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May I have a minute of your time for a Ben Affleck appreciation post? 

Because he so deserves it. 

Maybe a week and a half after his divorce was announced, he showed up (and was funny as hell) at ComicCon 2015 

Flash forward a few years, another week or so after he admitted to alcholism and is going to rehab he shows up at CinemaCon 2017 

I hope to have half the strength of Batfleck one day. He’s a warrior and I wish him so much luck in life. 

Thanks for your time. 

★ Fic Recs Vol 1 ★

Just know, I recommend all of these authors masterlists, but here’s a few to start you off. They’re all multi-part fics. 
Also, I’ve probably forgotten so many amazing fics. I’ve read so many it’s hard to remember them all, but I’ll try to add them as I remember.

(I like waaaay to many one-shots to write down but start by checking these guys masterlists.) 

Bucky Barnes:

Steve Rogers:

So yesterday was @wanderingcas birthday and she mentioned a few days ago that she wanted me to write a femslash version of her amazing fic, Passing Ships, so I wrote the first half of chapter two :)

Happy birthday, Sam! Love you!

Deanna finally eases off the gas as they enter the school zone and Cas stares almost in awe as the building comes into view. It’s nicer than she expected, almost homey with its white-washed bricks and Victorian windows laced with the not-yet shriveled vines of summer. There’s evidence of a beautiful garden during warmer seasons and an expansive field of grass surrounding the whole property.

It’s like no school Cas has ever seen and she shares her thoughts with Deanna. 

“It’s a Montessori school,” Deanna explains as she parks the car. “Lots of funding, super fancy. I probably wouldn’t even have this job if Sam’s wife’s sister hadn’t taught music here.”

“What do you teach?” Cas asks.

“First grade.”

Cas almost smiles at memories of Claire in first grade, with her blonde pigtails and Barbie backpack.

“Well, see you in seven hours,” Deanna says as she opens the car door 

Cas scrambles out of the passenger door. “I’m coming too.”

Deanna squawks like that’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard. “The hell you are.”

“I have to be able to observe you,” Cas says as she trails after the blonde. “There was no point in me coming here with you if I can’t even see you.”

“Then I guess you should just hitch a ride back to… wherever the hell cupids stay.” Deanna waves a noncommittal hand. “Whatever. See ya later!”

She’s just about to open the front door when Cas barks, “Deanna. My orders are to understand what is preventing your soulmate connection. In order to do that, I must be allowed to observe you in your day-to-day activities. This is Heaven’s will and I am going to follow my instructions to the best of my ability, so I am coming into this school.”

Cas can hear Deanna’s strained exhale before the woman turns around, lips pursed. There’s still fight in her eyes but she just closes them and sighs again. “Fine,” she grits and points a finger at Cas. “But you don’t say a word, got it? Nothing about this soulmate bullshit. This is my job, and if you get me fired, Heaven will have hell to pay.”

Cas nods once. “I understand.”

Deanna just rolls her eyes and yanks the door open before impatiently gesturing Cas through.

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