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Guys I need an important minute of your day to make a really significant statement

Justice League has watered my crops, given life to my unborn children, washed away my sins, gave tears to my eyes, blessed my life, graced with beauty this corrupted word… The list goes on

But I need you to really understand the thing about this movie


Y'all hear me?


Give me realistic DC heroes?

I wanna see Bruce Wayne with bags under his eyes, hiding cuts and bruises beneath his tailored suits and who pays high end valets to be his date for fancy parties so he doesn’t have to actually sleep with anyone because he’s exhausted. Batman, who’s knuckles break so often, the nerves are beginning to wear out, and who Alfred sometimes has to force to eat because he’s so focused on everyone else he forgets about himself. 

Give me a Diana Prince who will constantly revert back to speaking Greek, especially when she’s angry, and who talks of ancient battles as if they all had been there. Wonder Woman, who’s body is riddled battle scars, not only from training, but from war. A Diana who will often become lost in thoughts about the past, and forget herself.

A Superman who’s eyes sometimes hurt from his heat vision and gets headaches on bad days, able to hear every heart beating on Earth at once. Clark Kent, who sometimes forgets his own strength, and breaks things he doesn’t mean to, like doorknobs, or his own glasses. A Kryptonian that gets violently ill after being exposed to Kryptonite, and will often vomit for several hours after. 

I wanna see a Barry Allen with lighting scars on his palms from the chains he was holding when he was struck, and often shocks people unintentionally. Give me a speedster who, if he doesn’t eat when he needs to, will pass out in the midst of a battle. Flash, who mutters his mother’s name in his sleep and will sometimes overshoot a target zone because he was moving so fast even he lost track of himself. 

A Hal Jordan, who wakes up from nightmares and will subconsciously create a protective shield, often lashing out in his sleep. Who is sometimes so afraid, he will sneak into his best friend’s house just to sleep on his couch, comforted at the thought of another superhero in the house with him. A Green Lantern who is so lonely, he tries to reach out and befriend anything and everything that doesn’t try to kill him because his family won’t speak to him and hates that both Batman and Flash can read him so well. 

Aquaman, who’s lungs hurt from the air and has to pour water into the gills on his neck. A half Atlantian who sometimes forgets that the surface world exists and will scold anyone that dares kill a sea creature without valid reason. Arthur, who will ransack fishing boats because the fish are dying and he can hear them screaming for help. Just a man who experiences intense migraines just being connected to all the sealife on Earth. 

Give me a Cyborg that doesn’t eat or drink, and forgets what its like to breathe on his own. Who touches his face subconsciously, because its the last place he can still feel, and who’s head kills him sometimes, because its half machine. Victor Stone, who thinks in ones and zeroes and will sometimes forget empathy or how to read human emotions because his mechanical mind will take over.

Starfire forgetting that her fiery hair can burn skin.

Green Arrow, who wakes up every night in a cold sweat and has a difficult time learning to trust people. 

Black Canary will cough up blood if she screams too often, and cannot speak for several days to recover. 

Martian Manhunter, speaking in his own tongue and forgetting that his true form frightens people. 

Jason and Dr. Stein, whos’ entire bodies ache after fusing and whom, will sometimes cough smoke. 

Ray Palmer experiencing headaches and backaches if he shrinks or grows too carelessly. 

Kara crying at night because she misses her mother. 

All the Robins waking up from nightmares of the Joker. 

Blue Beetle experiencing overwhelming pain in his spine and just wanting that voice in his head to be quiet.

A Beast Boy who has to eat after every transformation because it takes so much out of him. 

Oracle trying with every fiber of her being to move her legs, and crying herself to sleep every night because she can’t.

Give me superheroes with humanity.

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SUPERMAN … costume redesigns :)

I had a wild hair up my arse … He is not so easy to reimagine . But , I really got into it . I hope you like … any favorites?

Future Bats

A/N: Batsy, Batsy, Batsy, always has to save the day *shakes head and laughs*

pairing: Bruce Wayne x reader

warnings: fluff for once, also language is pretty bad in this one, sorry?

