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You know…. I don’t always want to state my views or opinions on things. But because this IS the field I work in, imma drop a little something. We need to level up as Black People, minorities really, and do more for our communities. Instead of trying to fit our oval asses in a triangular house. 🤷🏿‍♀️ After all of this time, the joke is still on US. A little less, “ tryna make fetch happen” and a little more OWNERSHIP, is what we need. Like, owning all of our content! Owning our tv/radio shows, films, blogs, magazines and businesses. Create and own award shows that highlight our achievements in EVERY FIELD. Maybe then we wouldn’t feel so forgotten, overlooked or not worthy enough of a seat at a table that wasn’t designed for us to sit at in the first place. MOST DEFINITELY easier said than done. But man, just some food for thought. 👁🔮

there are three types of tumblr gays:

  1. the pokemon trade/ power bottom
  2. the twink with the pink blog who’s obsessed with a female celebrity that was popular somewhere between 2004 and 2008
  3. the hypersexual social justice blogger who also memes

the biggest thing I have a problem with about social justice bloggers is

we’re not all from the US

we don’t all experience things the same way as you do

and we don’t have the same culture as you do

some places don’t have anything like white privilege but there’s still racism

some places have racism as in whites against whites or blacks against blacks for cultural differences

can you stop assuming everything is like in the US

So I’m like… really sick of social justice bloggers/activists in general caring more about semantics than ACTUALLY caring about social justice?? Like. If that hitler kin asshole just came out and was like “I’m a nazi” no sj bloggers would be defending them but because they said “I’m ~kin~ with hitler as a ~coping mechanism~” there have been people defending them??? Like damn. Same with goyische bloggers who make nazi punching edits and talk about how much they hate nazis but NEVER include Jews or rroma people in their activism I just. Ugh. This is a terrible website.

columbiner gothic meme
  • Dave Cullen is on the news. Dave Cullen is on the talk show. Dave Cullen is giving a lecture. “There’s no such thing as bullying,” he says. You know he is wrong, but everyone around you nods like he’s right. He has to be. He did ten years of research. But then you see something in his eyes when he says the name “Dylan Klebold”. A hunger.
  • There is a photograph of a pouting girl in a Natural Selection t-shirt. There is a photograph of a pouting girl in a Wrath t-shirt. There is a photograph of a locket with Eric Harris’ face on it. You don’t know how long you’ve been scrolling. It seems like forever. There is a photograph of a girl in a Wrath t-shirt.
  • Everyone has been arrested by the FBI for reblogging Columbine-related things. Even the Columbiners who don’t live in America. The FBI are cracking down on the dangerous youths. They are coming for us all.
  • You have heard legends about a photograph of Dylan Klebold hugging a cactus, but you never see the photograph. You vow that you will not rest until you see the photograph. Years go by. Decades. Centuries. You can never die, never rest, until you’ve seen the photograph.
  • “13 victims,” they say, over and over again. You tell them that they’re wrong, that there were actually 15. They all turn to you in unison. “13 victims,” they say, as one. “The massacre left behind 13 victims.”
  • There is another school shooting. The shooter worshipped the Columbine killers. They kept a journal. They listened to death metal. They wore black. “See?” the media says. “The shooter worshipped the Columbine killers. They always worship the Columbine killers.”
  • “Dylan Klebold was a follower,” someone says. “Eric Harris was a psychopath.” You ask them how they know that. Their face twists and stretches, and they turn into a hideous and terrifying creature, with fangs and a forked tongue. “I read Columbine by Dave Cullen,” the monster says. “It explains it all in there.”
  • You go to a blog. “Stray Bullet” by KMFDM blasts out of your speakers, on autoplay. You close the tab, but the music keeps playing. I am your apocalypse. I am your belief unwrought. Monolithic juggernaut. I’m the illegitimate son of god. It has always been playing.
  • There is a Columbine documentary on TV. Brooks Brown is there. He is always there.
  • An angry social justice blogger posts in the tag. “You should all die!” The post says. “You love murderers! You’re sick!” They call for the staff. The staff do not come. The staff never come.
  • You hear they’re making a film about Rachel Scott. It will be factual, they say. It will come out on the seventeenth anniversary of the shooting. You try to protest the film’s accuracy, but the Christians cannot hear you. They’re too busy singing “Cassie” by Flyleaf.
  • There were 13 victims, they say. Isaiah Shoels. Cassie Bernall. Rachel Scott. John Tomlin. Such losses, they say. So much wasted potential. You realise that’s only 4 names, but still they say there were 13 victims.

