First off, I’d like to thank everyone who showed up to the meeting and discussed the awesome pairing names! We had tons of great ideas and tried our best to narrow them down to what we all felt suited the ships. 

I do have to apologize, though, that some of the names are a little similar since most of the names in GTA consist of the same consonants. 

Here is the list we created for the GTA tags/shipping names:

  • Michael/Trevor: Trikey
  • Michael/Franklin: Mikelin
  • Trevor/Franklin: Trank
  • Trevor/Lamar: Lavor
  • Franklin/Lamar: Framar
  • Michael/Lamar: Lakey
  • Trevor/Wade: Trade
  • Trevor/Ron: Tron
  • Trevor/Floyd: Troyd
  • Amanda/Michael: Mindy
  • Brad/Michael: Brael
  • Trevor/Brad: Trad
  • Michael/Dave: Mavey
  • Michael/Steve: Stevael
  • Steve/Devin: Stevin
  • Dave/Steve: Deve 

  • Brad/Trevor/Michael: BMT
  • Franklin/Lamar/Trevor: Flavor
  • Michael/Trevor/Franklin: Unholy Fucking Trinity

I know it seems like it’ll be hard to remember, but just think that not a lot of people use even three of those shipping tags per day/per post.

Thank you so much!

Special thanks to these awesome Tumblr users who participated in the discussion and helped create the wonderful names:










AHHH I’m so excited to show you guys with my Five Nights at Freddy’s nesting dolls!! I’m really pleased with how they turned out after a week’s worth of painting, all that’s left is to splash some varnish on em!