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(kidnapped for years) Keeper's eyes lit up. She dropped her chips and began running. "Doctor!" she cried, eyes welling up with tears but a grin on her lips. "Doctor, you're back!" Her sock hat flew off her head as she ran. She hugged him tightly, nearly knocking the both of them off balance. "I missed you so much! I looked everywhere!!"

My Muse has been kidnapped and missing for years. After many desperate attempts of trying to find my muse throughout the years, you assume them dead. One day, you spot my muse in the distance. BUT My muse is acting strangely. What is your Muses reaction?

Eleven didn’t turn to his name, he was in a daze, staring at everyone like they were at him. He only slightly caught the sound of someone running up behind him, his field of vision not reaching far around enough, having no eyes in the back of your head seemed good right about now. The Doctor half expected to be jumped, and ducked ever so slightly at the tight hold someone had of him, pulling away a bit before they could do anything. He couldn’t remember a thing – the panic of how he ended up from.. nowhere, just to be on the street filling his head.

  • *Talking about Sherlock after finishing first episode*
  • Me: yup
  • Me: I'm definitely gonna follow this series
  • Miranda: Well I've been waiting for three years for this upcoming season
  • Me: 3 years? didn't it start in 2010?
  • Me: or when was the 2nd season broadcasted?
  • Miranda: 2010
  • Miranda: then 2nd season in 2012
  • Me: ah
  • Miranda: then this one in 2014
  • Miranda: Hop off
  • Miranda: I know what I'm talkin about
  • Miranda: *dances away*
  • Me: ...2 years per season?
  • Miranda: YEAH
  • Miranda: SUCK IT
  • Me: ....what did I get myself into
  • Miranda: FUCK IF I KNOW
  • Me: yup
  • Me: yes I am, am I not

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Keeper stood still, staring at him for what seemed to be forever. Her mind refused to believe the sight in front of her and she was not sure whether to run away or set him free. "Doctor...? Did you do this yourself...?" she asked carefully as she took the tag out of his mouth. Keeper's face grew red, keeping her eyes up on his face and not daring to look down.

Eleven was relieved at the lacking taste of paper in his mouth, but grinned up at her. “Would it make a difference if I didn’t?” He held his arms out, looking down at the red ribbon. It was quite a surprise that this whole idea hadn’t gone wrong yet. “Or did? I’m not saying anything.” He shut his mouth. “Would you have rather had me in a box? I can redo it.”