[SAMPLAS with Celebrity]
비정상회담, 해피타임등에서 활약하며 많은 분들에게 사랑 받고 있는 Robin씨가 착용하신 스웻셔츠 제품은 Tourne De Transmission 브랜드의 ‘Citadel Sweatshirt’ , 착용하신 바지 제품은 Klekko 브랜드의 'Just Another Banding Slacks’ 입니다.

위의 상품들은 모두 SAMPLAS를 통하여 전달되었습니다.

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Just Another x Revolver x Taylor White


Brand Spanking by Unwell Bunny

Thank you for tagging me, skydriver-world!

I never did something like that before.

I dont know, wether I do it the right way.

Rule 1: Post the rules.

  • Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
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1. Whats your Kpop story:

I was bored. So tipped some random letters in youtube and klicked “search”. I searched for VI so the first video was “VIP Seungri What should I do?” I watched it and fell immiadetly in love with Kpop.

2. Ultimate male and female bias:

Male:Nichkhun (2PM)

Female: Sunny (SNSD)

3.One thing you CANNOT live without:

Kpop! And my IPod.

4. Pet peeves

 I hate spider and wasps
I hope I understood the question right.

5.First Kpop song you’ve ever heard

Seungri-What shall I do?

6. Favorite song? 

Cheondong/Thunder-Don’t go

7.A time where you wanted to end youself?

No, I think I’m a lucky Person.

8.What scares you more…Clowns or stalkers?

Stalkers. But Clowns are scary, too.

9.Best gift ever received?

A selfmade heating pad from my best friend

10.What is your dream?

Studying Graphic design and becoming rich. Maybe moving to America.

11.When are you at your happiest? 

When I hear music, especially kpop :)

1.How you came to Kpop

2.Favourite food

3.Your ultimate Bias

4.Your favourite Band

5.What things annoy you

6.What things do you like

7.Ulimate female Bias

8.Favourite season

9. Favourite clothing

10.Best present you ever got

11.What is your dream for the future


Brand Spanking Opening Night