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Rikyako and Sour Food

Rikyako’s addiction to sour things is well-documented. She talked about her intense love of vinegar and her addiction to umeboshi (pickled plums that are known for being very sour and salty) back in 2016 when she was interviewed on “KaneTomo Seiyuu Laboratory”:

Kaneda: I don’t understand why you like pouring vinegar on everything.

Rikyako: (genuinely shocked) HUH? You don’t?!

Rikyako: I love that feeling when your throat dries up from the sourness~ ♥

Kaneda: *judging her*

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long overdue Osomatsu-san doodle comic! freaking finally got the first batch done, the next pages might not be coloured so complex… ly… (complexly? is that a word? anyway)

part one of I have no idea how many :Tb not sure when I’ll be able to get to doing the next bit please don’t hate me

Part two here!

but honey you’ve got to get off of this website. you can’t live your life inside on your computer or your phone or whatever. your life is going to waste away if you just read motivational text posts but don’t actually follow through with their advice. just start going outside a little more - start with your backyard. make dates with your friends. don’t have friends? go make some new ones. talk to strangers on the street as you’re waiting for the crosswalk to allow you to pass or for the bus to come. do things that scare you. talk to your family, they’re much more complex than you think. instead of staying in bed and reading go to a bookstore and lounge around on overstuffed chairs with a mug of hot chocolate in your hands. just get out there and live. stop waiting until you’re older or have more money or whatever your excuse is. just start now. where you’re at. take your circumstances and grow from them. and you have got to be positive. your life will change even if you’re faking it. so get off this or pinterest or instagram or twitter or whatever other website you’re on and actually start living. because you avoiding the beautiful world and the beautiful people around you is not really living. you’re just dying very, very slowly.

- my head at 6:39am

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i absolutely despise when ppl paint katsuki as an abuser when horikoshi doesn't even say he's an abuser. Bullying and Abusing has some similar aspects but they are different at the end of it. Katsuki is. a. bully. Izuku recognizes that Katsuki is a jerk and what he did was wrong/bad (and he actually has stated that he hates katsuki, twice) but still sees his strong qualities that make him admire him

(This ask has been sitting in my drafts for the longest time and I thought with the upcoming episodes it was the perfect time to stop procrastinating and finally finish it. Sorry for the wait, nony! I mostly agree with you, but I want to further discuss some points so I hope you don’t mind I got a bit lenghty. You got me an excuse to ramble up some meta haha.)

A TL;DR beforehand: canon analysis supports that Katsuki should not be interpreted as an abuser, but an early bully at most. I also did a little analysis on the early middle school chapter and how it shows BNHA’s society/the peers Deku and Katsuki grew up around set up a bullying enticing enviroment, and how bad translations have us interpret their relationship as more aggravating than it really is - Deku NEVER said he hates Katsuki, for instance. Not once.

I agree that Katsuki is not to be interpreted as an abuser. He does not want to pursue Deku in order to hurt him; instead, he wants to push Deku away from himself. There’s a difference between “I want to possess you, to make you stay around me and hurt you emotionally and physically” - and “I don’t want anything to do with you, go away, don’t interact with me or else”. The first one is abuse. The second one is what Katsuki felt about Deku for most of his life (albeit very simplified). At the times when Katsuki did hurt him - threatening him in middle school, getting out of hand during the heroes vs villains team trial, punching him during the end of the term exam, etc - was because he felt threatened; so his response was to push him away with violence, with an attempt at “teaching” Deku to stay away from his lane.

This is not to defend Katsuki’s actions; this is only a reasoning, not an excuse. His violent behavior towards Deku is still inexcusable. I only want to make clear there’s a difference between “I want to go out of my way to hurt you” and “I will smack you if you push me”, even if his concept of being pushed is distorted to his own experience and it still does not make his violent actions okay. He fears and despises what Deku did at those times: talking to Katsuki as if Katsuki isn’t on the pedestal he grew up believing he was on. This is the core of Katsuki’s feelings. He does not want to abuse Deku. He wanted him to go away, and he WOULD physically/verbally assault him if that meant pushing Deku away from him. And the rest of his threats/aggressive banter is just really how he talks to everyone else.

Even in canon it’s explicitly stated Deku was the one who insisted on following him because of his admiration, and that was what Katsuki couldn’t stand; he wanted him to be away.

