Reni posted this photo of Ibragim today. It’s low quality but I don’t have the software to make it better on this computer :(

Today, Hassan Shibly of CAIR Florida said that he met and talked with a reporter outside the home where Ibragim Todashev was shot and killed while unarmed by an FBI agent after hours of interrogation. When asked about the ongoing investigation he said “Yes…stay tuned.” There may be updates coming soon.

We hope. 

Continue Fighting...

Since this whole movement started, so many of us have come together to fight for the truth. Whether it made us hated or loved we were all here for the same reason, seeking justice for Jahar but, lately no one can seem to get along. I may not know the reasons why but, I do know a pretty good reason why we should put all of that behind us. There’s a kid a 19 year old kid sitting in solitary confinement probably wondering if he’ll ever see his family again. If he’ll ever feel the sun on his skin, the comfort and joy of having his friends around. If he’ll ever have a family of his own one day, and yet some of you make a mockery out this and argue about petty little things that shouldn’t even matter. Right about now this kid needs our help more than ever so don’t just give up so easily. Yes I know there are haters out there who are doing everything they possibly can to make you feel like crap but who cares about them!!! We shouldn’t  be focusing our energy on people who don’t matter to us. If they aren’t going to help you put up flyers, spread the word, or simply support you in what you are doing then they should be the least of your worries. Hit the block button and get back to what really matters. All this fighting and deactivating over fights is just hurting someone who deserves justice right along with the victims. I mean seriously we’ve come all this way together and been through so much name calling and threats and harassment that we can’t just give up now. Now if you still want to to leave because you think it’s a joke then by all means go, you’re always welcome to come back whenever but don’t leave because of petty things. You’re just proving to all the haters that we were too weak to make a change for the better. Don’t prove them right.

P.s. Sorry for this small rant but, too many people are starting to give up and I can’t stand to see so many people throw so much hard work away. 

This is Jeff Ashton’s (Florida State Attorney) email address: jashton@sao9.org 

Take a few minutes out of your day to send him an E-mail inquiring about Ibragim’s investigation. It is important that he knows that people have not simply forgotten about this but we are still waiting for answers. It doesn’t have to be wordy or elaborate, simply ask him where the investigation is and when answers can be expected. It has been months and Ibragim’s family has not heard a thing.

MATT CONNOLLY: Five months and still no answers on Todashev

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It was five months ago today that at least five and upwards of eight to ten law enforcement officers crowded into the Orlando apartment of Ibragim Todashev who was scheduled to leave the country the next day to return to his homeland to question him about his relationship with Tamerlan Tsarnaev and also about the triple homicide that occurred in the Waltham apartment of Brendan Mess. We know that was part of the discussion because of the presence of Massachusetts State troopers. Also present were a certain number of local Florida police.