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Did The Flash change the timeline in Justice League?!

Going over Justice League and Batman V Superman I noticed something. It’s only a theory for now unless it’s confirmed by the writers.

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So remember how Batman had that nightmare of Superman completely evil with an evil army and parademons are around? And then Flash shows up in the batcave saying Lois is the key? Well what if that wasn’t a dream but an actual timeline? In Justice League they bring back Superman but he’s totally confused and pissed at Batman but Lois is there to calm him down and remember who he was. Maybe there was a timeline where Lois wasn’t there and Superman never recovered and Steppen Wolf won and took over the world killing everyone including Lois. Then Superman kills Steppen Wolf and takes over like how we saw it in the BVS dream sequence. That’s why Flash said Lois is the key cause she helped Superman remember. And by going back to the past and telling Batman that it altered the timeline. Like I said it’s only a theory cause it’s never brought up in Justice League.

Justice League does a lot of legwork to set up the solo movies for the future, but some plot threads set up Flashpoint. One of the first things that we learn about Barry is that his father is in prison. This not only establishes his desire to seek justice, but also is important because it informs us of his driving urge to free his dad. Through one selfish act, he creates a world where Bruce never becomes Batman, Clark has been in government custody, and there is a war going on between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Although the film does not feature an appearance by Eobard, it sets up all the essential emotional beats, as well as a brief explanation of the Speed Force. Henry is apparently at the end of his rope after years in prison and wishes to see his son move on. By the end of the movie, Batman hooks Flash up with a gig in the crime lab and renews his zeal to get Henry out of prison. From here, all Flashpoint needs to do is establish that Flash can break the space-time continuum and introduce Reverse Flash into the universe. Because of the heavy emphasis on this backstory, most of the vital pieces of the puzzle have already been put in place. Thinking more broadly, there is a strong case to be made that Flashpoint is the most important film to date: some complain about certain creative decisions, and adapting Flashpoint could, similar to Days of Future Past, afford Warner an opportunity to reboot and retcon the universe into a more comfortable position.

How Justice League Sets Up Flashpoint, by Conner Schwerdtfeger.

So confused about Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox.

Barry is teleportated to an alternative universe where he isn’t with Iris and his mother is alive.

Where Thomas is Batman with GUNS, Martha the Joker and Bruce instead of his parents is dead.

Where Superman is being captivated by the government I WAS SO SHOCKED HE WAS SO SKINNY AND SO PALE HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THE SUPERMAN I KNOW! And when Cyborg, Batman and Flash rescued him he flew away bc he hurts everyone but come back at the end to attempt saving Cyborg keyword attempt.


Where Hal Jordan died on the ships that transported the alien Green Lantern died while crashing.

Where Aquaman visited Wonder Woman and slept with her while Mera watched them, she tried to hurt Diana but she’s being killed by her. AND ARTHUR STARTED A WAR (with Garth, Tula and Kaldur) AGAINST HER BC SHE KILLED HIS WIFE WTF ARTHUR ?!

At the end the world is destroyed Flash return at his unisverse and explain all to Bruce.

Well that movie is weird and awkward.