Week Six of the 2016 Sketch Dumps:

1-5: Art Senpais! Meme Queen @kyleehenke, Cutiepatoot @cat-pun, Fluffbun @mcsiggy, Amazing Animator @toastyhat, and Crayon Queen @loverofpiggies, AKA Everything-I-Touch-Becomes-An-AU Queen

6: Reapertale Chara, cause damn do I love this AU and drawing this child

7: I maybe have been a little stressed and angry because of school and work this week

mo_selim_art Just painting in some more color on my Jason Momoa Aquaman sketch. 

mo_selim_art Since painting my earlier Flash sketch seemed to go over well, I thought I would revisit my Jason Momoa Aquaman sketch to paint in some color. 🖌
Just like the Flash sketch, I’m going for a more “comicy” palette.
There’s still lots to do, but I always like to read your feedback!

mo_selim_art Here is my completed Jason Momoa Aquaman. I’m having fun applying color to my earlier sketches. I might have to do a couple more. Let me know what you think

Tools used. Wacom Cintiq UX tablet. Sketchbook Pro for the original illustration. Photoshop CC for painting in the color 

Mo Selim on Webstagram February 11th and 12th 2016


another batch!! i’m actually gonna do the whole thing! wahhooo! (captions as always! they are good u should read them~)

this time it’s:

  • during their morning rituals (if u don’t read the caption i basically say my headcanon which is that howard has insomnia and that’s why he looks tired a lot - and that doesn’t help his tiny eyes)
  • spooning
  • doing something together (naturally i had to choose crimping! wah)
  • formal (ok y’all i tried really hard on vince’s outfit bc i LOVE IT and it’s totally his aesthetic. here is the post with it on (p much all of these are his Look and they’re all beautiful) and here is a close up. i love it so much. howard’s is pretty simple but he’s a simple dude. he even tamed the curls! (sorta, a few stray curls manage to escape the slicked prison))
  • dancing (howard’s just like do u even know how to dance and vince is like ya! *raves* and howard’s like ….can you dance PROPERLY?? and vince is like ??? and thus begins a lesson and it starts clumsy cause howard is huge and vince is a puppet in an outfit but they get into the rhythm and they’re flowing like a gentle stream. and howard keeps holding vince close and vince is just like akdjs;lfkjdg. i used this as a reference for it!)

So I was thinking that it was about time I opened my commission list, I’m looking to do about 4 or 5 pieces or drawings. Anyone who’s interested can contact me hear on Tumblr or through my e-mail at: mpeckham1992@yahoo.com. Depending on what the commission involves we can find an agreement on the pricing. 

I will send you a digital copy of the work. Of course the physical piece is also avae as long as shipping is included (unless we’ve arranged otherwise). 

And for anyone who’s a fan of my work but unable to commission me, a reblog is always appreciated to help spread the word!

-Michael R. Peckham


Okay Everyone on here please Reblog this because Let me tell you 

Young Justice was ONE OF the BEST Cartoons DC ever released Besides Justice League and Teen Titans. You can actually argue it was better

The Animation and Character Designs were Gorgeous

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The stories were amazingly well written, captivating and had some of the best plot twists

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Also if you’re fans of these Shows

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It had a Similar Fate and Ended on A CLIFF HANGER With some characters losing their Lives and the Introduction of the Biggest Baddie 

IT was Cancelled 

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ALL OF IT IS ON NETFLIX NOW so Please Rate it 5 stars and Buy the Blu Rays. You may not think much of doing that but Remember the only Reason this show came back was cause of DVD sales and Adult Swim

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If that can come back Bring Back a quality SHOW
So Check it out