Going Down In An Earlier Round

art by justalittlebitartsy

It’s almost sad, Charmcaster thinks, All this power in his hands and he’s letting it all go to waste. By choice! It’s all she can do not to roll her eyes when Michael goes on about the dangers of his abilities. In the end, she decides He just needs a different perspective and I think I know just how to do that…

She doesn’t act on it immediately, tempting as it is. Instead she waits when she’s a little more insinuated in his life, when Michael’s mother not only accepts her presence but actively invites her into their lives.

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AHHH I’m so excited to show you guys with my Five Nights at Freddy’s nesting dolls!! I’m really pleased with how they turned out after a week’s worth of painting, all that’s left is to splash some varnish on em!