• Imagine Bruce finally coming to the conclusion that he just can’t help Jason, that he’s too rough to be Robin, he’s too course for such a role, afraid Jason will put someone in the ER soon
  • Imagine Jason hearing Bruce confide to Alfred that he’s trying to figure out how to tell Jason that he can’t allow him to be Robin anymore because he doesn’t think Jason is fit for it
  • Imagine Jason running out of the mansion, ignoring Bruce calling his name and going to the Tower in a fit of emotions because at least there he’d be away from Bruce and Dick is away so no one should be there since the team was on a mission
  • Imagine him breaking down once he get into the Tower because being Robin is his life and Bruce is taking it away from him; how could he when he knew how much it meant to Jason
  • Imagine Dinah just coming to the Tower to get a status report on the team’s mission from Red Tornado and she hears the sobbing and recognizes that voice even if she’d never heard it this heartbroken before 
  • Imagine Jason confessing what he’d heard to Dinah and Dinah just holding him because she’s sad and angry and if she opens her mouth she’s afraid she’ll let out a cry and she doesn’t want to hurt Jason, not more that he’s already been hurt
  • Imagine her holding Jason till he cry’s himself to sleep so she puts him in his room in the tower because she doesn’t want to let Bruce anywhere near her Robin
  • Imagine everyone getting out of the way when Canary beams up to the Justice League Tower because no one has ever seen Black Canary this angry, not even Green Arrow had managed to make her this angry, and when she demands that Batman get up to the Tower they just go pale because they think this isn’t going to end well
  • Imagine Batman showing up to the Tower and he’s the picture of composure, not even seemingly ruffled that his second son has run away, and Dinah just loses it
  • Imagine Dinah letting loose on Batman, going on about how Bruce has never been able to relate to Jason well and how he’s never taken Jason to the side and actually asked if he was okay, just telling giving Jason this impression that he had to bottle everything up inside of talking to someone like he should’ve
  • Imagine Bruce trying to defend himself to Dinah, telling her to stay out of his family business but she just insists that Jason is like a son to her and that she won’t allow him to hurt him anymore and that Bruce has done enough damage
  • Imagine Bruce not understanding where she’s going with this and she tells him that she’ll be taking over Jason’s care, not asking just flat out telling Bruce that she’s going to do it
  • Imagine her not listening to Bruce’s excuses about how she couldn’t do this and just going back to the Tower and going to see her new son, who has woken up and is embarrassed that he let anyone see such a side to himself 
  • Imagine Canary telling Jason that she’s taken care of Bruce and that she wants him to consider dropping Robin; Jason’s shoulders just fall at that because he thought that she’d understand, but then she tells him that she wants him to become her sidekick instead 
  • Imagine Canary announcing that Robin has left the team when the team returns from the mission and Nightwing is just shocked, he doesn’t understand what has happened but Canary won’t give him anything other than ‘ask Batman if he can stomach telling you’
  • Imagine Nightwing asking Bruce and being furious when Bruce tells him he was taking Robin away from Jason; he asks Bruce where Jason is now but Bruce doesn’t know, he only knows what Canary tells him and all she’ll say is that Jason is safe 
  • Imagine a few months later the team gets into trouble on a mission and this figure jumps in, a bo staff in one hand and starts to take out the guards, the boy seems familiar but they’ve never seen this costume before with its black suit and black jacket with a holster on the back for the staff
  • Imagine the boy having a black domino mask similar to Robin’s but this one seems different and there are no other colors until they see the back of the jacket and there’s this violet silhouette of a chickadee
  • Imagine them getting back to the Tower and the boy with the chickadee walks to Black Canary and hugs her, she tells him how well he did and she’s proud of her Chickadee 
  • Imagine the boy turning around with Canary’s arm around him and introducing her son, Chickadee to the team and now that they get a good look at him they recognize Robin 
  • Imagine Nightwing gasping in shock and saying Robin but Jason merely cocks his head to the side and tells him that he wasn’t away Batman had a Robin at the moment and that he wasn’t Robin, not since he’d chased that last one off
  • Imagine Jason standing tall and introducing himself, “My name is Chickadee”
  • Imagine Black Canary standing behind Chickadee and smiling like the proud mother she now was, with her little Chickadee at her side 

Requested Imagine: being the smart ass assassin of the justice League and you are magically turned into a toddler, leaving the justice league to take care of you. Anonymous

Today has not been your day. There wasn’t any coffee left when you woke up. When you went out for coffee, you spilled it down your white shirt. For some reason Bruce was upset with you, though you had no idea why. And now this? Some vindictive bitch has decided that the perfect revenge for you dating her ex is to turn you into a toddler. You’re still you; you’re just trapped in a baby’s body. The worst part is your team thinking that you’re the cutest thing that’s ever happened. 

“What happened?” Diana asks entering the room. Clark turns around to face her and your mentally self rolls her eyes. 

“Y/N has been turned into a toddler,” he states making Diana laugh. 

“That feels like an oversimplification,” Barry states and you feel yourself get more and more frustrated though you doubt it actually shows. 

“Should we feed her?” Barry asks and you’re screaming internally. You want to tell them to not feed you, but the toddler has yet to learn how to talk. 

“Do you want food?” Clark asks getting down in eye height and squeezing your cheeks lightly. They’re taking way too much pleasure in this and you decide they will regret it when you turn back. After the next couple of days they take care of you like you take care of a baby, but you’re still fully conscious and you will never forget Barry using the airplane method to get you to eat. It takes two weeks before you wake up as yourself. 

“I hate you all,” you whisper as you get up and have the first cup of coffee in forever. 

“Look who’s back,” Bruce says with a smirk and you consider throwing the mug at him. 

“I’d be very careful if I were you. Remember that I am an assassin. I might just kill you in your sleep,” you say dryly, “and that goes for all of you.” You can literally imagine how they’re all dying to come in and see you. Barry is the first one to be brave enough to walk in.

“That airplane thing is so not forgiven.”


Laurel IS back

And I’m so happy. And I don’t care how as long as she’s actually back. But what do I think it might be?

A few weeks ago, Talia Al Ghul was cast. We know there are several Lazarus Pits. Could Talia somehow have had a hand in this.

This is maybe some extremely wishful thinking. But could Nyssa have had her sister vein back her lover’s sister??

Like I said, I don’t care as long as Laurel IS back. But I lado hope this is why

WB/DC absolutely has to utilize and take advantage of the walking, talking beautiful hype machine that is Ezra Miller for the Justice League press tour next year, they absolute have to. It’s a gift, he’s a gift, be smart and use it! (And Ray too! He goes all out with BorgLife all the time!! I love both of my fellow New Jerseyians so much <333)