And that was way before. The game is changing, and the development of their relationship is one of the core points of the series. Katsuki recognized him as someone who is not allowed to lose, someone worthy of All Might’s trust, and just very slowly started talking to Deku like he does to everyone else.

I also believe that affirming Katsuki would be an abuser in a romantic relationship with Deku misses the point if the person is okay with it if it’s a friendship/platonic relationship, or if they ship Katsuki with other people. Someone who is abusive does not isolate their behavior to one single person, nor does abuse happen only in romantic relationships. Abusive friendships exist. If one thinks katsudeku is okay as long as it’s platonic, if they believe in their growth and healing enough to believe they can start and share a healthy friendship, then the same should be applied to a romantic relationship. Also if Katsuki were to be an abusive partner to Deku, he’d be the same to other partners. If he were to be emotionally manipulative, possessive, constantly putting him down and hurting him while also keeping him - he’d do it to any other partners. The thing is people who ship katsudeku usually don’t ship it hc'ing that Katsuki keeps his ill behavior towards Deku in the relationship - we cherish the character’s growth and development. The canon Katsuki, the Katsuki with the bad behavior in the older chapters, as stated above, didn’t even wish to keep Deku around as a peer, let alone to form some kind of deeper bond. The romantic katsudeku ship I personally want is the kind where Katsuki grows and changes (as it’s slowly happening in canon) enough past his insecurities towards Deku to be okay with approaching him like he does to other peers. No possessiveness, no emotional abuse, because I personally don’t see that coming from him.

Since we got to this point, something interesting and relevant that I don’t usually see being pointed out is that in the very beginning of the story, it wasn’t only Katsuki opposing to the idea Deku could enter UA while being quirkless. The entire class laughed at him, and the teacher didn’t bat an eye.

This is not to gloss over the fact Katsuki did show unexcusable behavior towards Deku, but I think the scene was set up that way to show it was not only Katsuki’s isolated behavior, but the system, BNHA’s society is shaped to mock and discourage individuals who believe they can become heroes or achieve certain things despite the conditions of their quirk(lesness). The way the society is shaped was Deku’s childhood bully. He was mocked by his peers as young as 4, while at the same time Katsuki was put in a pedestal because of his quirk - which led to his massive ego complex. We can’t analyse their personalities and relationship without taking in account the context they grew up in. Many people frame Katsuki as the single-handed culprit for Deku’s bullying background without taking this whole context into account, while also casting Deku the role of a submissive, persecuted victim when he deliberately chose to stick around Katsuki, and just generally shows to be a character with a lot more agency than that.

And what’s interesting in this scene is that Katsuki didn’t laugh along with everyone else when Deku says he wants to apply and he might have a chance. Because Katsuki takes that seriously. He takes that as a personal offence. The whole point of Katsuki’s ill feelings towards Deku were always that he

  1. feels as Deku is mocking his efforts by believing that himself, a quirkless boy who didn’t do any kind of physical preparation for a heroics course - has chances of becoming a hero as much as Katsuki, who is a born genius AND presumably prepared himself to apply to UA, with training and studying, going as far as scolding his colleague for smoking because he wanted a clean student record.
  2. he feels threatened by Deku because ever since they were kids, as much as Deku admired him, he also saw Katsuki as someone who was able to get hurt and could have a hand offered to like anyone else; Deku saw him as superior in terms of skill, but an equal as a human being, while all the other kids did not. And that made Katsuki not stand him. Because he’s scared of being anything less than the very best, he’s scared of being someone who can be offered help - in his eyes, someone who can be pitied and looked down onto.

And that’s why he reacts with hostility. He wants to intimidate Deku out of even trying to apply to UA. It’s even stated by Katsuki’s colleagues he got out of hand this time, implying it’s not normal behavior for Katsuki (and I’ve seen people saying it was confirmed by Horikoshi himself, though I don’t have sources so don’t quote me on that). Again, he will only seriously smack Deku down if he feels threatened. He does not go out of his way to put him down on a daily basis because he doesn’t want to interact with Deku to begin with.

