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Mkay so my youngest bro, he’s six, absolutely ADORES Undertale. I think I accidentally inspired him because I showed him my sketchbook one day and THIS HAPPENED! He wants everyone on “the tumble site” to see his art, so here we are!

(im so proud of him holy crap its so cute and good and hhhhh)


24DOL Day 6 :    LOUIS    +    FAMILY

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The non-verdict of the police officer who killed Walter Scott is a national embarrassment

There have been ambiguous police killing cases in the past. We didn’t have video for the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The video of the police shooting of Tamir Rice in Cleveland was a bit blurry, but it showed that Rice really did have a toy gun that officers could have mistaken for a real firearm. Other police killing cases had similar ambiguities.

But we had a clear video, from a bystander, of Scott’s death in April 2015. Scott was shot in the back, haphazardly fleeing from a confrontation that began over a broken brake light. What’s more, the video disproved parts of Slager’s story: Slager claimed that Scott tried to grab his stun gun before he opened fire. But the video shows Scott with his back against the officer when he’s shot. And it shows Slager walking over and seemingly planting the stun gun by Scott’s body, presumably to give his side credibility.

The video was so damning that it flipped major pundits who normally side with police in these cases. Conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity said on his show that “you do not shoot an innocent man in the back eight times in cold blood like this. … If he’s not a threat to the officer, or threat to anybody else, there is never a justification in terms of tactics and techniques and training. There’s no justification for what I see on that video. None.” Conservative National Review writer Charles C.W. Cooke echoed a similar view.

So Scott didn’t appear to pose a threat to anyone at the time of the shooting, and there was no reason to believe letting him go would endanger the public, as the law generally requiresto justify a shooting. And Slager’s initial side of the story turned out to be bullshit. But none of that was apparently enough to convince a jury to convict.

Read the full article here. Warning: video is extremely disturbing

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Wow do you ever crash all the parties

I am allowed to feel anger. 

I am allowed to be mad when something I care about is being misrepresented, or harmed. 

I am allowed to be furious when my job - the thing I do for a living - is treated as a joke, or a horror story, rather than what it actually is. 

I am allowed to feel my feelings, and to discuss them, when people are being purposefully ignorant. 

Ignorance isn’t a virtue. Believing in creationism, denying climate change, saying vaccines cause autism, all are forms of ignorance that are hurting people. Denying the harmfulness of our racist society, ignoring the pervasiveness of sexism and misogyny, pretending prejudice against LGBTQIAP+ doesn’t exist, downplaying the negativity of prejudice against physically disabled people and neuroatypical people - all are forms of willful ignorance that hurt people. 

It’s the same mentality. 

So yeah, I crash the parties. 

Because it wasn’t a damn party to begin with. 

RFA Boys When MC Tells Them She’s Pregnant


  • He’s online playing LOLOL after a long day at his clinic
  • He doesn’t really have a chance to do this often
  • VVV excited to talk to his guildmates after a long time
  • MC taps him on the shoulder
  • “I need to tell you something”
  • Looks kinda nervous
  • She doesn’t know how he’s gonna react
  • He doesn’t take his eyes off the screen and tells her to go ahead
  • “It’s really important”
  • Good Husband™ Mode activates and he tells his guildmates to cover for him
  • Forgets to mute his mic
  • When he hears he’s so happy!!!!
  • like extremely!!!!
  • His guildmates hear too
  • and you can hear them cheering for him through his headphones
  • “Way to go Yoosung!” “You did good, bro!”
  • And some innuendos you chose to ignore
  • Such a happy guy tbh
  • Gonna be such a great father
  • He likes to cook meals for you now
  • Also, likes to hug you from behind and rest his hands on your baby bump when you start to show
  • in love with hugging you from behind when you sleep too
  • he’s just so enamoured with you and everything that you are now
  • because you’re! The! Mother! Of! His! Child!
  • His mind is just blown by this concept
  • And he just loves that idea and everything that it is
  • you’ve made something great
  • Kisses you and the baby, even before you start to show, goodnight every night


