@tatteredpantaloons said: 👻 for fugitive Jay/Anders *_*

Really bad disguises? :DDD I think in this case the disguises aren’t that bad for whatever they were doing (probably trying to sneak through a rogue templar infested area without being noticed) but they WERE NOT very well thought out in the end anyway. xD Templars aren’t supposed to burst into blue flame and speak in weird voices at the sight of mages being harmed (or even hearing too much about it). :p

This passage has some pretty harsh words for Sodom — but they aren’t what you might expect — and ends with a popular verse about red sins being washed white as snow… that also has a twist you haven’t heard about.

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This judge had exactly the right reaction to the shameful way nonviolent prisoners are treated in US jails

A woman was denied pants or tampons after being arrested for not completing a diversion course that was part of her sentencing from a shoplifting charge. But see how the judge reacts when she finds out that the prisoner’s humiliating treatment is apparently routine.

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“A woman was standing calmly, her long dress the only thing moving in the breeze, as two police officers in full riot gear confronted her in the middle of a roadway to arrest her. She had no facial expression at all. She just stood there.” ~ Jonathan Bachman, photographer