justice has been served!

so i was waiting for my bus at the bus stop; its a typical monday, im wearing my “tony stark did nothing wrong” shirt.

this 16 yo girl (she was also waiting for the bus i think lol ) keeps looking over at it, scowling. i’m ready for a fight just like i always am on tumblr, i can’t stand the fucking antis. i speak up. “u got a problem or something?”

the question’s not even fully out of my mouth and this chick starts going off, spit flying and all. “dont you know tony stark is a weapons manufacturer?!??? hes killed a SHIT TON of people” i’m shocked; i’ve never had a child speak to me that way IN REAL LIFE before. but i’m trained; just last week i doxxed a 15 yo girl who said tony was homophobic on line.

before i can anything though, this old lady steps up and says “tony stark is a hero u fucking bitch” then smacks the kid right in front of me and the other hundred people at the bus stop. i’ve never seen so many people clap before, i feel like justice has finally been served.

moral of the story: antis dont try any shit, we’re everywhere.

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Could we appreciate how bitter Peter Parker would be when he saw how Team Cap treats Tony? He'd be furious! At first he would just observe, but when he saw how it really hurts Tony and how Tony seems to make himself smaller everytime they say something mean, how Tony, Mr. Stark, Iron Man, Pete's biggest hero, looks like he's about to break, Peter just can't. He says something that shuts team Cap up and then makes sure to tell Tony how much he appreciates and cares about him, every single day.

There are two things most people don’t know about Peter: 1) He’s Spiderman (though the circle of those in the know seems to grow at an alarming rate lately). 2) When you hurt someone he cares for, he is vicious. (The circle of those who realise this through personal experience is currently also growing at an alarming rate.)

It doesn’t start slow either. There’s no building up to it, because there’s nothing like offending everyone who’s worked their asses off to get you back home for the last six months in under an hour after your arrival. Seriously?

So, Peter who, as childish as it is, already isn’t very happy with those no-longer-exiled dickheads–because he’s seen just a bit of the injuries Mr. Stark had after those fights and it was already too much, and also because he’s been here, he’s seen how hard Mr. Stark worked, how much time and energy it cost him, how exhausted he always is–and he’s just not ready to put up with this shit, damn the consequences.

So he doesn’t.

The second the first passive-aggressive comment is thrown into Mr. Stark’s direction–Peter sees the way the man’s shoulder’s slump, as though the hurtful words are physically dragging him down, sees the way his face closes off–he sees red.

“Yes, well, nobody asked for your opinion, so take that clue and keep your mouth shut!” he hisses, followed by some much less pleasant words. He hits way beneath the belt and he knows it, he just doesn’t care. It’s not even about the accords or the fight in Germany that could’ve gotten him killed, it’s the entitled attitude that really gets to him. Especially since it’s directed at/against Mr. Stark.

“Spider-” Mr. Stark starts, and Peter knows that tone, knows the man wants to calm him down–and he’s still protecting his identity even with just the team around, and Peter is just so done.

“No,” he interrupts. “I don’t- We don’t have to put up with this. They’re back, yay and yippee, justice has been served, whatever. A pardon doesn’t excuse their behaviour right now. If nothing else they should at least appreciate the effort you put into getting them into this room. But since they clearly don’t, I prefer to spend my time with people I actually value, so let’s just go!”

With that he takes Mr. Stark’s hand and pulls the unresisting man out of the conference room, slams the door shut behind him because if he’s going to act his age he’s gonna own it, and into the elevator. It’s only there that he slowly pulls off the mask and spends a very long, awkward minute staring at Mr. Stark, where it seems neither of them quite know what to say.

“You probably should get home, your aunt will be worried,” is what Mr. Stark ends up saying eventually, looking as uncomfortable in his skin as Peter feels–and that’s not right at all.

“She won’t expect me home until dinner,” Peter says without thinking, “Besides I like spending time with you–in the lab. I mean, if you don’t have anything else to do. Which, it’s cool if you do, I get it. I just-”

“You like the lab?” Mr. Stark interrupts, sounding surprised.

“Of course!” Peter grins, relieved to have his panicked babbling interrupted. “It’s great, the equipment’s great and I’m learning a lot more from you than all my teacher’s together! It’s brilliant!”

