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Frightening to see someone so determined to make sure everyone thinks such an unhealthy relationship narrative is funny. "but dood, in the context of the song, she really is a b*tch! Of course he's mad at her, she deserves it!"

I really have so many issues with that song and its popular interpretation. (And I could not care less about whether Cee Lo meant the “girl” to be a metaphor for the music industry.) Like, can we talk about how the singer loves the girl until he sees her with someone else, and then she’s a golddigger that should be cursed at and publicly shamed? It’s Nice Guy culture all over.

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Hey Monique! My partner and I were talking last night and we were both frustrated at our inability to explain to a white woman in our trans* support group why transethnic "identities" are so gross and problematic and not similar to transgenderism. Any chance you've written something about it in the past? You're always well-spoken, and we were hoping you could help.

I kind of can’t EVEN with ‘transethnic’ when it’s not being used by adoptees to describe their experiences of cultural erasure. It’s the kind of thing that shuts my brain down and makes me go ETHNICITY IS NOT GENDER, YOU NEED TO FUCKING STOP. But I’m willing to forward this to any of my followers who have spoken/are willing to speak on this topic and/or anyone who knows any links to people who’ve already spoken about this.

You know I guess I don’t really care if somebody doesn’t like me for something I said, or if they don’t like me because we have conflicting interests or personalities or something. That’s understandable. I can deal with that.

But when I get the feeling like somebody doesn’t like me and I have no idea why and I just wrack my brain trying to think if I did something to offend them and come up with nothing it drives me nuts and that is an incredibly sucky feeling.

On the other hand there are people who like me even when I sort of expect them not to and they put up with me even though I’ve said or done some shitty things or made mistakes.

I want to thank those people, and I’m not going to be able to think of all of them, because there are so many but I’m tagging the ones that come to mind at the moment.

I guess I’m just feeling sort of sucky because I feel like there are a couple of people who dislike me for no apparent reason. I’d feel better if they came forward and told me if I did something to offend them, but that’s beyond my control, so I’m trying to let go of it. It’s not my problem.

Anyway, to put a more positive spin on this, thank you for putting up with me, that goes to all of my followers, but especially the people tagged. You guys are great. <3

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Hooved creatures are ungulates. I’m Kathleen, by the way, and will be going to Evergreen in the Fall.

wait so seriously the three people who have introduced themselves so far are kat, katie and kathleen and i’m pretty sure it’s a conspiracy.

okay. and i went to a wikipedia page to get a list because when i think about hooves i can only imagine horses, but i would definitely have to go with either tapirs or okapis after seeing the list. what are you going to study?

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She stated an observation; she noticed that many bloggers tagging samcedes are black. There is no derogatory/promotional statement based on race. As to the other two, neither associated a judgement with race. How is this racist? That was added later.

*sigh* Let me break it down some for ya. This is from my perspective, but I don’t think you realize how condescending that tweet. “If you look in the tag you can see they’re mostly black.” is. Like first of all, she made it sound like our opinions were not valid, because we’re black. Like “of course they would think/see this, they’re black. ” Secondly, why does it matter if most of us are black? third of all, we’ve pretty much disproven that statement many, many times. We even had a post where we put our pics up to show that we’re not all black. And once again why the fuck does it matter? And if you don’t see how a tweet calling Samcedes, an interracial couple, disgusting is racist and/or problematic, then I just can’t help you.