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I am looking to follow more blogs since I am new here, and I'm wondering who are some of your fav people/blogs you follow? Xox

Ok this is going to be long and I apologize if I forget people! Here goes nothing! 


And a ton more that I may add to xD


AH HERE ARE SOME 6 SELFIES, most of which have never been seen before! Tried choosing some of my faves, but most of the ones that are my favorite I already posted. ANYWAYZZZ I feel great in these and thanks to my BAE WHO I LOVE FOREVER blondesquats for tagging me, I’m uploading them!

Some hotties that I wanna tag include justdoitdaily-fitblr, nebraskaswole, thefitally, thailol, kaittea, supernaturalsquats, notasupersaiyan-yet, jem-sie, aubernutter, fitnika, phosphorescentt 💗💗

I really wish Food Network had a vegan cooking show.

Like…why not?!?!  You have easy Italian,The Barefoot Contessa, Southern Soul Food, too much Guy fucking Fieri…can’t we have ONE show that teaches people how to make delicious and simple vegan foods???


Thank you dauntless-goddess for tagging me. So this post is really supposed to be dedicated to my favorite 6 selfies of 2014, but I don’t always play by the rules. Here are 6 of some of my favorite pictures of me (and friends) from this past year. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2015, I hope to make the most out of it (and take better photos)

I tag: shredded-like-a-julienne-salad, justdoitdaily-fitblr, blondesquats, supernaturalsquats, fitspocean and becomingwonder-woman

I actually feel like leaving tumblr forever now (yeah right). This took some guts cause I am soooo insecure, and I’m sure you can right away tell why. This is me–the girl in the polka dot swim suit who has very bad posture and could lose a couple (or more) pounds. I have seen countless women OWN their bodies and the way they look and I’ve always envied their confidence, so here I am, bullshitting confidence. I am doing this because I am tired of wanting to BE those girls who don’t give a crap and look super confident and I want to actually be one of them. This is for you who have some sort of insecurity, I want you guys to know its okay, everyone has insecurities and no one’s insecurity is less or absurd, whether it’d be a pimple or your size. I have lost weight, almost 20 pounds, and I am eating healthier and exercising, which is also what gives me a bit of courage to do this, knowing I am doing something to take care of myself. This is hard for me not only because I am exposing my insecurity, but because 1) I haven’t worn a swimsuit (much less a two piece) since I was a kid. Ever since I gained weight (around the age of 8) I would sit, fully clothed in jeans, t shirt and sweater, at the beach or at the pool because I was embarassed. My mom actually got teary eyed when she saw me finally wear a swimsuit and actually go and get in the water. And 2) I shared memories with my sister, who I have resented for a long time for an absurd reason. Both her and my brother are skinny, without even trying. I have always been compared to her, she’s been called the prettier one countless times by friends and family, and I hated her for something she had no control over.

I’m still working on myself–emotionally and physically. But I am not doing anything for anyone but myself. I hope you or someone you know sees this when they needed it the most, when you felt alone or ugly. You are not ugly, I am not ugly, and I hope this gives you strength to fight against all those who dare convince you otherwise and I hope you realize you are beautiful, in and out. (Now I want and In-N-Out burger)

Highest Weight: 192lbs   Current Weight: 175lbs    Height: 5'4"

As for anyone ready to hate, bring it on, I may not have much self esteem or confidence, but I have got a fucking temper you don’t want to fucking mess with.

(I’m here for you if you need help!)