Also, Deku actually never stated he hates Katsuki. Not once. What he actually says is closer to “he may be a jerk, but-”, which is how the official english translation translated it, as seen above (stole the picture from this post by @kiraelric because it’s where I found it faster :P). Here’s a post explaining it, and I quote @sugarmagic who gently broke down the first panel - which FA translated as “I hate his guts” - for me:

Basically the word 嫌う, the verb form is “to hate” but 嫌な奴 is “unlikable/disagreeable guy.” So what I’m pretty sure happened is that they didn’t realize な was modifying the word to be an adjective. It’s not describing Deku’s feelings, it’s describing Kacchan’s character. The reading of the kanji is written as “iyana yatsu,” versus “Kacchan ga kurai” which really would be “I hate Kacchan”. Then again, even if they read it that way, the furigana explicitly shows the reading, so I don’t even know what they were thinking.

 The translation group Fallen Angels takes way too much freedom and completely distorts some lines, and the dislike of Bakugou/his relationship with Deku in the western fandom was heavily influenced by interpreting it via FA’s aggravated translations. I had people who know japanese tell me how gratuitously innacurate the translations are - as an example, FA translates Deku thinking Katsuki is difficult to deal with as Deku thinking Katsuki causes him to be aware of his own flaws (source). The translations paint Bakugou’s character and his relationships, specially with Deku, unnecessarily harsher than they really are. In fact, something the localisation usually fails to translate is how Bakugou’s “die!” and similar threats are not be taken as seriously in japanese as one would in english - but rather pretty immature and petty (source).

So! If you read up to this point and you’re interested in reading other meta on Katsuki and Deku’s characters and relationship, you should check @explodo-smash’s meta tag. They’re a pretty smart team and can explain/analyse things better than me - in fact their meta helped me a lot understand better their dynamics post my bloody Fallen Angel readings. That’s all for today, and thank you for taking the time to read.

Sweet Strawberries

Pairing: You/Reader + Kang Daniel

Genre: Soulmate! AU + College! AU + Fluff + This is half story half bullet list

Concept: Your soulmate has a specific scent and it tends to linger where ever they’ve been. 

Summary: Your department always smelled like sweet strawberries and you had no idea why.

AN: Also idk college works cause I’m just a highschool kid (junior! 2 more years!!) so just roll with it okay?¿¿ Also help cause I did research for this au and got hella confused?? Also tried to make this gender neutral as much as possible! Inspired by @101soulmates

Originally posted by tohestar

You never really believed in soul mates, true love or any of that. You honestly thought it was all fiction, something out of a Disney movie. Of course all your friends would gush about their fated one, saying stuff like she had a scent to her or I cant sleep if they can’t or even everything I do with them is just vibrant, which you thought they were all just blinded with love. You just stuck with your studies, you didn’t need a special someone, but it would be nice of course.

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I just kissed your senpai then told the whole world that he was a bad kisser just to make him cry.

[ *Edit Since my last post made an anon uncomfortable. I changed it up a bit and hope I don’t offend anyone from here on out.. Remember to tell me if something does upset you in any way (I honestly hate myself when I hurt someone’s feelings- intentionally or not) so I can change/delete/alter that post! Thank you fellow anon!! ]

Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt 2)...

Imagine Dark calling an early morning (we’re talking crack o’ dawn) meeting in the Board Room. He secretly had Google install an alarm system all throughout Ego Inc., so with the flip of a switch, the entire building erupts into chaos. There’s alarms blaring and lights flashing, and all hell breaks loose.

Imagine Bim Trimmer somehow managing to get into his suit, hair slicked back in a singular wave of perfection. He’s just so eager, you’ve got to give him credit, and it’s not his fault that the coffeemaker exploded… again.

Imagine Google rolling his eyes because who let Bim near the coffeemaker again? He gets up to repair it for the eightieth time since Tuesday, but Dark just waves him off, snaps his stupid fingers, and there’s suddenly a plethora of caffeinated beverages and breakfast foods displayed on the table.

Imagine the King of the Squirrels, in protest that his Royal Beauty Sleep has been interrupted, just lying in the floor like a speedbump. Dark informs him that he was not even called in for this meeting, but the King keeps lying there anyway trying to inconspicuously lick the peanut butter off his own face.

Imagine the Host sneaking in, rubbing at his bandages and muttering slurred narrations. He doesn’t sleep often, but when he does, he doesn’t like to be awoken by anything, even the Dark Overlord of All Things Micromanagement Himself. He trips over King of the Squirrels who is on the floor for some reason and finally settles into his chair to Dark’s right, and whoops? Did he accidentally knock that cup of steaming hot coffee over into Dark’s lap? Aw, that’s just too bad.

