of glory and of good by laure_lie (justawks)

fic for @thestuckylibrary-bigbang 2017

art by barnesergeant

Rating: Teen And Up

Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Words:  20,230.

Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, brief - Relationship

Tags: alternate universe - actors, alternate universe - modern setting, actor Steve, actor Bucky, Hamlet - Freeform, Shakespeare, high school theatre, social media, coming out

Summary: Steve Rogers cannot escape Bucky Barnes. He’s everywhere. High school was a long time ago, yes, but it’s not easily that you forget your first rival. Bucky Barnes stole the role of Prince Hamlet right out from under Steve’s nose, after all. Ten years later they find themselves in the same position - two actors, with a few scars and a few more secrets - vying for the role of Prince Hamlet in what promises to be the role of a lifetime.