justice league bad days

Okay, but imagine Bruce keeping a memento of Superman’s in the Batcave.

like, what if he’s got the superman suit in a glass case in the batcave somewhere, just like jason todd’s robin suit, to remind him every day of his promise to clark.

imagine him walking past it whenever he suits up for patrol, and thinking that, while jason’s suit is a reminder of the darkness of men, the super suit is a reminder of the good in humanity.

imagine him being in possession of the suit as he finds the metahumans, and explaining to them what superman stood for, using that message to help in the formation of the justice league.

…and then imagine him having one of his bad days, when he’s feeling overwhelmed with the weight of everything; with gotham, with the metahumans, with luthor and the villains of the world, with his nightmares and memories of the people he’s loved and lost in life. imagine him feeling that same drowning guilt whenever he looks at jason’s suit, wishing he could have done more, done better - BEEN better - and wondering what the point of it all is. because why keep fighting if there is no winning? if people are still going to die, and evil will keep on returning, and nothing ever really changes - what’s the point of trying?

…and then imagine him looking at superman’s suit and remembering that, “men are still good”. that no matter what, there is still good in the world, good that is worth fighting for; good that superman fought for and died for.

imagine bruce thinking all of that, then looking down at the cowl in his hands, and finding that tiny flicker of hope reigniting inside him, burning defiantly against the darkness. imagine him letting that flicker grow into a flame, one that burns through him as he puts the cowl on and becomes the batman. 

this will be the fight that he will keep fighting, he thinks. this will be his legacy.