I just

can you imagine going back in time to 10 years ago

and telling some poor nerd who just got their fucking mind blown in hall h by the very first iron man trailer

that they were going to live to see an infinity wars movie and that spidey was in it as well as the GotG

and that that leaked trailer footage was going to overshadow the Justice League trailer that was also shown that day

because whatever you think about the state of cape movies, whatever beefs we all have with them individually

I think back to that time and realize how fucking lucky we are to live in a time when the world’s biggest movies are comic book ips and star wars

and they’re generally really good

it has been an absolutely incredible 10 years to be a nerd

ComiCon Abridged

DC: Look, here’s the new Justice League trailer, and Superman’s in it! You know, at the very last second if you look really close and squint a bit. And look, people are sad that he’s gone and say that he brought out the best in people even though we spent two movies building up how everyone either hates him or is afraid of him and then killed him off before anybody could connect with him.

Marvel: Here’s a bunch of stuff on Captain Marvel, Infinity War, the Defenders, and a new Thor trailer that ends with the Hulk about to punch Sutur in the face. Plus members of our cast aren’t telling small children that their favorite character is dead.

DC: Hey, he was caught in the moment!

Marvel: Sure he was.

Fox: Uhhh…here’s an X-Men show! Starring….a bunch of characters nobody likes, but cut us some slack! We wrote ourselves into a corner with Apocalypse, we just sold the Skrulls back to Marvel, and Jackman’s out of the franchise, so we’re really reaching to keep the license from Marvel~I mean~deliver great entertainment…yeah, that’s totally what we meant. So come on, which one is the winner?

Me: The one that doesn’t have a soft-reboot of their movie universe in the works.

DC: What? That’s silly! We’re not doing… *quietly shoves ‘Flashpoint’ under the chair* …that.