For over 4 generations my family has owned a variety of ranches; agricultural, bovine, etc. last weekend i decided to take a drive into the rancho and take a couple pictures, these are my fave, a horse in the stable and the pecan trees we have. 

I’ve been meaning to go into the ranch and spend a couple days there, school is just killing,  maybe next spring, i’ll bring some friends with, swimming at the lake, rinding horses and going on motorcycle rides, wanna join in? 


Dean and Dan Caten behind DSquared2 presented a light-hearted colourful collection of bright pieces, featuring low v-necks, dapper blazers with pocket detailling, and simple shirts. A two-tone black leather and blue denim jacket was the highlight alongside leather trousers and glitter-splattered white ‘glam rock’ vests adding a tough of tongue-in-cheek humour.