Everyone please listen up

Net Neutrality has been in debate since June, and now it’s back to being one of the main topics. But what happened to it trending #1? “Verizon, is that you. Did you get a bit angry about the fact that there are individuals willing to fight for their rights?”

For all of you who don’t know, Net Neutrality is basically the freedom of the internet. Without it, large companies would be allowed to charge extra for things like using Google, watching Youtube, using Amazon, going on other websites, etc. However, there are 5 individuals who are in charge of deciding what happens to this freedom and they are voting. Only 2 of them want to keep it. We literally need 1 more person to save Net Neutrality.

Guys, if you don’t care, then I’ll give you a reason. Are you in a fandom? Do you connect with people from the U.S and other countries thanks to this fandom? Have you made friends with any of them? Do you like reading, watching, writing, or drawing fan art, or fanfics? Ok, if you answers yes to any of these then let me ask you one more thing. Are you willing to pay extra money, that you wouldn’t before, just to stay connected with your fandom? Remember, if you don’t pay you lose all of this. What if you can’t afford this extra cost? What then? Do you simply say goodbye to your fandom, your friends, your passion?

For some of us in fandoms, these people are the only thing we have. We help each other even if we are halfway across the world. I have seen what we can do. But when you have something like Net Neutrality gone, these individuals, books, art, etc., that you were once connected to won’t be there. “But for the cost of an extra $10.99 we can include Google to your monthly plan.”

Is this what you want your future to be like?

When you expect a little but you receive a LOT 

I did this a week ago but then forgot about it and i know its crappy but its already done so here just take it