the-yandere-shinigami asked:

How did you make your monobear costume? It looks amazing :D

oh wow thank you! I actually mashed together a bunch of tutorials I found online and made the pattern using an old sweatshirt. Just search for Kigurumi tutorials! There’s a wealth of info out there! Good luck!

the-yandere-shinigami asked:

Once you get this, post 5 nice things about yourself and send this to 10 of your favourite followers! (^・ω・^ )

Well hello, and thanks! :D Now, about those nice things….

  1. I have good taste in music (according to some anyway)
  2. I’m pretty good on guitar
  3. I’m an expert in wasting a day in bed
  4. I can solve a rubik’s cube pretty well
  5. I have lots of awesome followers!

Sorry I haven’t been on much today, I met my beautiful baby cousin today, her name is Isabella Caitlyn Cheetham I’ve fell in love with her! Plus she’s got my name as her middle name :’) made me so happy!

So yeah just thought I’d give you all a little insight of what’s going on in my life atm (and show off how adorable my cousin is ^_^) , probably will be inactive throughout the day & mostly active through the night