'it feels like one of those nights...'

“I love you." 

The moment probably should be more planned, more extraordinary, but that’s the thing about Dan; he never makes a big deal out of anything. That’s why it’s just another weekend night in with Skyrim and Chinese takeout when he says it.

His mouth brushes by your ear while he whispers the words, you can feel his warm hand on your waist, and your fingers slow to a halt; the game controller slowly slides out of your grasp.

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Images of the night before flash across Dan’s mind, images and… feelings too. Her hot breath on his neck, hands roaming his skin, eyes brightly gazing into his own. Even in last night’s drunken state, her stare, sensual and alive, shone through the haze like a beacon. That feeling in the base of his stomach, that floating, slightly nervous flutter that tells him that it felt perfect and that he should stop because it wasn’t right and he was crazy all at once slowly returns to him. He reaches up to rub his eyes, and finds himself unable to lift his arm on account of some kind of weight blocking it. He’s been only half awake, half in space, desperately trying to recall the contents of his short-term memory, and hasn’t bothered to think about where he is.

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Hospital (Vulnerability preface kinda thing?)

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You worriedly play with the hem of your shirt as the elevator sluggishly takes you up to the second floor; anticipation builds in your belly almost like butterflies. You wonder what state he’ll be in when you see him. Will he be sleeping or unconscious or so beat up you can’t bear to look at him? You bite your trembling lip, willing yourself not to become emotional. That’s the last thing that needs to happen right now. You’re concentrating on steadying your breathing when the elevator dings, opening up on the second hospital floor. Nurses in colored uniforms rush all around, and directly in front of you is a long, seemingly endless hallway. Frowning, you make your way to the circular front desk.

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Sickening pain and flashing lights. A throbbing in his head. Beeps and whirs and sirens all around him. Everything moving so fast and so unclear, half concious and half in some sort of coma. Dan screwed up his eyes; every single bone in his body ached. Blood dripped from cuts and fissures everywhere, and his fingers sent agony whizzing back to his brain when he tried to move them. Voices yelled in his ear, but he shook his head, ignoring them, moaning in distress…
He just wanted to go home. Why couldn’t he just go home?

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how do you know?

“Oh, please be rational.” you said, rolling your eyes.

“Come on, _______. I am being rational.” his hands were warm, holding yours with a kind of gentle caution, like one would hold a piece of expensive china. He leaned across the table towards you, smiling slightly.

“But…” you looked away from him, leaning back. “You don’t want to…”

“How do you know?” he interrupted you, pulling you towards him, grasping your hands more firmly. “I’ve never wanted anything so badly in my life.” you noticed a blush appear on his cheeks. “Please. Please just think about it. I would be so happy. I don’t know about you, but I would be.”

You looked around the sandwich shop, and then back at him, studying the familiar face, bright eyes, unruly brown hair. In five years, he’d barely changed, but at the same time he was almost a different person. You’d been through so much together, and you had to admit picturing your life without him in it was difficult.

“But, i-if you don’t want to, I completely understand.” Dan’s hopeful face had fallen somewhat; he’d obviously misinterpreted your thoughtful silence for rejection.

“Give me some time.” you said bluntly, avoiding his gaze. “To think.”

You didn’t have to look at him to know he was grinning.