justice for migrant workers


UPDATE*** For those eligible to vote, request your ballot by emailing philvote2016@gmail.com BY APRIL 22, this friday!!!

These are infographics I helped make to promote the Migrante Partylist! Help give a voice for Overseas Filipino Workers that endure unfair working conditions all over the world.


Cucarachas (Roaches)

If you wish

you can call us


because even when you kick us out

even when you kill us

we always come back

multiply withoutpermission

and do what we need todo

to survive.

You tried to drown

our family down the drain

but they swan through sewage

to make it back into your mansion.

We always remain

no matter how many times

you stepped on our friends

so get out of the kitchen

and let us cook

you know you love

our cucaracha food

so get out of the music room

and let us play

you know you love

our cucaracha tunes

so let us serve behind the bar

you love our drinks you do.

We are leaving the basement

crossing every border of poison

on your doorways

and entering your room

like it or not

we stalk dreams and hope

while you snore

we make things move

at dusk

that is why your socks

are missing

and your underwear has black tracings

of our dinner

we prey upon your crumbs

clean your floors with our tongues

and scatter when the lights go on.


We work in the shadows

of your rejection

so you can eat fresh cilantro

and ripe tomatoes

with your breakfast

so you can lounge in a dust free home

so your restaurants

run oh so smoothly

so your hotels are shiny.

We are everywhere

here there here there


swarming on your dishes

until you can see your reflection

infesting and organizing your produce

hiding and constructing your buildings

some of us teaching your children

many of us raising your children

until they speak our cucaracha language

all products of moonlight migration

crawling through your hallways

invading and fixing your engines

so you can drive to a store

to buy Raid venom

and even when you spray us

we will always come back

like cucarachas

so you should start being nice

and leaving us

the welcome mat.

-By Eric Eztli