Gonna vent a bit on an issue I’m just now realizing and overcoming

Has there ever been something in your life you just couldn’t get over? I’m trying to make an analogy for it….
I’m trying to think of a hill i haven’t dominated. Ha! cant think of one.

Well anyways has there ever been something you wanted so bad you just couldn’t ever get? And didn’t see any possible scenario that would help you get any closer to it? OH! maybe how about this!

As a child you wanted a toy so bad that you thought you would die if you didn’t get it. Now as an adult you look back and thought man i was a brat making such a stink about something so dumb. I think about that now about an issue i’ve been having the last it seems two years now. There was something i wanted to be apart of so bad because of people that were/are still caught up in it. But now looking down at it i’m glad i’m not apart of it.

At the moment of wanting so bad just to see now how much better off not having it is is making me want to strive towards becoming something better. Finally giving zero fucks is a great feeling.

The end.. Gotta go ride before it starts to rain