Imagine Dr. Iplier trying to offer his services. After all, that coffee may have left severe burns, but Dark just rises very slowly, very ominously to his feet, placing his hands palms-down on the table and daring him to take one more step. The Doctor sits back down. He eats a buttered croissant.

Imagine Wilford Warfstache stumbling in fifteen minutes late in his pink bunny slippers and striped pajamas with Google following close behind because who else would Dark send to get a homicidal maniac out of bed at five in the morning other than the droid who literally can’t say no? Will, hugging a decapitated teddy bear to his chest, sits very grumpily in his seat across the table from Dark. They lock eyes, and there are a few moments when everyone in the room is certain that heads are about to roll when Warfstache grabs a donut and shoves the whole thing in his mouth at once, officially ending the killer on killer staring contest.

Kinktober #29: Dacryphilia (Crying)

The only person Hinata ever cries in front of is Kageyama.

Kageyama isn’t sure when this started. Maybe in their second year, but definitely by their third. Maybe Hinata thought he had to keep up his brave face for their juniors, who always look up to him, always expect his encouragement, always look for his smile.

Hinata’s emotions are infectious; and if his smile is like lightning, then his tears are like thunder—weighted and deep, rolling right through the heart.

He doesn’t cry when they lose Nationals. Kageyama does, after the line-up—breaks down right in front of everyone. Tsukishima puts a hand on his back briefly, and it makes him sob even harder (for once, something Kei didn’t intend).

But Hinata keeps his head held high and that resolute expression on his face. Not a smile, but not quite a grimace either. He wants the world to know that he’s not disappointed in his team, for losing. He’s proud they came so far.

It happens later. After they’ve offloaded at the school, and everyone has said their tearful goodbyes. After Hinata has exchanged more than a few quiet words with the more sensitive first years and quite a lot of hugs with Yachi. Then he and Kageyama finally head home. They walk slowly, under the darkening sky.

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Today has been SO lovely. Having a poorly pelvis is forcing me to take life at a much slower pace and on days like this, it’s not a bad thing. We all had a super lazy morning and didn’t get up til just before 9am (having a 6 year old in the house, this is the mother of all lay ins let me assure you!), watched The Grinch with juice and toast, spent a lovely long time getting showered and dressed and then piled in the car with bobble hats and fluffy coats. We drove out of town to a quaint old village full of boutiques, tea rooms and ye olde toy shops and just very slowly mooched about. When we were done, with no pressure to ‘make a day of it’ or anything like that, we drove home. The sun was shining, all the leaves were golden, the sky was blue, nobody was seething the suppressed resentment of a Sunday afternoon argument, it was beautiful. Came in, gritted my teeth through Darcy’s homework (it’s like getting blood out of a stone sometimes) and Liam cooked us a giant roast. Now we’re going to watch The Snowman and eat chocolate. I’m usually that woman that secretly hates those 'perfect’ families on social media but today I feel like I am in one! Roll on tomorrow when life goes back to normal but for today, 'awwww it’s been good’. Another essay caption there! Leave a 👌🏻if you got to the end! Xxxx http://ift.tt/2zwOlT5

TO THE ANON WHO ASKED IF I DO REQUESTS VERY NICELY AND ASKED FOR BENNY AND NINA: i do! ((just very slowly and in a random order with no guarantee i’ll ever do them and a chance that as i go to post it the whole ask will disappear,, my bad)) 

 here’s benny surprising nina by showing up at stanford for valentine’s day (the surprise is that valentine’s day was yesterday)

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connorxevan, okay so evan and connor are dating but connor still tries to ya know commit suicide and evan goes to visit him in the hospital and all that, pls give me angst

Here we go!! Um,,,, its painful to write angst for these boys not going to lie. They deserve all the happiness in the world!!!!!! Protect them!!!!!!

(just a note i kinda had them lowkey not be out to anyone? Like only zoe knows that the two are dating) (also i couldn’t resist making jared a side character)


It was Zoe who called him. Evan had missed the first call. His phone was on silent, and was face down because Evan was reading. When he had finished the chapter, Evan picked up his phone. There was a missed call from her from about 10 minutes ago, but before he could call back, she called again. Panic started to slowly rise within Evan, but he pushed it down as he answered the call.

“H-” He started but Zoe cut him off.

“Connor is in the hospital,” Her voice was rushed, and out of breath like she was running somewhere.

“W-what?” It was like someone had punched him, all of the breath in his lungs was gone.

“He tried to kill himself-” Zoe let out a sob. “Evan, he’s in the hospital. Get here as soon as you can.”

