just: sigh

So at this point I think we can safely assume that absolutely anything regarding Kylo and Rey’s interactions with each other is very firmly on Rian’s “No Fly” List for spoilers.

I mean, there are definitely some good inferences and educated guesses out there from the very tiny scraps we have gotten (the Reylo fandom will undoubtedly feast on the bones of that last five seconds of the trailer well past Thanksgiving), and I’m looking forward to seeing who turns out to be right, but in the end, we’re all really flying blind on this because we know nothing

Personally, I think that’s probably a good thing for the direction I want to see the story go in, as it almost certainly demonstrates a change in Kylo and Rey’s status towards each other (i.e. not mortal enemies trying to destroy each other) that would stun the audience and move them well away from the position they were in at the end of TFA.

But man, the waiting to find out exactly why that’s being kept so strictly under wraps and what their dynamic will ultimately become is a serious pain in the ass.

Movie Critic: “The Black Panther movie poster is too Black and too militant.”

Um……….. yes, that is literally the WHOLE point. What? Are you gonna even try to thinly veil that? No? Okay.

Jimin: *looks at mirror at midnight*

Jimin: Bloody Mary, bloody Mary, bloody Mary

Jungkook: *appears in the mirror* WhO thE fuCk is MaRY