aw yeah some superhero aus coming your way:

Natural Selection (complete | 5,964 | NC-17) ★ - fandom favorite

BEACON, also known as the Bureau of Enforcement, Armed Combat and Offensive Neutralization (it sure is offensive, Stiles thinks) has established the Avengers Initiative in order to, uh, fight crime. And rampaging alien hordes. And stuff.

coffee housing (oneshot | 10,186 | PG-13) ★ - fandom favorite

Stiles kinda likes the way his life has turned out, fighting the righteous fight alongside some pretty kickass individuals.

The Curious Incident of the Cat in the Night-Time (oneshot | 1400 | PG-13)

Stiles is Catwoman.

Stop Talking About Comic Books (Or I’ll Kill You) (oneshot | 1,185 | G)

When you move at superspeed, you miss the obvious. Like a certain dark knight in love with you.

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1. If you could make your life into a comic book, who would you want to be your artist?

Phil Noto. I absolutely adore his work. Otherwise, maybe Sara Pichelli.

2. Is there something you’ll left unfinished and so it still nags at you sometimes, randomly?

Lots of things. But mostly, my homework and responsibilities like planning for events.

3. In a zombie apocalypse what would be the first and second place you would go to?

Well… It depends on where the apocalypse is heading. I’d probably just stay at home, but I might go to the mall or someone else’s house.

4. Do you usually check for an escape route when you walk into any building just in case any apocalyptic scenario actually occurs?

I make sure I know how to get out, but it’s not necessarily preparation for an apocalyptic scenario.

5. What kind of shoes do you like to wear? Add color too just for fun.

Sneakers, sports shoes, flats and flip flops. When I get the chance, boots. Black, purple, white, or any colour I can get the shoes in.

6. Who would you want to play you in a film version of your life?

wish Lucy Liu would, but I think I need someone a little less kickass. I think Kristen Stewart would be able to do it.  

7. How much do you quote Mean Girls?

Never out loud, but often in my head.

8. Do you cry during some movies, and if so are you ashamed of it and try to brush it off? >.>

I sort of make it a point to watch movies that make me cry. Or at least feel like crying.

9. Are you aggressive when it comes to people touching your things?

I’m quite chill if they’re my friends, but I get aggressive when it’s a member of my family.

10. How do you calm down when you’re angry?

By crying, clenching my fists really hard, walking around, jumping (more like stomping) up and down, looking through my Marvel images folders, and avoiding civilization.

My Questions:

1. Name an example of literary/aesthetic genius. (Not really a question but whatever)

2. Does the omnipotence paradox affect your views on religion?

3. Who are your top 5 favourite fictional female and male (respectively) characters? (Marvel, but I’ll give some leeway)

4. What is the song stuck in your head now?

5. Who are your favourite comicbook/book writers and why?

6. What was the biggest lie you told?

7. Do you agree that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

8. State a mental illness you think you have.

9. What is one social habit you have adopted? (Giving one-worded answers, never looking at the person, etc.)

10. State a thought you once had and are ashamed of now, or a concept/idea you once treated with contempt but are now an avid advocate for.

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justahalfling  asked:

About that post about fancasting James Potter, I don't understand why you consider Aaron Johnson a bad choice... (Sorry, I haven't watched any of his films, and I'm not in the habit of fancasting as well. I'm just asking, well, cause curiosity.)

because james is supposed to look exactly like harry, and aaron johnson doesn’t look like daniel radcliffe. if i was going to cast anyone as james that wasn’t daniel radcliffe himself, it would be elijah wood.