Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.
—  Frederick Douglass
For centuries prostitutes have been plying their trade on other people’s property. Assignations have occurred in palaces, luxury hotels, cruise ships, college dormitories, truck stops, back alleys and back seats. A profession of this vintage has provided governments with countless opportunities to use novel weapons to curtail its abuses. As far as I am aware, however, it was not until 1988 that any State decided to experiment with the punishment of innocent third parties by confiscating property in which, or on which, a single transaction with a prostitute has been consummated.

Bennis v. Mich.

516 U.S. 442 

SVU: Justice Denied (s13)

So, where do I start? Since it’s 5am and I’ve finally wrapped around my head around this whole episode and have nothing to do I thought I’d write a review/comment thing.


This epsoide was crazy, the fact that Liv ruined a guys life by mistake was sad.. But the worst part of this whole ep was David and Liv broke up! Only the writters of SVU would pull that kind of thing. Liv has been single for how long? The one second she find a guy she actually likes (other than El) they take him away. I call bullcrap. Also, did you see have face when she said “So US, this never happened..” (Or whatever the line was) I cried. Im so serious. I.CRIED.

I was really starting to like the SVU writers. I think I was even beginning to love them.. But now.. No. Just no. On a side note, the acting especially Mariska’s was AMAZING. If she dosent win an emmy or something for this I may kill someone. I cried, I laughed, then cried some more but overall the epsoide was great (and depressing).

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Thanks! Also please excuse the crappy quality of this review due to my lack of sleep lol. Thanks xo <3