Finally Lillie had been allowed to visit a different World. Her father, the notorious Captain Hook, had taken her through a portal to a different dimension, and it was.. a forest. Not going to lie she did expect something much more adventurous and exciting other than a forest— They had forests back at home! One that Lillie almost every-day played in, but she decided that it would be best to wander around and get to know this place rather than just go home. Besides, she had never left Neverland before, and she had been waiting for this day for quite some time. The blonde skipped through the forest, pushing a couple branches out of her face and leapt over some logs enjoying the scenery and different atmosphere. Though she did miss the water, [I could really do with a swim.] Setting off to find a lake of some sort, she looked at the surroundings, wondering whether anybody else was here, or whether anybody else had ever been here. It seemed quite deserted and overgrown.

And then as if out of nowhere, when Lillie turned back around she noticed a small lake in the midst of this forest, and a small smile began to curl to her delicate, light pink lips [Atlast!] Hurrying over to the lake, she dropped to her knees and peered over the edge glancing at her reflection in the water which only made her smile widen.

Treasures Returned

 For twenty-eight years, she’d been Emily Green, daughter of Scott and Annie (better known back home as Robin Hood and Maid Marian) and older sister of Ava. Her family had always been relatively happy and together.

Once the Curse broke, she remembered everything. Her name was Bonnie; she was from the Frontlands. She had spent centuries in Neverland. Her real father had taken on dark magic to protect her…and later chosen that power over her, letting her fall through the portal alone in a new world. 

Shortly after the Curse was broken, Bonnie had shared her story with her ‘parents’, She was surprised when the former thief then told a very interesting tale of a run-in he’d had in the other world with the Dark One, showing her the wand he’d stolen from the sorcerer.

Not long after, she decided to face her father. Placing the wand in her bag, she made her way to the pawnshop.

True Beauty || just-a-humble-spinner

The ballroom at King Oberon’s palace glittered in the light of a million fireflies clinging to the domed ceiling. An enviable sight even among the echelons of fairy nobility. Their burning tails blinked as music vibrated the air around Belle’s ears. She wanted every worry to float off on the melody. Her feet twitched to start dancing. Unfortunately, the presence of one of the king’s sons, Gaston, stifled her enthusiasm. For months now her father had cajoled and badgered regarding a potential marriage to the handsome prince. Gaston was the oldest unmarried child of Oberon and Titania, which meant his parents were as eager to marry him off as Maurice. For Belle’s part, it might not have felt like a penal sentence were Gaston a more engaging suitor. His interests and knowledge consisted of hunting and fashion and little more. It was no crime to enjoy either, but it hardly boded well for any relationship, let alone a marriage, when the man declined other pursuits and derided Belle’s love of books and mysterious knowledge that only the most powerful fairies could enjoy. 

She had implored her father to let her forsake a lady or princess’s life to join the Blue Fairy’s ranks of earth-protectors. Her world felt so small, albeit full of pretty castles and clothes, compared to all that lay beyond the fairy realm. Why was she not allowed to learn more of the other creatures and their homelands? Humans, elves, dwarves, even imps. She would rather have helped directly in the conflict against their dark enemy than hide in the safety of a magic-sealed tower. But no, Maurice would never let harm touch his only daughter. 

They finally reached a compromise: Belle would consent to a betrothal to Gaston. However, she would have a year to select someone else as a worthy replacement. Gaston bristled at this condition and had since used a mix of flattery and intimidation to secure her hand. Every encounter made her more determined to find some escape. If she could manage without binding herself to yet another man, all the better.

On cue, Gaston materialized beside her as soon as the music crested into the first dance. He asked her to dance while wearing a calm, haughty look that tempted her to roll her eyes. Instead she forced a smile and acquiesced.

Nobility and royalty flooded into a rhythmic twirl while sentries kept watch over every door, every possible entrance an intruder could have used. But some creatures do not need doors to go where they want to be.


Lillie was unsure as to how she got here— But she was somewhat glad. The last couple of years in Neverland were terrible. With the shadow, and the crying children.. It made Lillie grow up definitely, she had changed a lot since she had last seen her friends down here. Especially Rumple. When she first arrived her she’d been staying out in the forest, merely because she preferred to be alone, and not to mention the fact that her father had been left alone which made her feel like she no longer wanted anothers’ company. 

She had found the wonders of alcohol, it helped quite well. It eased the pain, stopped the childrens’ screams and cries from constantly ringing in her ears. She’d been deprived of sleep for a very long time, too, merely because she couldn’t go an hour without waking up from the nightmares and screaming herself. It was quite late at night now and Lillie was perched on a bench just outside of the city centre, smoking a cigarette.