So here’s a radical thought.

“Nice” guys complain that women ignore them, despite their “niceness.” (“Nice” guys here having the meaning of guys who feel entitled to romantic involvement with female friends or acquaintances due to long association and deeds which can be put down to common decency.)

But said “nice” guys don’t exactly display GOOD behavior, which would be much more attractive. A “nice” guy will be decent and polite but still be angry when turned down due to a sense of personal entitlement. A GOOD guy will be decent and polite and respect the lady’s refusal because she’s a person with the ability to make her own decisions.

“Nice” guys, perhaps the thing you’re failing to grasp is that “nice” is different than GOOD.

musical theatre songs that i will literally stop my entire life to sing along to
  • ring of keys (fun home)
  • waving through a window (dear evan hansen)
  • non-stop (hamilton) 
  • la vie boheme (rent) 
  • spooky mormon hell dream (book of mormon)
  • come to the fun home (fun home) 
  • yorktown (hamilton) 
  • defying gravity (wicked)
  • 96,000 (in the heights)
  • satisfied (hamilton) 
  • take me or leave me (rent) 
  • dancing through life (wicked) 
  • king of new york (newsies)
  • revolting children (matilda) 
  • letters (natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812)
  • hasa diga eebowai (book of mormon) 
  • blackout (in the heights)
  • i’m alive (next to normal)
  • the schuyler sisters (hamilton)
  • carnaval del barrio (in the heights)
  • man up (book of mormon)
  • what is this feeling? (wicked) 
  • sincerely, me (dear evan hansen)
  • your fault (into the woods) 
  • we both reached for the gun (chicago)
  • one day more (les miserables) 
  • bad idea (waitress)
  • so much better (legally blonde)

anonymous asked:

please explain the joke

the song??? from hamilton??

alt explanation by @xrippuino :

[12:59:42 PM] scrublord: WTF DO I ANSWER LMA O
[1:01:21 PM] scrublord: kjshhfkjsgfhfJHSFJKS
[1:01:35 PM] scrublord: I
[1:01:39 PM] scrublord: N O YELS S

concept: we’re lying in bed, the first time you’ve slept over. we’re both half asleep but i cant stop staring at your lips and thinking about kissing you. finally i whisper and ask if i can. even in the dark i can see you cheeks flush and you nod your head yes. i lean in to give you a soft and slow kiss. kissing you feels like magic, everything i hoped it would be and more


Really lazy art of Xenon from the Vamp Verse. He is lower than a peasant to pretty much everyone. For he is a synthetically made monster, not meant to roam the world. He gets so much shit that I genuinely feel bad for him sometimes.

So top one is just a full color appearance of Xe, while without a solid skin to contain the static. Second one is just a lazy frontal view while he does have a solid transparent skin to contain the static that I was way too lazy to draw that day. Poor dude ended up with a cracked soul for a while though, and I just wanted to draw how it would look. o3o

This was really just kind of a one off thing with @skoopskoop so I really doubt there will be a lot more art from me about the vamp verse au version of Xe. Maybe some cute XeChill ship art from this AU but that’s about it. XD

Anyhow, Xenon belongs to me.

VampVerse AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge