Why I don’t like “autistic-coded” characters

The reason I’m not a huge fan of most characters who people call “autistic coded” is that “coded” usually just translates to “poor social skills” or “socially awkward,” and often these characters don’t possess many other aspects of autism like sensory issues or stimming.

I think stimming is super important to make more mainstream because while social awkwardness tends to get romanticized and played up as cute or charming, stimming was always seen as something that made autistics like me alien and strange and something that needed to be repressed. People look at you funny when you flap your hands or chew on things, they think it’s unnatural and that you need to learn not to do that. They may give you a pass on some social faux pas if it’s “cute” enough (the adorkable kind, not the inappropriate “I just came off as a huge jerk” kind).

So to me, that needs to be something more emphasized in autistic characters. It’s one reason why I like Hikari from Interviews with Monster Girls so much – her vampirism involves things like light/heat sensitivity and the need to stim (she likes the cold and teething on peoples’ arms or necks). And it’s just SO RARE to see stuff like that in media, let alone in a way that’s presented positively.

I’m really glad there’s a new influx of stimming being normalized and presented positively, in the form of slime or fidget toys becoming more popular and stimboards being a new aesthetic trend (they also show how varied stimming can be!). I think that part of helping more people understand autism overall involves showing other parts of it besides the asocial aspect, because yes, that’s a part of it, but it’s not all of it.

I want media to move beyond the Rain Man stereotype or low-functioning Savants but I’m also worried about it swinging in the other direction, where a character is just adorably shy and a writer can pat themselves on the back for representing a disability without trying too hard.

I’m running a canned campaign in a sci-fi setting

Totally not-shady NPC: I’ll need you to retrieve my secret cargo from the abandoned spaceship, but it’s very private, so don’t look inside–

Player: Is it a girl in a box?

NPC: …What?

Player: This is a sci-fi story, and there’s a box you don’t want us to look into. There’s only ever one way that ends, and it’s always with a girl stuffed into a box.

Other Player: Hey, we don’t even know how big it is. It could just be a cigar box.

First Player: Okay, you’re right. It could be a bunch of sex toys. How big is the box?

NPC: It’s… uh… six feet long by three feet wide by three feet deep…

First Player: Ugh. Okay, fine. Somebody pack a crowbar and a spare set of women’s clothing. We need to go get this girl out of her box.


Does anyone else remember the cute dolls Varkon had in season 4? 
Well I like the idea they were selling one of each paladin

And that Keith may or may not have gotten himself one of a particular paladin. For Luck

if you call Samwise Gamgee the “”“true hero”“” of the story but put Frodo down or belittle his accomplishments in any way in the same post or breath then i hope you know that Sam Gamgee would be disgusted by you and that opinion

The terrible life of Lena Luthor

And why I love her so much and she deserves the world.

First, let’s keep in mind that canonically Lena’s only 24 years old, according to the show’s timeline.

Now, in season 2 Lena was in 12 episodes. During those episodes, she was in danger/manipulated/hurt (physically and emotionally) 37 times.  Specifically, she almost died 8 times and in 5 of those times she was the target. She was hit once and knocked down and kidnapped twice.

Her own bother was the one behind the attempts against her life at the beginning . She was also constantly manipulated and lied to by her mother and later by her new mother figure/mentor. So it’s usually people close to her and people that she cares about  who end up hurting her.

Let’s also remember that the events of season two happened in less than a year! I wonder how she seems so unfazed by all of her trauma. You would think she would at least have some kind of PTSD by now. Then again, this show hasn’t been great at tackling this subject.

Also, from what we’ve seen of season three this trend of her almost dying and getting hurt isn’t going to stop. What does she have to do to get a break?! I think it’s fair to say that Lena seriously needs a therapist and a bodyguard. Also all the love.

Let’s break down everything she’s been through (that we know) and who she is despite all of that. With gifs! 

Before National City. 

- Her biological mother died when she was four.

- Lionel lied to her and never told her he was her biological father.

- Was given the cold shoulder by Lillian and was constantly manipulated and reminded that she wasn’t a real Luthor.

- The brother she loved turned out to be evil.

- After her brother went to jail and she took over Luthor Corp her boyfriend at the time made her choose between him and her family’s company.

Now, during the show:


1. She was supposed to be on the Venture.

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I’d a dream that Homestuck updated out of nowhere, even though its ended, and it was all about what the felt & the midnight crew are up to even though they’re all probably meant to be dead, and the only panel I saw was one where hearts boxcars was very angrily playing a shittily-pasted-in-from-google fender jazz bass towards a disgruntled and confused itchy

I can still see it very clearly so I’ve brought it into this realm, enjoy