justice for our youth


{Young Justice Week} Day 5: Hanging out

Want so much in this life

There’s so much to be

We sail through our youth impatiently



Even today, lives are shattered by war. Fathers, mothers and children are suffering or are separated. But their misfortune also teach us about courage and dignity. The willpower in their eyes invites us to take a stand for a better world of justice and peace. It comes to us, the youth, to keep our torches high and, like today, form a light front.

Victorious Cast Update

2014 Films:

Liz Gillies: Animal The Movie, Killing Daddy

Victoria Justice: Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List

Leon Thomas III: Sins of Our Youth, Death Ghost

Daniella Monet: Lovin Brooklyn

Matt Bennett: Manson Family Vacation 

2014 TV Shows:

Liz Gillies: Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll 

Victoria Justice: Eye Candy

Leon Thomas III: Satisfaction

2014 Albums:

Ariana Grande: New album due in August/September

2015 Projects:

Victoria Justice: The Outskirts

Avan Jogia: The Outskirts, Ten Thousand Saints, Shangri-La Suite


Ya girl is out heree
Yesterday I was very fortunate to be apart of an amazing rally, showing solidarity with Mizzou and Yale. I performed a poem titled ‘I am the revolution’ and through it I emphasized that we wont stop until there is justice for our black and brown youth. Where there is safety. And that racism is truly nonexistent. We are the revolution, and the revolution dont stop.