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Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” just hit No. 1 on the charts

  • Donald Glover thanked Migos for making “Bad and Boujee” in his Golden Globes speech — a day later the song is skyrocketing.
  • Migos is No. 1 on the pop charts, its very first chart-topping record, an accolade it has deserved to occupy for years. Astoundingly, it’s also legendary producer Metro Boomin’s first No. 1 as well. 
  • Both artists have had to watch handfuls of other artists rise, using some of the innovations they helped introduce into hip-hop’s current wave. 
  • Raindrop. Drop top. Justice has been served on the pop charts. Read more

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Somebody broke that poor boy’s heart.

We may never know who, we may never know exactly how; unless he himself decides to re-live those heartbreaking memories, take a walk in his own shoes.

It’s obvious to many; the look he gets when somethings so simple, so common, leaves someone else’s lips. Or even his own. That downward, yet-sideways glance is not hard to miss. The sudden drop of the eyelids; as if the weight of that name is too much for even his eyes. For, he could be seeing the other man’s face again.

Even through his bitterness, it is plain and fairly easy to see his pain, his regret, his need. He cares, and he will continue to care until his emotional justice has been served. However, the thought of such things never happening only makes things worse. We do not know which way it went, we do not know what was said.

But he can’t let people know.

He can’t let people know he cares, he can’t let people know that man still holds a special place in his heart.

He can’t admit to himself that every song he’d ever written since he’d been left alone were all about him and only him.

Because they gave each other happiness.

Those ink-written words hold so much power, so much emotion. Only Bredon understands, only he understands what they all mean. We can guess, we can theorize, but we will never know the truth.

We will never know exactly what Brendon was put through.

Ryan, we’re all proud of him. He’s doing so well, that sparkle in his eyes is there. We can assume his heart aches, from everything he’s written down. However, he is not around enough to show us whether or not he’s still in pain. He claims he other is his boy; we take that as the truth.

And what we see from the man he calls his boy is a mix of so many emotions, it’s almost unbelievable.

But somebody broke that poor boy’s heart,

And I’ll let you take one guess at who.

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If your book is anything like your blog, I know that people will love it. The death of a child - especially when it's so violent - is a difficult subject to approach, but you have continuously shown so much professionalism and humanity in your writing that I trust it will be done well. It's wonderful that you are giving a voice to the victims. And not just the poor children who died, but their families as well. It's a shame how their stories and their experiences are often left behind.

This message is exactly how I felt when writing about these cases. The loss of any child is unfathomable, even more so when justice has not been served. Thank you very much.

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A crack story involving SD, GrM, and pure unadulterated justice >:]

“Who dares steal the cookies!”

Add yelped and jumped back as the lights flashed, blinking against the sudden brightness.  Ara cackled.  Elesis nodded sagely.

“It is as I thought,” she proclaimed.  “Add!  You have committed the crime of thievery against the El Search Party and their cookies! What say you in your defense?”

Add, being Add, promptly fled.  Ara cackled louder.

“Not so fast!” she cried, and suddenly she was in front of Add, using her spear to force him to the ground.  “Face justice!”

Elesis paced forward to stand in front of the hyperventilating Add.  “For your crimes…. I sentence you to no cookies for a week.”

“Nooooo!” Add screamed, probably more dramatically than was necessary.  Elesis nodded in satisfaction.

“Ara! Justice has been served!  Now take him away!”

Ara grinned and flung Add away.  Literally flung him.  He skidded on the linoleum floor, managed to right himself with the help of his Dynamo, and then fled properly.

Ciel chuckled, making the two girls turn and look at him.

“I know I asked you to help catch whoever was stealing my cookies, but… isn’t this a bit much?”

“Nothing is ever ‘a bit much’ in the name of justice!” Elesis declared.  Ara nodded, walked over to the cookie sheet, and pried two off.  She tossed one to Elesis.

“Uh… Why are you taking cookies?” Ciel asked.  Ara paused halfway through biting into one.


Ciel rolled his eyes.  Ara and Elesis high-fived.

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This is a humble reminder that the boys flushed Zelo's frog down the toilet in 2012. This shall never be forgotten RIP Zelo's Frog. You'll always be remembered my friend

here i was enjoying my success and you had to remind me of this vicious crime. justice has not been served since this tragic loss. will i ever know peace? will i ever sleep again? when will the hyungs atone for their sins

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Any current rumors people would hear about your characters?

“The good sergeant,” as Osric Melkire is known and referred to in certain circles, has fallen off the map in a manner of speaking. The public has neither seen nor heard from him in many a moon… at least, not on Aldenard. Gossip from Vylbrand tells a different tale: that the infamous Dirk Problemsolver has been caught at last, and that justice has been served. Some speak of the hangman’s noose, the gallows, the drop. Others mutter that he was shot to death in the the dark depths of one of Limsa’s many prison hulks. Still others murmur of exile, that he was branded so that all would know his crimes and all would turn him away forever more. 

In other news, there are a vast number of incredible rumors circulating that pertain to the emergence of a rather peculiar mercantile enterprise: Artifact and Relic Acquisitions. ‘tis  said that the enterprise is owned and operated by a pair of Xaelic siblings, Geneq by tribe. ‘tis also said… nay, whispered… that you have but to speak of your heart’s desire to the siblings and A.R.A. will deliver. Results and satisfaction guaranteed. “The sky is the limit,” they say.

