“Stand back please!” The man in uniform pleaded. “What’s going on?” I asked someone in the mass of people. “That man! He was violently mutilated” She replied. I pushed my way through he crowd and then I saw him. The man was split wide open his clothes torn apart covered in the blood of his digestive system or what was left of it. This man was killed but by what? Who would do such a thing? I approached behind the sheriff who was talking to a man who was perhaps in the army or maybe marines. “Damn it that’s the fifth person this week!” Said sheriff tuck. “Sir with all to respect I think now is the time for the military.” Said the tall man in camoflauge. I backed up and backed away accidently knocked over someone in all the commotion; panic was filling up in my chest. I got up and I ran for Jakes office. I took what I knew to be a shortcut. It was a long alley way that never seemed to end. Me and Jake; had just gotten engaged a month ago. It seems just like yesterday he proposed. We were walking hand in hand in the park, the snow crunching underneath our feet, and our cheeks were made rosey from the cold night air. I could tell he was thinking about something all day but I thought nothing of it. Then we sat down on a bench; he let go of my hand to tie his shoe at least that’s what I thought he was doing.. “Hey babe! Where have you been” he said. I remained in shock. “Are you OK? You look sick.”. “Jake let’s go home OK?” I explained on the way home and the more I’d say the more careful he was walking down the alleys. Now its been two months since the day of the official out break.. the emergency broadcasts didn’t last very long.. Jacob and I became seperated in the ruckus its been about two weeks since I last seen him.. I miss him everyday. Every minute. The zombie apocalypse is a very lonely world. I’m currently hiding out in a abandoned library..burning newspapers and some books to keep warm..oh how I miss the ease of a thermostat. A few survivors had seen the smoke pouring out of the chimney and decided to join me..I was glad for the company and the able bodies but everytime with every group I got a little more disappointed that Jacob wasn’t with them. Since my watch is still working around 6 before the sun goes down. I walk out onto the roof and sit out on the cold ledge and look to see if I can find Jacob anywhere..everytime my eyes lock on to a monster eating another person..I flinch but know I must look to see if I can tell if hes the meal..

dandinh asked:


oh heeey <3

[x ] i’d go out to eat with you
[ xxxxxxx] I think you’re cute
[x ] you should talk to me more
[ x] I dont really know you
[ ] You’re one of my closest friends
[ ] i think you look 1-5 out of 10
[xxxxx ] i think you look 6-10 out of 10
[x ] i think you’re chill
[ ] i’d give you my number
[x ] i’d date you
[ ] i hate you
[x ] i’d sing for you
[xxxxxxxxxxx ] You’re beautiful
[ x] i’d cook for you
[x ] smash
[ ] pass
[x ] UNF
[ ] idk

[xxxxx] hi i lubb you ~