And the way Mr. Stark straightens at those words is better, is great, because like this he looks as though he could take over the whole world with just his mind and a smile, already sharing an idea on how to improve the mobility of Peter’s newest suit, and this is how it’s supposed to be.

So I’ve seen people say the narrative demonizes Getaway, and I’m not saying he’s not an asshole (he is) or that you have to like him (I don’t), but I think his portrayal is more nuanced than people sometimes give it credit for? I mean, the protagonists definitely think Getaway’s just a one-note villain, but I think it’s pretty clear we aren’t supposed to agree with them because:

1) The way the protagonists treated Getaway after what he did to Tailgate was outright cruel, and we’re supposed to see it as outright cruel

This shot is horrifying, and it gets almost half a page to itself. This is not how you frame a shot when you want your viewers to rest easy, feeling like justice has been served. And then there’s this:

The protagonists so far haven’t admitted that they went too far (and probably won’t, since they think Getaway sicced the DJD on them), but the comic doesn’t seem to be trying to deny it.

2) Megatron is the only one Getaway wanted to get hurt

Getaway is pissed at Rodimus. Getaway doesn’t respect Rodimus. But Getaway wasn’t trying to kill Rodimus. That’s made obvious here:

But even back when the comic was trying to make us think Getaway was behind sending the DJD–before we found out the DJD came of their own volition–there were hints that he only wanted Megatron dead (”one of you will probably get hurt”):

From Getaway’s perspective, he dropped the protagonists off on a harmless planet and sent the Galactic Council specifically to pick up Megatron. He couldn’t know the DJD was coming, he probably didn’t know Overlord was coming (as far as he knows, Overlord is dead), and he called the Galactic Council after the fact to ask if they kept their word. He probably knew there was a chance it’d go bad, but he had no way of knowing just how bad.

In conclusion, we are not supposed to agree with the protagonists. Not completely, anyway. They were already angry enough to go way over the line with Getaway’s punishment, and now they (reasonably, under the circumstances) believe that Getaway did something way worse than he actually did. Getaway is still terrible! And it remains to be seen how much he’ll actually care about what happened. But the protagonists are not reliable judges of Getaway’s character right now, and I think we’re supposed to see that.

Lotor’s S/O gets Hurt

Request: “OKay so I saw you wanted Lotor requests im CRYING honestly I’m so happy you’re back I love you. ANYWAYS I was wondering about how Lotor would react if his s/o got injured?”

A/N: ah im glad im back tooo, and also lotor is my boi and i would proabalby die for him

  • Let’s get one thing out of the way: if someone hurts you, he will destroy them
  • He will make their life hell if they even try to touch you
  • Like a galran soldier goes a little too rough while sparring? They’re now demoted and relocated to the worst and farthest place away from you
  • An enemy kidnaps you to use you against him? Dead, slowly and painfully, too
  • He knows that you can handle yourself, and he’s completely willing to just watch you give someone hell, but if you try to brush it off, or you can’t hurt them back, he will beat them to the floor, no mercy
  • Before he lets loose Hell’s fury, he assesses your injuries. If you need immediate attention, he only trusts himself or one of his generals to help you. Then, if you’re fine or if you’re getting treated, he briefly debates a suitable punishment. He usually settles for a harsh beating and some sass
  • After justice has been served, he’ll find you, and he makes sure you’re alright (again)
  • Then we get about as soft as Lotor gets outside of a locked room (that’s more sfw than it sounds i swear) he’ll give you a light kiss on the forehead, and whisper something along the lines of, “they won’t even think of hurting you again, not while i’m around”
  • Later, probably at night, the two of you will be in your quarters. He’ll lay a soft kiss to every bruise and scratch, to every sore muscle. He wraps you in his arms, and holds you tight until you fall asleep.
Touka and Amon’s Conversation Says More About How They Haven’t Grown

I’ve noticed that I had a vastly different interpretation of the conversation between Touka and Amon then most of the fandom. To be fair the conversation itself seemed okay, until I got to a certain panel. 

