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taylor swift’s victory will instil hope into the lives of women and young girls, and will serve as a timelessly empowering reminder that we all deserve to be heard, to be believed and to be supported, and to wholly have the right to exercise control over our own bodies. taylor is an inspiring, courageous and resilient role model, and will be for decades to come.

(Can your heart withstand the Kurosawa sisters’ cute attack?)


Doing this with my sister is kind ofー it feels a little embarrassing, maybeー I guess.

You seeー
To me, my sister isー

When I think of my sister, I think scary, scary, and that makes me think Godzilla, Godzilla, and then I think monster, monster, and then I thinkー my sister?
Uwahhー this is bad, if I say that, she might get mad at me like a monster for really real~~!!
…That’s how scary my sister is to me.

Ah, of course, my sister is normally relatively calm, and if I had to pick one, the one at fault is Ruby, because I’m clumsy, and I think shallowly, and I’m always doing things that people get mad at.
But, I’m not smart like my sisterー so I could never do everything smoothly and never make a single mistake like her~!!

So, at firstー when I heard we were going to be a duo unit, I thought, ehhh, I can’t do it~, and I asked Maru for advice. I thought I would definitely hold her backー
But, then, Maru saidー
“Uwahh~, amazing♡ In the books I like, there are often pairs of sisters, and they make the absolute best and strongest units, zura! In Little Women and in The Makioka Sistersー the fact that their personalities are different is also good♡ You’re lucky, Ruby, you get to do it as sistersー I’m jealous, zura♪”
And she seemed really happy when she said itー she praised the fact that my sister and I also have different good points.
Is that soー can me and my sister really make the strongest unit?
All right, so then, for startersー we’ll take down evil with our beams of justiceー or not!
Aiming for the strongest unit that can catch everybody’s hearts with our cute posesー I’ll do my best not to make my sister mad~!!

Title: Ocean Tides

By: GreasyGyeom

Summary: I feel it burning me, I feel it burning you. Youngjae x Reader. Fluff.

Note: I’m really scared of posting this because I really hope I did him justice. I love this beaming ray of sunshine so much. Feedback is very welcome. Thank you for reading!!

Playlist: 170923

He saw you by the ocean, lost in a world he felt the need to dive in. You were gazing, far and wide; like your horizon stretched beyond where one blue ended and another began — like it was the black hole and you were making acquaintance with another universe existing inside of it.

He had to know you.

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Femme to Femme is a literary non-fiction, varied anthology seeking to explore femme* identity in the 21st century through various mediums: poetry, essays, stories and narratives, illustration, art and photography.  It was inspired by conversation with young femme* folks of color and Joseph Beam’s 1991 collection of writings edited by Essex Hemphill: Brother to Brother: New Writings by Black Gay Men

Call For Submissions: From Femme* Self-Identified Folks [of Color]

We’re looking for submissions from femme* self-identified folks—including gay/queer, straight, bi, asexual, pansexual, trans*, gender fluid, and others along the gender and sexual orientation spectrums.

We’re specifically seeking stories, letters, narratives, critical analyses and essays, illustrations, and photography capturing the essence and nuanced expressions of black and brown femme* personhood across gendered and embodied difference and lived experiences; How you interpret these is up to you. We welcome first-person narratives (of your experiences, relation to other femme folks [mom, sister, grandma, auntie, girlfriend, partner, etc], photos essays, remembrances, reviews of significant literature or films, anything that you’d like to add to the conversation of what femmeness means to you, what it looks like in the 21st century, and how definitions and expectations of it is changing…or not.

Send your questions, ideas, pitches, or completed work to femmetofemmeproject@gmail.com

We look forward to adding your voice, your life, your narrative, your brilliance, your beauty, your resilience, your everything to this project. Submissions are being accepted from November 1, 2014 to March 1, 2015.