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Looking over the edge of the building your heart started to race. The railing being the only thing stopping you from falling. You had a hundred and one thought run through your head all at once. Did you want to jump? Or should you give life another chance? These are just two of the questions you were asking yourself. Being the daughter of Jim Gordon wasn’t exactly easy. You were the oldest in out of yourself and your sister Barbara. She was always everyone’s favourite and that pushed you to where you are right now.

You knew she was bat girl, but what you didn’t know is that Bruce, the man you love is batman.  Not yet at least. You thought it was weird, him always sneaking off but you never did make the connection. This time you were on the phone with him when he suddenly had to hang up. Which you understood until you got back to your table where your sister sat with a pleading expression. “go” you sighed out knowing what she was going to ask. You hear her say thank you as she left.

This wasn’t the first time both mysteriously disappeared at the same time.  You started to think the worst, what if he was cheating on you, with your sister? That is what led you to the top of your apartment building. You looked at the ring on your left hand and sighed. You were over thinking it all and you knew it. You turned around about to go back inside when you saw them. An extremely pale standing in front of you. The man had green hair and the girl had her hair half black and half white.

“Ready to play doll face?” The man asked you. That’s when you realised who they were. The joker and his henchwoman Harley Quinn. You gasped and took a step backwards so you were right up against the railing. He laughed at your struggle. “get her” he commanded Harley.

“Shit” you muttered under your breath as she came forward towards you. Just as she was just about to grab your arm you dived out of the way and ran towards the door. You took gymnastics as well as Barbara, and you would personally say you were better as you did judo as well. As you placed your hand on the handle he grabbed you. You immediately threw him over your shoulder and tried to open the door. It was locked.

“A tricky one” he laughed out as he stood up. You tried to pull the door open but it wasn’t happening. “I like that in a woman,” he carried on, “but you will be coming with us now!” just as he finished his sentence, you felt something heavy hit you in the head. You had forgotten Harley was here. Everything went black.

You woke up later with a pounding headache and tied to a chair. You attempted to look around, but that only made your head feel worse. “Here” you heard Harley say as she gently lifted your head and put a glass to your mouth. Its cold liquid went into your mouth and all you did was drink it. You were dehydrated and didn’t care if it was poison. It felt amazing on your throat.

“Why are you being so nice?” you croaked out after she removed the glass. Harley gave a little laugh before looking at you.

“Because, it’s not you we want, and I personally don’t want to hurt a pregnant lady…” she said, you looked up surprised as she had hit you over the head. “To much” she finished laughing at the end. You looked down at your stomach to see the little belly showing of your unborn child.

“How did you know I was pregnant?” you asked confused as you had only found out a week ago.

“Been following you for a while” she answers taking a seat. “It’ll be alright you know, don’t worry” Harley said giving a genuine smile. You returned the smile; you never knew a villain could be so nice.

“HARLEY!” you both heard the joker shout, and then you heard a bang and something else crash.

“I better go handle this” she said before leaving. You gave her a smile. Before she left she loosened your ropes a bit so they weren’t too tight. You heard a lot of Banging and crashing after the girl left.

Suddenly the door burst open and in ran batman with batgirl in tail. “Barbs?” you say seeing the female bat and smiling. Batman was the first to you, untying your hands making sure you were okay. He put his hand on your face after he untied you. All you could do is give him a look of confusion. You looked at your sister and she was smiling. Smiling! “Umm…” you say hoping someone will do something.

“I’m sorry” you heard the Bat say. He stood up and stood back. He turned away from you knowing he had to tell you, it was now or never. “I love you Y/N” he says and your taken back by his words, you watched as he took the mask off and turned towards you. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry i never told you” he says facing you without the mask.

Standing in front of you is Bruce. You stood up and walked towards him. you put your hand to his face and smiled. All you could do is smile as you finally knew he wasn’t cheating. This way you didn’t have to say you were jealous and scared. “I forgive you” you say leaning up to kiss him. You knew that your fiancé was in good hands with your sister and father. You trusted them, now. “also I’m pregnant” you say shocking everyone.