Amon’s rhetoric has always been a simplification of a much more complicated situation, but this is an especially glaring example. What exactly about the Daughter arc gave Kureo no choice but to murder Hinami’s mom in the middle of the street in front of her daughter, then use her kakuhou and severed arm to lure that same thirteen year old child into a death trap?

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I need to scream about Brigitta MacBridge, and her wasted potential.

Brigitta is one of the most frustrating characters that I have ever encountered, because she suffers the worst kind of Elle Woods syndrome that has ever existed. Not only does her intelligence drop in the presence of Scrooge, but so does her morality. She turns from fun and sympathetic to a creep, and I hate it. I hate it, because I have seen what a fun character she can be, and am then slapped in the face with sexual harassment as a punch line.

There are two types of Brigitta stories, and I love the other and hate the other.

Brigitta storyline number 1:

Brigitta and her friend Jubal come up with some creative new business idea, they start small and soon gain popularity fast. they became the biggest thing in Duckburg, Scrooge might make a fast cameo as a businessman interested in investing, shenanigans happen and their business crashes and burns because of some flaw in their idea that they had originally overlooked. At the end of the story we have returned back to the status quo, but everyone had fun and it is easy to see yourself in the shoes of Brigitta, who takes very Donald-like role in the narrative.

Brigitta storyline number 2: stalking, the guidebook. 

We usually start with Brigitta making romantic overtures in Scrooge’s direction, Scrooge rejecting her, and then Brigitta is seen outside the money bin shaking her fist and monologuing about the friend-zone. Then she either decides to forget all about Scrooge, (This never works out for long) or hatches some needlessly complicated plan to get him alone and cornered with her. Shenanigans happen and Scrooge finds out that for some reason or another he needs Brigitta’s help. He decides to be a dick about the whole thing. Brigitta is offended, Scrooge is desperate, the entire Duck family makes an appearance, and inexplicably all take Brigitta’s side on the issue. Finally the circumstances force Scrooge to make a deal with Brigitta, which pretty much always includes Scrooge having to spent time with Brigitta in romantic settings. The Duck family makes a comeback in the end, all concluding that justice has been served, and serves their miserly uncle right that he is now punished for the crime of not opening his legs heart to Brigitta. And yes, Brigitta’s romantic plans for Scrooge in the end of the story are presented as a poetic justice for unwilling Scrooge. Yeah, it’s pretty fucked up.

And no, the latter storyline is not just a product of the sixties. I am punished with that exact narrative even on magazines from this year. Please, god, just let it die! 

And there is no reason that Brigitta couldn’t be fun addition to the Duckburg gang even without her weird obsession with banging marrying Scrooge. We have already proven that she is strong enough personality alone that she is fun in her own stories. There is no reason she couldn’t be a friend to the Duck family, without being a blood-relative, and keep interacting with them. And most important of all, there is no reason that she can’t have a fun relationship with Scrooge without it involving weird sexual undertones. Brigitta is already interested in business, just make her look up to Scrooge more as a mentor and a friend, and you can keep the dynamic still fun and interesting. She can still bother Scrooge, just as a younger, over-enthusiastic, friend and an occasional business rival.   

And yes, you could even keep Brigitta’s love-life in focus. Make her go on disastrous dates. Make her yearn for the love of her life. Make her go through hilarious shenanigans in order to land a date. Just, let them be with different men. And not with Scrooge. Make Scrooge the grumpy, slightly unwilling, best friend/wingman in the romantic comedy that is Brigitta’s life. I would actually pay money to see that dynamic playing out. It would be hilarious.  

Just… Look I’m angry and frustrated, and need to scream about how we are never going to have the Scrooge/Brigitta bromance we all so clearly deserve, because for some reason duck comics are stuck in a weird “haha marriage is the worst thing that can happen to a man, which is why they are all trying to avoid it” joke.   

It’s amazing how the little details have played into something that happened years ago. Taylor not going through the crowd anymore, the distance between the stage and the crowd and now for the last few months/year her “break”. She went into this break because of this. She’s had to isolate herself so she wouldn’t draw attention to herself. It’s all coming together. All because of this assault that took place years ago.

I hope this week and over the next few months Taylor will be able to move on and heal. Healing can only begin when justice has been served and I hope this time justice doesn’t fail us as it has so many times in the past.

