justice 4 jahar

What's in the future?

Sorry for the rant but I just… I gotta get something off my chest.I feel like we’ve all been putting in a lot of work for this cause. What’s on my mind is what happens when this is over. I mean whats going to happen if Jahar is proven guilty? I’m not saying that I think he is because I obviously don’t I I support him and I know you guys do too. but are we going to continue on with our lives knowing that the government is corrupt? I was also wondering if we do win this case are we going to go back to a normal lives or out we going to do this again? are we going to show the people how the government really is? What about Jahar? How will he be able to live a normal life? even if he did get out of jail because he was proven innocent what’s going to happen? I’m not saying that I don’t have faith that this will come through but I’m just saying I’m scared because what’s going to happen? the unknown is a scary thing it’s, a really scary thing. we obviously all want the best for not only him, ourselves, but the world and I’m just scared that that’s not going to happen, that’ll it will never happen It will never be possible. But Even the word impossible says I’m possible. And I guess that’s where we come in. we have to make it possible. And I guess that’s where Jahar gets “People won’t stay quiet. I hope.”