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There are a lot of things I’ve learned since first going vegan. In fact it took me about a year to settle down and figure out how I’d like to present myself as an activist.

As a survivor I’ve learned that while I am comfortable with the use of the word “r*pe” to describe what happens to animals in animal industries, I know that many people (non vegan and vegan) are not. Out of respect to my fellow survivors I do not use the comparison - because I can voice the atrocities of animal abuse without hurting them.

As someone who is Jewish on both sides of my family (although not religiously) I agree that what we are doing to animals can technically be described as “a holocaust”, but I am not comfortable using the word because it appropriates The Holocaust. Again, I can use another word to describe animal abuse without hurting anyone.

As someone who is white, I’ve learned that using the word “slavery” when describing animal exploitation is fucking harmful, even if I see the logic behind it. It co opts the human slavery struggle and its not ok. Ever.

These comparisons and ones like it are not only harmful to other social justice movements, they are harmful to our own. Non vegans won’t listen to us if we use words that appropriate other struggles - and I don’t blame them. We aren’t doing anything to help animals by using these words because as soon as we do people stop taking us seriously. The conversation is immediately derailed and it’s boils down to a painful, harmful argument for all involved.

And the thing is I used ALL of these comparisons and words for months when I first went vegan. I learned some harsh lessons - and I needed too. Because I was being shitty AF.

So I implore you, even if you agree with these comparisons and see the logic behind them - stop using them. Use another word. Explain animal exploitation in a way that is still impactful but will not hurt others. We want people to listen to our side. That’s not going to happen if we keep being insensitive, appropriating assholes.

And PS: I’m not going to argue with vegans on this post. I’m not interested in arguing. So feel free to insult me, call me a welfarist or otherwise “not vegan enough” because I stand by what I said. If you disagree with me ok - but your arguments won’t be replied too.

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Okay so it’s been like an hour since the yj news dropped and I’m still freaking out like I am not whelmed at all I have that super excited feeling that one gets when they’ve been stuck in the wilderness for a week without food or water and then they see a helicopter overhead and start yelling and waving their hands around bc FINALLY, yeah that’s the feeling I have right now

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Don't know if you saw, but Spoiler is part of the new season of Young Justice: Outsiders

if all the casting announcements I’ve seen are true then that means we’re getting Damian, Cass, AND Steph this season, in addition to Babs, Tim, and Dick. even if the speculation that Dick won’t be in this season much is true that’s still a FRICK load of Batkids, and there’s always the possibility that Jason will make an appearance. I love the Batkids, we all know this, but this feels… excessive, especially if season 3 shakes out like season 2 and there isn’t really time to flesh everyone out fully.