators on Sunday. These reports could not be independently confirmed”

Source:  http://www.albanyherald.com/news/2013/apr/23/overlooked-security-officials-face-grilling-over-p/

Reports cannot be confirmed that Jahar acknowledged his or Tamerlan’s part in the Boston bombing. DUH!  Because the confession didn’t happen!  Also in the article it states that the FBI’s only evidence to suspecting Tamerlan and Dzhokhar as the bombers is the time sequence of events of when Jahar puts his bag down and when the bomb detonates based on video footage/stills.  Not in actuality that Dzhokhar or Tamerlan’s bag is seen exploding in the surveillance footage.

In my honest opinion after looking at all the different sources, they were set up by the FBI/CIA to some extent without real knowledge of what they were accepting to do.  Either asked to show up at a certain time or asked to take part in a “terror/bomb drill” for pay.  Basically coming as actors taking part of the bomb drill, but instead they were used as scapegoats to pin this terror drill gone horribly wrong on by the government. The drill wasn’t supposed to kill anybody, just used to create awareness and allow the government an opportunity to gain military control of a town, go into houses door to door and disguise it as a manhunt for the bombers, yet when the bombs actually harmed real people and not just “actors” pretending to be hurt they had their scapegoats, the Tsarnaev brothers, already in the area and on surveillance.  On top of that, how convenient that they somehow already had one of the brothers on a possible terrorist list from some time back. As brought up numerous times, there was supposed to be a bomb drill that would take place during the marathon, yet it wasn’t well-known knowledge and did not become public knowledge until after the bombs went off.  

Like seriously who is that guy in the shadows that claps his hands and then puts his ear piece in as soon as the brothers walk by?  It really looks like he’s signalling to someone that the plan is in motion then puts his ear piece in for further instructions.  Also, why is he the only one blurred?

Video of possible Fed:  


The FBI is also saying that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar detonated their bombs possibly by a cell phone based on surveillance video of Jahar picking up his phone then turning it off within seconds of the bomb detonating.  The feds could have easily been in communication with them on the phone during this time causing them to pick up the phone/turn it off at the right times.  These guys aren’t private eyes or trained bombers.  How were they going to rig their cell phone to detonated a pressure cooker and have both of them work?!!

This is who they thought the initial suspect was where Jahar’s alleged bomb went off, but did they ever question him??  Probably not, because he was just supposed to set the bag down by the mailbox and then run off.  The below cited article clearly found him as a person of interest since he is the only one that didn’t cower down when they bomb went off yet quickly made a run for it.  However, it’s clearly not Tamerlan or Dzhokhar based on the clothing.  No white shirt or white hat.

Source:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2310596/Boston-bombings-latest-FBI-use-phone-records-identify-suspect.html

The news stations clearly couldn’t get their story straight because the FBI/CIA could not provide them with the right information since they still hadn’t gotten their story straight.  Also if you remember, at first they interviewed Jeff Baum (the victim who lost his legs in the explosion) and he stated that he looked the bomber in the eye and he was wearing ALL black.  And now some people are speculating this guys running away is the Saudi nationalist that was deported back.  The government needed someone that could clearly build these bombs and guarantee that they would work, guess they got their guys to the dirty deeds and then let them go.  Also, in earlier reports, the pressure cookers were in a duffle bag.  This guy was pictured communicating with another guy who had a duffel bag.  Watch the video below with photographs.


Open your eyes people.  Shit is hitting the fan.