  • Honestly, he’s not all that surprised
  • Knew exactly what he was getting himself into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Wants to get MC the best care
  • Insists that you gets the 10/10 of all prenatal vitamins
  • Even though you can eat certain foods in moderation, like fish and caffeine
  • NO
  • “But, babe, I can have a little bit! C’mon I love sushi…”
  • “Nope.”
  • Nothing to risk the wellbeing of his child
  • Puts a picture of the ultrasound on his desk so no one hits on him bc that’s a bother
  • Constantly updates it every time MC gets another one
  • You better bet the maternity pics are 10/10
  • And don’t forget Elizabeth the 3rd
  • becomes vvv attached to MC’s bump and sits with her 95% of the time
  • Jumin has lunch with MC whenever possible
  • Always asking how you’re doing and if you so much as complains about something he gets it fixed
  • Feet hurt?
  • Shoes with memory foam insoles and stay in bed
  • Head hurts?
  • Requests tea(caffeine free ofc) and also rest
  • And also bet that MC is looking 100 all the time with her maternity clothes
  • He’s also 100000% more affectionate with you even though he surely never lacked affection before??? because you’ve MADE A PERSON
  • and he thinks that’s amazing
  • Stays home as much as possible during the last month bc he doesn’t want to miss the baby’s birth POOR JAEHEE


  • SO!! HAPPY!!
  • Announces it to the fans after the first trimester has passed bc he wants to make sure nothing unexpected happens and after MC starts to show
  • They ship it so hard
  • I mean they’re married
  • but cutest married celeb couple ever tbh
  • He has a thing for MC’s stomach now
  • Once she starts to show he loves to rest his hand on it passively
  • Doesn’t even notice
  • But you secretly love it
  • You notice he becomes a LOT more protective of you
  • “Babe, be careful”
  • “Please don’t fall~”
  • Does all the heavy lifting
  • Likes to read aloud too
  • Mostly his scripts
  • Loves to sing to the baby from the day he finds out too, even though it can’t hear until week 18 I did hella research for this guys appreciate it
  • Sometimes MC complains about how she looks
  • Not on his watch
  • Thinks she looks 10000000% gorgeous
  • And makes sure she knows
  • “You know, they say a woman looks more beautiful after she’s been loved” OH MY GOD KRYS STOP BEING SUCH ANIME TRASH
  • That was a “Say I Love You” quote, btw
  • Their kid is gorgeous of course I mean You’re gorgeous
  • He’s gorgeous
  • Kid is gorgeous
  • Simple math
  • Also likes to kiss the baby bump
  • “The baby can feel my love, MC, okay?”


  • Tbh, he’s a little scared
  • Scratch that, a lot scared
  • Don’t get me wrong, he’s ecstatic
  • but also scared
  • He didn’t grow up in a good home
  • And he doesn’t want to be that kind of parent
  • “What if I’m not a good father??”
  • “What if I mess up?”
  • “What If I drop it? Oh my god, MC WHAT IF I DROP IT??”
  • You just laugh, kiss him and assure him that he’ll be great
  • “You’re not like your parents, you’re so much better, and, hey, you have me to keep you on track.”
  • 10/10 needed to hear that
  • Nags you to eat more and aLWAYS ON TIME
  • “the baby needs more food than that”
  • “It’s only a month, Saeyoung! It doesn’t even have a stomach yet!”
  • He can’t wait tbh
  • He wants to take the best care of them because he wants to be everything to his child that his parents weren’t
  • Loves you SO! MUCH! More than he did before, even though that’s probably not even physically possible
  • Because hello??? His child is inside you?? You’re the mother of his child???
  • He protects you so much and makes sure you’re always safe totally nOT with a tracker on your sweater
  • Does SO MUCH research to make sure he never makes a mistake
  • Even though of course he’s going to
  • Everyone does???
  • And online shopping
  • Just like the robotic cat
  • Wants to teach it to code
  • He wants it to look more like you
  • “there can only be one person who looks like me in this world, and that’s me”
  • “Saeyoung you’re a twin”