Evan didn’t know how he ended up at Jared’s front door, but all he knew was that Jared had a car, and Jared wasn’t two inches away from a panic attack so he could drive. Evan pounded on the door again, barely registering the pain in his fist.

The door whipped open revealing an annoyed looking Jared.

“What the fuck do you want, Hansen?” Then Jared seemed to notice the tears that was currently running down his face. “Evan? What is wrong?”

“C-can you drive m-me?” Evan knew he was stuttering but he could do nothing to control it. His whole body was shaking.

“Where?” Jared had already grabbed his keys and stepped outside. Evan followed him, and climbed into the car.

“The hospital.”

“The fuck? Evan what is going on?” Jared started the car and pulled out of the drive way.

“Connor is in t-there.” Evan’s voice cracked, and he pinched the inside of his left arm.

“Shit man.” Jared went quiet. “Is he like your boyfriend or something?” Evan felt too tired to lie about it anymore.



The rest of the car ride was silent.

At the hospital, Jared made sure that Evan got to the Murphy family. Zoe stood up as he rushed in, and hugged Evan tightly. Evan hugged back, trying to stabilize his breathing.

“You can go to see him. He’s sleeping right now.” Zoe whispered, her voice weak. “Room 201.”

Jared stood awkwardly as Evan pulled apart from the embrace.

“I can just stay here, call your mom and if you need a ride home…” He trailed off. Evan nodded at him, not trusting his voice.

Room 201 wasn’t that far away, he only had to turn 2 corners. The door was slightly open, and from the window in the door Evan could see his boyfriend sleeping on the bed. He looked slightly paler than usual, but other than that it looked like he was just sleeping. Evan very slowly opened the door, but it still creaked loudly. Connor shifted, and sleepily opened his eyes.

As Evan stepped into the room, all it took was one look at Connor for Evan to break down again. His face crumbled, and he sort of stumbled towards the hospital bed. Connor looked at him, silent.

“I missed the first call.” Evan spoke finally, the few walls that he had left breaking. Connor moved over in the bed, making room for Evan. Evan climbed in, and placed his hand on Connor’s cheek. He was crying again. Connor crinkled his eyebrows, and bit his lip.

“I’m sorry.” Connor started, but Evan shook his head.

“Don’t- just, please.” Connor wasn’t crying but Evan was, his breath coming in ragged short whispers.

Connor pulled Evan close, and kissed him on the forehead.

They could make it through this.

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Being related to Artemis and her finding out you're with red hood

Oooo, this one looks fun! Sorry this took me a little while. I’m knee deep currently. I hope it’s worth the wait! ;)


Being Artemis’ Sibling - Dating Jason Todd/Red Hood

  • You try your best to keep it on the down low.
  • You guys don’t want the team or anyone to be on you about the relationship.
  • When Artemis finds out, Jason’s dead. You have to save him.
  • “What do you mean you’re dating him?!”
  • “I mean I’m dating him. Like we go out!”
  • “Why?”
  • The whole team now knows. Shit.
  • Dick is especially hurt. His littlewing didn’t tell him he was dating someone.
  • Jason rolls his eyes at Dick.
  • At least the secrets out and you guys can be around each other at the cave and team things.
  • Getting caught kissing a lot. When Artemis is the one to catch you she get super protective.
  • She doesn’t want to see you get hurt. She’s just being a sibling and you get that.
  • You just wish she’d give him a chance though.
  • Having to reassure Jason all the time.
  • “She hates me”
  • “No she doesn’t. She’s just protective.”
  • She very slowly warms up to him. Especially after seeing how you interact.
  • She can see how much you both care for each other.
  • She warms up to him completely when you got hurt during a mission and he put his life on the line to get you out of there.
  • After the mission she pulls him aside.
  • “If you’re just going to put our relationship down I don’t want to hear it”
  • “No it’s not that. I saw how you put your life on the line for him/her. Just don’t hurt them alright.”
  • “I wouldn’t dream of it”
  • You’re ecstatic when Jason tells you what she said.
  • She now accepts Jason the way you do. He’s gone through enough already and you’re a good thing for him.
  • Double dates end up happening. But they aren’t too common.
  • She’s still hella protective. But she trusts the both of you.
  • It’s a relief to have her on your side finally.

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21 Logince :3

Whoever asked this: thank you so much.

