((Grace, around age 24))

After years at the Academy and studying as hard as she could, her hard work had paid off well. She had been welcomed onto the Force with open arms, Joining her Ohana and friends in the fight against the island criminals.
On her first day she couldn’t have been more excited to start her new job, thinking of how she was going to be someones hero someday and all that she would encounter. Danno always made his job sound like there was excitement around every turn and something always lurking in  the shadows and she couldn’t help but hope shed find the same enthusiasm.

Non-Stop action she thought, something was always going to be happening. Never has she been so wrong. Weeks had passed since her first day on the job and all she had accomplished was handing out a dozen parking tickets and the occasional ‘Clean up after your Dog’ summons. What a drag, she thought. She knew she was simply a rookie, but she didn’t think she was going to be the ‘Bitch’ of the department, getting stuck with all the worst jobs.

It was mid afternoon, the heavy Hawaiian sun hanging low in the sky, a group of clouds looking as though they where threatening a summer storm. Tiny rays of sunlight flooded the windows, sending long shadows across Grace’s tiny cramped desk, mildly blinding her as she attempted to finish filling out useless paperwork for this weeks tickets.
A heavy sigh escaped her lips, hissing though her gritted teeth as she set her pen down on the desk and rested her elbows on its wooden ledge, cupping her chin in her hand.
She couldn’t help but yawn as a a wave of boredom swept over her, causing her eyes to water a bit. Swiping her free hand across her eyes, clearing her vision before stretching both arms over her head with a loud groan, leaning back in her stiff-backed chair.

She hated being bored, almost as much as she hated being left behind when the rest of her department was dispatched for crimes all over the Honolulu district.
Once more resting her elbows on the desks ledge she planted her face in her hands, rubbing her face, trying to wake herself up. It was only  a mere three hours into her Eight hour shift and she was starting to believe she wasn’t going be able to survive such a long day.
As she began to drift off, She was suddenly jolted back to reality by the sharp squeal of the her scanners alarm. She sat silently as she listened  to Code after code was announced over the speaker, simply ignoring everyone until the words “Parking Violation” and her name where announced over the air.
Letting out a annoyed groan she pushed herself out of her chair and grabbed her phone off the desk and jammed it into its holder on her belt before dragging herself out of the office and out to her squad car that was waiting for her right outside her office window.

After getting in and starting it, she hesitated for a moment, listening as an active home invasion was called out over the frequency.
“Why cant that be fore me..” She mumbled under her breath as she took off out of the parking lot, heading toward her assigned location.


Wonder Woman looked over the unconscious bodies, she’d come to this city for a break however a couple of men had thought they’d try to rob her. Their perverse words had angered her, what caught her eye was the large back pack one had on. They’d advanced on her, she simply put them down, they’d be fine by tomorrow. She picked up the bag, opening it to find numerous bills and jewellery. 

“Oh, it’s not what it looks like.” She’d heard the approaching footsteps from above, she turned towards the figure.