Circumstantial Evidence

This is what I mean about circumstantial evidence:

So the FBI told us that Jahar and Tamerlan deliberately went to the marathon to bomb it.(no proof) Jahar and Tamerlan stop to discuss their plan, split up to place a bomb at each spot(no proof). They wait, and Tamerlan drops the bag and continues walking then, Jahar essentially called the device to detonate it(no proof).

Under different circumstances:

Jahar and Tamerlan were on their way to a destination, they knew it was marathon Monday and decided to walk through Boylston st. Jahar and Tamerlan both stop to see the people run by, Jahar isn’t paying attention and Tamerlan walks ahead of him. He stops, looks around and can’t find Tamerlan. He picks up his phone to call tamerlan to see where he went, but puts his bag down while he looks around to find him(its super crowded) as he calls, the bomb detonates and hes in shock by it so not even thinking of grabbing his bag he runs.

See how its nothing that has proof, hardening evidence that they did it? Even the video, as described in the indictment, shows jahar “apparently” slips his bag onto the ground, which means they are guessing, they don’t even know themselves. If the media weren’t constantly feeding this to people, they wouldn’t believe it so much.

Boston Marathon bombers used Christmas-lights to make their explosives

Boston Marathon bombers used Christmas-lights to make their ‘sophisticated’ explosives new court records reveal as it emerges the FBI did not believe they acted alone

  • The Boston Marathon bombing suspects used sophisticated bombs with fuses made from Christmas lights federal documents released on Wednesday reveal
  • The public filings were released by the prosecution as they argued a defense motion to throw out statements Dzhokhar Tsarnaev made after he surrendered last year
  • Tsarnaev was questioned without a lawyer after he gave himself up in Watertown, Massachusetts, last year
  • Prosecutors said that they questioned him without a lawyer because they needed to find out if he had more accomplices
  • Prosecutors admitted that Tsarnaev told agents he and his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, acted alone and there were no more bombs
  • Court documents also reveal that the level of sophistication behind the bombs caused the FBI to think the brother’s had been trained
  • No one else bar the Tsarnaev’s has been arrested or charged with the bombings

“searches of the Tsarnaev’s residences, three vehicles, and other locations associated with them yielded virtually no traces of black powder”

A Fair Trial

What people don’t quite understand about this case, is that Jahar is a U.S Citizen, just like everyone else here. You want his rights taken away, and you want to throw him in the chair and electrocute him, but you don’t even want answers. What if he is innocent? Then what, you just killed him for no reason because in a rage you were just looking for closure? I don’t understand how people don’t want him to have a trial, if he pleases. All evidence in this case is circumstantial, there is nothing hardening, so why not wait until trial to make all these assumptions, just because the media told you so.