Atticus.. outside of the courtroom..its 5am in the morning.. he is crashing pots and pans… he is screaming, “I DIDNT GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF Y'ALL YOU AINT GUNNA GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF ME”…justice has been served

On Sandra Bland & My Mom.

My mother is a good person. Anyone who has met her will tell you so. She is kind and will go out of her way to help anyone. We all know this, so remember when I tell this story that I love her.

I love her but she is still a slightly-middle-age white woman who struggles with and often denies white privilege. Yes she knows it’s a thing that exists to some extent but discussing her existence within that context is like setting off a bomb and it hurts.

Cecil the Lion was killed earlier this week. My heart went out to him. Like many people I was enraged. I still am and I can’t shake the feeling that no matter what happens to that dentist, it will never actually feel like justice has been served. Later I saw some posts related to the murder that really spoke to me. These posts merely highlighted the fact that more people care about this one lion’s death than the lives of People of Colour.

I’m going to keep it 100 (and tell you how I feel). If you didn’t read about Sandra, if you didn’t spread the word, or publicly demand justice then you just didn’t care enough. Saying you ‘try to avoid negativity in the news’ is no longer an excuse. People are dying because they look like me and you would call yourself my friend. There, I said it and not half as eloquently as others).

So, I brought up the lion with my mom.

“I don’t want to talk about it. I can’t” was her response when I asked if she had heard about him.

Maybe I should have left it at that but I figured since my intention was to bring up the #SandraBland posts it would be okay to continue. In fact I needed to talk about it. I didn’t want to just post the same comments hundreds of others had. I just wanted to express my own pain.

My mom had never even heard of her.

I briefly explained what I knew of Bland and how I had found out. My mom doesn’t use social media and so I understood why she hadn’t heard of #WhatHappenedToSandra but the fact that she hadn’t only further proved my point. We aren’t talking enough about Sandra Bland (and people who don’t care are already tired of the subject).

“I only know about the lion because it was on the news” she interrupted.

That is part of the problem. Sandra Bland’s story should be on the news, the radio, and everywhere else. The lion’s story spread so fast. The shooter is already being held accountable for his actions (at least by the public). When a Black person dies, those responsible get a paid vacation while the victims’ names are dragged through the mud.

There was silence for about a minute and then my mother was upset.

“You asked me to speak about the lion and I sit here and get yelled at”. Her words stung me.

 In no way had I yelled at her. I was extra careful not to use any tones of judgment or accusations mostly because of previous conversations we’d had about race that had gone wrong.  I spoke with passion and I refused to back down from that passion but I made sure I didn’t refer to her in my avowal.

Sure, I shouldn’t hold back while discussing white privilege. When I say ‘white people do __blank___ and that’s racist’, I shouldn’t have to add appeasing comments for the white people around me. If you are white and you don’t do whatever micro-aggression I’m complaining about, you shouldn’t need me to clarify that I am not talking about you as an individual. That’s generally how I feel but she is my mother and so I avoid things that might hurt her feelings as much as possible. That being said, following her response I lost my temper.

“Oh My God. That’s what you’re taking out of this conversation? I didn’t yell at you. This isn’t about you.” She tried to interrupt again with how it’s not her fault she didn’t know anything about it but I wasn’t looking for blame or guilt, I was only looking to talk.

Like many people do, she got defensive. I was challenging and therefore threatening the privilege she has been accustom to living with. It was in no way personal but she cannot separate my comments on white privilege and her place within it. If she was younger and had twitter she would have been hashtagging #AllLivesMatter and #NotAllWhitePeople.

I asked her to stop. This is where “I can’t” because it hurts to talk about it but she didn’t or wouldn’t hear me. She was still feeling defensive and so she went on. I couldn’t tell you what she said. I checked out.

“Please” I said, “I really need you to stop”. Tears were pouring down my face. I was sobbing. “Can we just not talk? Can I have a moment to myself?” It really hurts. If she can’t hold off on her defensive stance over white guilt long enough to see just how much these events hurt her own daughter, how would she ever understand where I was coming from?

Again I want to remind you (and it seems silly to have to do this) that I love my mom but she may never understand how I feel about race. Despite having raised a black child in this society herself, she’ll probably never fully know what it’s like to have a black kid. Or what I go through being mixed.

I guess I’m writing this event down because it shows me how powerful white denial can be.


Tonight, Officer Jeffrey Newton was arrested for altering evidence, perjury, and filing a false report. He and fellow Officer Edward Brennan have also been charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. In light of these charges, the Justice Department,under my supervision and with the full cooperation of Metro Police Chief Lawrence Connors, will open an independent federal investigation into the Washington, D.C., Police Force. But even given these actions, I don’t stand up here pretending justice has been served tonight. Brandon Parker is still gone.

Im not sure why people are happy about Chris Hicks getting indicted for committing a triple homicide. He killed three people and admitted it. It was obvious this was going to happen.

But justice has not been served yet.

It will not be served unless and until he gets charged with a hate crime. That’s what the hashtag “Justice for Muslims” means. That’s what the victims’ families want. Do not forget what we’re fighting for.