Did I mention how much I like “Spirit of Justice”? This game is kitschy, so campy, so bizarre - it’s like it was made just for me! I liked Dual Destinies too, but it wasn’t  crazy enough.

Also, I can’t look at this guy’s name without a smile. “Nahyuta” looks just… wrong in Russian ^__^

Season 5 Episode 3 - A Matter of Trust

Was the whole T a mask? Was it only the eye area and face paint for the horizontal part? How? 

Also, how cute was Ragman/Rory Regan? I hope he doesn’t quit the team completely because of what Felicity told him about Havenrock ;x:

Lil Justice

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Twitter is down today so no FanArt Friday on Twitter this week ;< 

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Nigerian artist uses the symbol of the Afro Comb to celebrate activists jailed fighting for freedom and fairness.

Afro combs were very popular in the 70’s in America among Black youth who protested against repression. They represented both cultural and religious beliefs despite the fact that it was quite fashionable. The artist Fred Martins chose an orange color for showing association with prison. Five African leaders were chosen for their struggle for freedom, social justice, and fairness.

Fred Martins previous collection of art was dedicated to the serious issue of climate change. He is an artist who tries to draw attention to crucial problems of the humanity.


Matt’s entry for Character Design Challenge!

“I wanted her to look like a clumsy 14-years-old girl who also looked like a little rabbit, and I reimagined her costume (and her accessories) to make it more modern. Hope you like her!

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