justice for mike brown

Can you imagine though?

Can you imagine thousands upon thousands of protesters bringing the parade that is broadcasted to millions of American homes, to a complete halt? Imagine sitting at home on Thanksgiving, tomorrow, watching the parade with your family, when the protesters manage to bring the entire parade to a standstill

Imagine how amazing and ground-breaking that would be. Fuck the traditions of this genocidal holiday. Change history. Do not stand down.

I dedicate this Master’s degree to all who died and didn’t get a chance to try.

I achieve for you.


After being shot by police officers in Pittsburgh, Pa Leon is now paralyzed and wheelchair bound. He was stopped and wrongly identified as someone he was not. When he fought for his right to not exit his car an officer jumped into his car and shot him multiple times.

Leon could have died. If you are in the Pittsburgh area stop by for this rally on Friday. He stands as a living Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and many more.


protesters heading through NYC 120+ blocks the night of Darren Wilson getting away with murder, approx 9:30pm - 1:30am
new york city
by cecilia majzoub / instagram

they’re hoping you forget. they hope everyone will go back to their normal routine and enjoy the holidays like nothing happened. michael brown’s parents lost their son. this isn’t something that will pass with time. never forget mike brown, don’t let this decision give every other police officer out there an excuse. (x)