Chamber of Secrets: Owl number facts

NOTE:These numbers came from a quick scanning of the PDF of the book online.  I have no idea if they were relevant, and I don’t claim that these are 100% fact – I was skimming.  But, maybe they’ll help!

  • 20 – times the word “owl(s)” appears in COS  (I highly doubt this is relevant…just interesting)
  • 3 – number of times Uncle Vernon had been woken up by Hedwig “this week”
  • (?) 3 owls are given names that we learn: Hedwig, Errol & Hermes
  • 2 owls were taken to King’s Cross (Harry’s and Percy’s)
  • “100 or so” owls deliver the mail
  • Dumbledore received 11 owls from the other governors (besides Malfoy) wanting him back after Ginny's disappearance
To my followers

I usually don’t like those “sorry I haven’t been around” posts people make, yet here I am kind of making one.  This is more though.

Not because I expect you to really care, not because I’m looking for anything, but because I feel somewhat obliged and maybe because I’m reaching out a little bit.  The past couple months, past weeks especially, have been really really hard for me.  That’s why there hasn’t been much commentary and I barely remember to set up theme days.

What I really wanted to tell you is that I enjoy having this tumblr because of YOU.  My love of Disney is exaggerated here, this was intended to be a nothing blog, to get lost in the sea of others, but then you all started following and reblogging!  I find it so amusing to see what you add to posts and I pay attention to which pictures get the most attention.

So…thanks for following.  Not because I wanted followers, not because this blog is important to me in the scheme of things.  Thanks because you make this worth it for me.  It’s nice to know that someone is enjoying what I enjoy.