Taylor, I love you. I’m here for you and you are and have been stronger than you know.

The Aftermath Addendums...

Day 210 of Captivity

Since the kid seems to get a kick out of writing so much down in this little book, I thought I’d try my hand at it. It’ll use up his pages quicker, which is what he deserves for making me live off those flavorless rubber sticks he calls cheese.

I’m literally STARVING! Of course he’s too busy moping about his hair to notice…and I can’t believe Adrien fell for that! It was sooooo obvious what Alya and Mr. Music were up to–

I probably could have warned him… if I wasn’t so weak from hunger!!!

I think justice has been served and it’s almost as good as my precious, fragrant camembert.

He’ll pull through– besides, I already have an idea on how to cheer him up! All it’ll take is one little PUSH

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If your book is anything like your blog, I know that people will love it. The death of a child - especially when it's so violent - is a difficult subject to approach, but you have continuously shown so much professionalism and humanity in your writing that I trust it will be done well. It's wonderful that you are giving a voice to the victims. And not just the poor children who died, but their families as well. It's a shame how their stories and their experiences are often left behind.

This message is exactly how I felt when writing about these cases. The loss of any child is unfathomable, even more so when justice has not been served. Thank you very much.

How’d the boy react if their s/o is killed in the killing game? 

Hehehe, get ready for some beautiful angst. Hope this is okay!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • When the body announcement went off, he didn’t think much of it–in fact he was rather curious to see who had bitten the dust this time.
  • However, as he approached the crime scene, everyone started to look at him funny–fearfully, anxiously, pitifully? Why? He felt a sense of dread rise within his chest. Kaede even tried to stop him from visiting the crime scene. 
  • The last thing he expected was to see your hollow, lifeless body slumped over, blood dripping from your chest. 
  • Suffice to say he didn’t take it particularly well. 
  • He tried to maintain his composure while investigating, but he was colder and more detached than usual. He didn’t bother to look at anyone in the eye. You could see him trying to control his trembling. For the rest of the investigation, he stayed dead silent…alone, in his mind, mourning you and swearing to avenge you. He’d get your killer for you both, one way or another.
  • He will do everything in his power to unmask your killer during the trial. Literally won’t stop til they have a breakdown and confess to your murder.
  • He watches your killer’s execution without a shred of compassion in his eyes. He hopes you are happy in the heavens that your killer has been caught. Justice has been served…it’s the least he can do for you.
  • He retreats to his room afterwards, and acts like nothing happened. But he breaks down every night by himself, and you can tell that a big part of him has died with you.
  • Expect your favorite flowers on your memorial every day.

Rantarou Amami

  • Handles it the best out of all the boys, or at least that’s what it looks like. 
  • Is shocked and heartbroken when he discovers your body, and needs a couple of minutes to compose himself. Tears begin to form in the corners of his eyes and for the first time in his life, he’s unsure on what to do. Pushes everyone who tries to help him away. 
  • His survivor instincts kick in and he begins investigating the crime scene, dead silent. He puts a jacket over your corpse after he’s done searching. 
  • Before the trial begins, he asks everyone if he can have a moment by himself. No one really questions him and complies with his request. 
  • He breaks down like never before, holding your body close to his heart. He lets out loud, tearjerking sobs of anger and despair. Why?! Why would anyone kill someone as innocent and beautiful as you? Why did they have to take you from him…You were his everything. What is he going to do without you?
  • He stays like that for a couple of hours, trying to desperately cling to the little warmth left in you. Once your body becomes stone cold, he decides that it’s time to let go of you. Before he leaves, he kisses your lips one last time and whispers a very heartfelt “I love you” into your ears.
  • He comes out of the room as if nothing had happened, but anyone could see how absolutely emotionally exhausted and broken he was. He offers his classmates a weak smile before heading towards the trial.
  • He isn’t himself during the trial–he is a bit more rash and emotional than usual, which doesn’t surprise anyone. But he still successfully manages to catch your killer, and he doesn’t hesitate in taunting them and belittling them, malice evident in his harsh words. He’d never forgive them for what they did to you.
  • He watches the execution, but doesn’t feel anything. He can’t even feel happy that he brought your killer to justice. He just wants you there with him. 
  • Tries his damn hardest to repress his emotions, but can’t help but break down every night before going to sleep. Has recurring nightmares about you. On the surface though, it seems like nothing had even happened. Everything was fine, yep. Don’t worry about him! 