the way that oppression is framed in overwatch is so fucking shitty but all of you people just accept it as it is without questioning.

fans consider “omniphobia” to be a negative character trait of torb/zarya/junkrat/whoever and think that characters like genji or tracer or whoever else are more socially progressive because they dont hate omnics. which, if you follow overwatch’s portrayal of current omnic/human relations, makes sense. but like omnics still fucking like……committed genocide like twenty years ago. barely one generation ago they specifically targeted humans and killed them. and in present overwatch time, just twenty years later, it’s somehow bigoted to hate omnics? when people fucking died en masse directly bc of them??

this isnt how oppression works in real life and it is EXTREMELY irresponsible of blizzard to portray it as such. real life racism didnt happen because of something that black people and other poc did to white people, racism exists because of WHITE PEOPLE being systematic oppressors. racism is 100% WHITE PEOPLE’S fault and portraying oppression as the result of the oppressed group’s actions is horrible.

also i hate hate hate hate it when fiction portrays oppression between two completely different species. zootopia did this shit and it sucked. it’s like saying that white people and people of color are inherently and unchangeably different and unity was never possible. newsflash, RACE IS AN ARBITRARY SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. THE LINES BETWEEN RACES ARE NEVER AS DEFINITIVE AS YOU PORTRAY THEM TO BE. YOUR FICTIONAL OPPRESSION IS NOT PROFOUND NOR INSIGHTFUL AND YOU DONT UNDERSTAND RACISM.

the human/omnic conflict is nothing more than lateral aggression. neither humans nor omnics are oppressed by the other. characters who hate omnics arent bigots and their hatred is understandable. i see a lot of social justice bloggers here who treat “omniphobia” like they treat racism and it is worrying. please consume media critically.

I’m going to be that guy and make one of these posts because I’m tired of the stupid people I follow. If you’re into any of these bands and aren’t an ignorant social justice blogger, like this post and I’ll follow you #sweg

- Artifex Pereo
- Closure in Moscow
- Conditions
- Copeland
- Dance Gavin Dance
- Emarosa
- Envy on the Coast
- The Fall of Troy
- From Indian Lakes
- Hail the Sun
- I The Mighty
- Kurt Travis
- A Lot Like Birds
- The Morning Of
- Night Verses
- Pianos Become the Teeth
- Secret Band
- Sianvar
- Stolas
- Tides of Man
- Tilian
- The Venetia Fair

Someone: Amy Schumer is ugly

Male social justice bloggers:

Someone: Woody Allen is ugly

Male social justice blogger: Hey. You can’t just go around calling people ugly. Yeah sure, Woody Allen is an evil bastard. But you’re going to make men who look like Woody Allen feel bad about theirselves. You’re a piece of shit. Just admit it.

If the characters from RENT were on tumblr
  • Collins: A social justice blogger with a slight stoner vibe. The kind who can calmly dissect ignorant fuckers with a well-worded and thorough argument.
  • Maureen: Also social justice, but the kind who is very impassioned and is occasionally a bit too rude. A few theater posts here and there.
  • Joanne: That one blogger who adds legal advice and support to posts about the police and your rights as a citizen just in case you get arrested.
  • Angel: Half fashion blog, half sassy advice blog. Treats her followers like they're her children. Has the most followers.
  • Mimi: Grunge aesthetic blogger. Lots of glitter and black and white pictures of naked women. Mostly pictures. Lots of selfies, of herself and of her with Roger.
  • Mark: Tons of gifs and caps of movies. Reviews of movies. Links to places you can illegally watch movies. Most likely to post about his day and to put up pictures of the gang all together.
  • Roger: Reblogs mostly music as well as putting up some of his own original music. Occasionally reblogs some pictures from the others. Most of his followers are there for his snarky and hilarious documentation of stupid things Mark does.
  • Benny: Has been inactive since he married Allison, although he did put up a memorial post when Evita the Akita died.
Tumblr, you are disgusting.

I understand disagreeing with someone, but this whole doxxing thing is beyond wrong. Nothing can justify exposing someone and threatening their home and job. Anyone who considers this acceptable behavior should be ashamed. I can only hope that you social justice morons see the light someday. This is not the tolerance you preach. This is sick. What is wrong with you?

I stand by communismkills.

who-took-my-crown  asked:

I really didn't understand the post in Italian and lets be honest Google translate sucks I know this sounds like shit but could you give a brief overview about why statues are becoming an arguing point?

that post you saw is a follow up to this one where someone randomly states that ”greek/roman statues pretty much always have intact noses whereas egyptian ones are always conveniently missing theirs.” the op was trying to sarcastically prove that wrong by posting the pictures of greek/roman statues that had missing noses as well (there are a ton, bc the nose is one of the first parts on a sculpure that get ruined with time).

the argument of the post actually quickly turns into one of our many rants - in the form of a series of inside jokes which i would find hard to explain tbh - about how a lot of social justice bloggers (especially ones from the states) think italians as poc when we italians don’t identify as such, which is an issue the italian community on tumblr had to deal a lot with lately (there are apparently several american-italians blogs on here spreading wrong informations which brought many italians to start speaking against them. but i haven’t really payed attention and i don’t really follow that many italian bloggers to know about all that happened in details tbh). 

I keep getting messages and reblogs from people who assume I just don’t understand.  That I need dysphoria or gender identity explained to me in the most hand-holding way possible and that if you just reiterate the same points that every entry-level social justice blogger knows I’ll get it and agree with you.  Guys, I’ve been there.  I’m probably older than most of you and I’ve been entrenched in all the pomo identity politic stuff for years.  My disagreement does not come from ignorance, it comes from an intimate understanding of it all, from direct experience.  I don’t expect everyone who disagrees with me to read my entire blog in order to see where I’m coming from but I’m probably gonna just scroll past your explanation of trans 101 because I already know it’s bullshit.

Me: *creates numerous posts lamenting liberal elitism and the rampant antisemitism and blatant disregard for the elderly in social justice circles*

Tumblr social justice bloggers:

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Me: *posts an ask comparing complaints about Wonder Woman’s clean shaven legs to complaints about Tarzan being clean shaven*

Tumblr social justice bloggers: *

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This is fucking vile. How dare the BBC publish this?
The article is written by an NT mother writing about how she:

“wishes their impairments would disappear.“ and whats even more concerning is that she “works as a psychiatric nurse.”

Why is the BBC prioritising NT voices over autistic voices? Also “impairment”?? What the fuck???

Furthermore she says: "For me, the diagnosis of my middle child was earth-shatteringly awful because I think, on reflection, I always had this notion that ‘one of them’s going to be alright’ and I found that crushing.“

And most disturbingly, another journalist who is also an NT parent of an autistic child says “if I could wave the wand, I’d take it away in a stroke.”

@thatdiabolicalfeminist @bitterautistic @furiousgoldfish

I know I’ve never interacted with you before but please boost this and don’t let one of the biggest news outlets in the world get away with this disgusting ableism. You guys are some of the biggest social justice bloggers I know and this needs to be boosted! Thank you so much!!

Here’s the link to the original article if you can stomach it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/disability-39732511

hey weaponized femininity is cool and all but don’t forget about the women who are pressured to conform to patriarchal cissexist eurocentric beauty standards don’t forget about all the girls who get told that they’ll never find a job unless they start wearing makeup don’t forget how “using your looks as a weapon” is a centuries old sexist trope that emphasises a woman’s appearance as the most valuable thing about her you know what i take it back weaponized femininity is not cool at all

It is absolutely telling that the anti-sjw community defends white supremacists against any criticism while also being a community that mocks and obsesses over social justice bloggers.

It’s absolutely telling that they misapply freedom of speech to white supremacists while doing their best to harass “"sjws”“ into silence.

Anti-SJWs who don’t know a thing about the use of the word “trigger” in the psychiatric industry made fun of social justice bloggers for using the term “trigger warning/tw” in our tags (ex. “#caps tw” “#violence tw” “#racism tw”) so most of us started using the term “content warning/cw” instead to show that even if something isn’t necessarily triggering we still want to warn for content that some people may not want to see, and now you literally see anti-SJWs screencap posts that are like “#food cw” and go “LOL these SJWs are TRIGGERED BY FOOD XDD” like dude no one is even saying the word trigger but you anymore and believe it or not literally saying “hey just in case you dont wanna see it, this post contains this thing” isn’t actually as Radically Liberal as you weirdos seem to think