Kokichi Ouma

  • Breaks down the second he sees your body. Becomes a shivering, panicking mess. No one can calm him down. He is yelling at everyone, threatening that he will get everyone killed in the worst possible way for letting this happen to you.
  • But at the end of the day, he only blames himself for your death. He should have been able to protect you. But no, he failed, like usual.
  • Can’t even bring himself to investigate the crime scene. Looking at your body is enough to set him off. Just thinking about it makes him physically sick.
  • Can’t even crack a joke or a prank. Instead, all of his words are laced with genuine malice and danger. His hatred and distrust for his classmates is stronger than ever. 
  • He swears he will get his revenge for you.
  • Doesn’t say much the entire trial. When he does open his mouth, it’s either to insult everyone or talk about how much better of a person you were in comparison to them. 
  • When the culprit is revealed, he goes absolutely insane. He has to be forcefully removed from the trial or else they’d have another murder on their hands.
  • Doesn’t even react to the news that your killer has been executed. Wishes he had been the one to murder them, but knows that won’t bring you back.
  • Locks himself in his room for the rest of the game. Forgets to eat and has almost no energy whatsoever to take care of himself. Only really shows up at the class trials and doesn’t say much, if anything at all. The dark circles under his eyes are enough to say that he hasn’t been sleeping at all either.
  • Builds a little yet heartfelt shrine in his room for you, in a dire attempt to keep you close to him. It doesn’t work.

Shuichi Saihara

  • Has no reaction initially to the sight of your corpse. Believes this is just an unpleasant nightmare, or that you somehow followed Ouma’s advice and pulled a terrible, heartbreaking prank on him. 
  • His heart begins to race and he nearly throws up when he realizes that, no, it wasn’t a prank…
  • You were dead. The love of his life was murdered in cold blood.
  • He screams–he is shaking, the color from his face has vanished, and he is in absolute panic. 
  • He has to be removed from the crime scene by Kaito and Maki.
  • The two of them stay close to him and attempt to calm him down. After his screaming has subsided, he simply slumps over and buries his face in his knees, unsure on what to do or how to feel. 
  • He keeps asking himself, who’d do something like this to someone as beautiful, innocent and kind as you? Who?
  • How ironic that the “Ultimate Detective” had to investigate the murder of the love of his life. 
  • He tried to pick himself up and investigate for your sake, but he couldn’t. His self esteem was crushed, and for a split second he considered in “joining you”, wherever you were now.
  • But he couldn’t…he had to live on, for your sake. He was adamant on abandoning his dreams to fulfill yours. He wanted to keep you alive in his heart.
  • Stays dead silent in the trial. Can’t even open his mouth to say anything, the words are stuck in his throat. 
  • Gives up on his title as the ultimate detective and goes back to hiding himself under his hat. 

Kaito Momota

  • Much like Ouma, he breaks down the instant he sees your body.
  • He’s in severe denial for a while, laughing frantically to himself and begging everyone to stop with this “terrible prank”.
  • But the expression in everyone’s faces makes him realize that unfortunately, it isn’t a prank.
  • He is hit with a wave of anger, desperation and uncontrollable sadness. He begins shouting mercilessly at everyone, accusing them of killing you as part of some sick twisted plan to make him miserable. He starts threatening everyone and nearly punches Ouma (again).
  • His paranoia is off the shorts, and he needs Kiibo to forcibly remove him from the crime scene.
  • He punches walls, breaks glasses, throws objects. What is he going to do without you?!
  • Why…Why you, of all people! He doesn’t get it! Anyone but you!
  • He swears he’ll get the culprit for you….even if it’s the last thing he does, for your sake.
  • Appears late to the trial because he was off doing his own investigation. He’s beyond heartbroken, but he won’t let that stop him from trying to avenge you. His investigation proves crucial to bring down the killer. Hopes the killer rots in hell, and watches their execution without a shred of guilty or compassion.
  • But avenging you isn’t enough for him.
  • It won’t bring you back.
  • Spends most of his time stargazing. He often forgets that you’re no longer there with him. 
  • But he decides to name your favorite star after you, so every time he looks at the sky you’ll be there, looking down on him and cheering him on for all eternity. 


  • Freezes up at the sight of your body.
  • His first emotion is confusion. Desperate confusion.
  • He doesn’t get it. Why you? You’ve never hurt anyone. Heck, you’d never hurt a little fly, let alone someone else. Is that why they decided to target you? But why…why would they take you away from him?
  • His faith in humanity is destroyed, and he becomes significantly less trusting and more reserved. 
  • He screams nonstop. No one has the courage to talk to him when he is in this state. They doubt he’d listen to them at all. 
  • He doesn’t investigate. It’s too much for him. 
  • When all the others have finished with their investigations, he visits the crime scene to spend one last moment with you. He thanks you for everything you’ve done for him, for making him feel special despite him not being human. He hopes that you’re listening to him, somehow. 
  • Your trial is so incredibly difficult for him–he has never looked this depressed in his whole life. But he makes an effort for you. He tries to contribute as much as possible, to make you proud one last time. 
  • Makes sure no one forgets you or your death. Will spend most of his time in front of your memorial, reminiscing about all the good times you two spent together as one.
  • But it isn’t enough to fill the void in his heart, and he doubts it will ever be filled. 

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Is absolutely devastated about your death. In fact, devastated doesn’t even begin to describe the grief he feels in his heart. 
  • Looking at this gentle giant crying is enough to make almost anyone cry as well…
  • He clutches your body almost desperately, begging you to come back for him.
  • Please, don’t abandon him… Please. 
  • But he knows you won’t come back…no matter how many time he begs.
  • This is the cruel reality of the game.
  • Everyone tries to help him, but their efforts are in vain. He doesn’t want to be helped. He just wants you to come back to his arms.
  • Hardly contributes to the trial…Stays silent and loses himself in his thoughts. 
  • Doesn’t even feel fulfilled after watching your killer getting executed. In fact, he’s even more depressed now. 
  • Names a beautiful butterfly resembling your appearance after you, which never leaves his side. He likes to believe that somehow your spirit is living through that delicate butterfly, and it eases his mourning. 
  • Becomes more reserved, but his kindness doesn’t falter. He still wants to bring happiness to anyone, because he knows that’s what you’d want.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • His first reaction after discovering your body is to punch a wall.
  • He might be short, but his temper is fearsome. He blames himself for your death.
  • It should have been him, not you.
  • You were so pure, so sweet, so loving.
  • He’d never forgive the person who killed you. Hell, he even contemplated murdering the entire class out of pure blind rage. But then he wouldn’t be any better than your own killer, would he?
  • The guilt he feels is so overwhelming, he breaks down in public. No one has ever seen Ryouma like this before. 
  • His gaze is menacing, even managing to scare people like Ouma.
  • Is incredibly persistent during the trial. He will not stop til he sees your killer dead.
  • Makes sure to savor the moment of their execution.
  • Doesn’t fall in love ever again. His heart belongs to you, and you only, for all eternity.

I can’t find the scene on YouTube, but I keep thinking of that scene from Thor where, upon finding the dead bodies of guards and Frost Giants in the treasure vault, Thor and Odin have the following exchange:

Thor: “The Jotuns must pay for what they’ve done!”

Odin: “They have paid. With their lives.”

The line is delivered, as is expected of a wise king portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, with both assent and lecture: he does not disagree with Thor, but he explains that any desire for vengeance has already been sated. Justice has been served, and all that is left now is to mourn the dead. 

Too often we as humans find ourselves angry and hurt and looking for someone to project the resulting wrath upon; in those times we must stand and think: has justice already been handed out?

In London, there were fifty shots fired into three murderers. Justice came to them swiftly and immediately, and much like the rogue Frost Giants in Thor, they now lie dead. They have paid with their lives. 

Be mindful of this: their penance is paid, and now we must mourn the innocents who lost their own lives, and work to help those who have survived.