21. I’m bulletproof… but please don’t shoot me.



The royal looked up from where he was sketching a new idea for a video, looking at his bedroom’s door, finding Logan there, frowning, a book in his hands.

“Yes, my dearest nerd?” he asked, smiling charmingly as he stood up, fixing his hair quickly while Logan made his way inside, eyes focused on the book he was reading. “How can I assist you?”

“I have been reading this poem book” he said, looking up at Roman and then sitting on his bed “and no matter what I do, I cannot understand this specific verse”

“Have you tried looking it up in the internet?” the royal asked, sitting down next to the teacher. Logan shook his head.

“No. I usually leave the internet as my last option because of the false responses you can get. And since you are also interested in poems and you are way more… sensitive… than I am, I thought perhaps you could assist me” he said, and Roman smiled, nodding at him.

“Of course I can. I can always help” he said, in that excited way of his, and Logan nodded, looking down at the book and pointing at the verse.

“This one. It says ‘for love is like oxygen or a bullet in your brain’. I cannot comprehend. They compare love with something good and bad in the same verse, and I also cannot imagine how love can be equal to a bullet. I would not be pleased if I had a bullet going through me” Logan said, seriously, and Roman hummed.

“I thought you were an expert in poem expressions and metaphors” he said, and Logan nodded.

“Indeed I am. However I cannot decipher this one. If you can’t either, I will not bother you any longer” he said, quickly, but Roman just chuckled and shook his head, resting his hand over Logan’s thigh to tell him to stay.

“No, I can explain it to you. It is simple really. It means that love can be contradictory, it can make you live and grow and he can also come unexpectedly and hurt you deeply. That’s what the verse means” Roman explained, shrugging, and Logan raised one eyebrow and then looked down at the book before looking up at the royal again.

“You are aware that oxygen is what kills humans after time, right?” he asked, and Roman looked at him before chuckling.

“It kills you slowly. A bullet is immediate” he replied, and Logan hummed, nodding slowly.

After a moment of silence, Logan looked back at him.

“You are the one that holds Thomas’ romantic love, right?” he asked, and Roman nodded.

“Precisely. Morality takes care of friendship and family love. Why?” he asked back, smiling, eyes curious, and Logan hummed.

“Have you ever been wounded by a bullet?” the teacher asked, slowly, and Roman stared at him, calm. He stared at his eyes behind his glasses and smiled, because damn, how life was ironic.

“Well… sometimes. Thomas surely has. Several times” he said, but Logan shook his head.

“No. Not Thomas. You” he pressed, and the royal chuckled.

“Nah, I’m bulletproof” he said, looking back at Logic’s eyes, seeing something change inside them, and he swallowed thickly, suddenly feeling extremely vulnerable and small in the older trait’s presence. “But please, don’t shoot at me”

“I’m the brain…” Logan mumbled, moving closer just slightly, very slowly. “I would be the one to suffer. The bullet goes through the brain after all…”

“I know…” the royal whispered, heart beating faster than ever. Logan was so close.

“Are you worried about me?” the teacher whispered, and Roman nodded slowly.


“Don’t be”

Roman had never thought he would be hesitant to kiss anyone.

He never thought he would be the one to receive the kiss from anyone.

He was a prince.

He was supposed to kiss several people.

And yet…

Logan’s hand rested against his cheek and he pressed their lips together. Roman felt his insides twirling around his stomach, his skin melting with heat, his heart beating so fast that it could easily jump out of his chest, his brain disappearing.

This was nothing like a bullet.

It was a blossoming flower.

It was a foot touching grass.

It was a tree giving fruit.

It was a waterfall in a forest.

It was the breeze of the morning.

It was the sun in the afternoon.

It was the stars at night.

He wasn’t bulletproof.

He was just lucky none of it was a gun.

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Hey I just discovered your blog and I already love it!! And i was wondering if you could write one where Jack gets hurt or something and the reader has to take care of him but he doesn't want to accept her help but then he admits that he's scared and mostly fluffffff

this strayed a little from the original request, but i think it’s really sweet. —nails.

“You seen Doofus around?”

“I’m gonna assume youse talkin’ about Jack and not Race over here.” Crutchie chuckled. Race groaned and puffed some smoke at Crutchie. You shook your head and ran down the stairs. Stepping onto the silver pavement, you looked right, and then left. No Jack. He’d been gone for hours. Everyone else was back from selling…

Then you heard leather soles pounding against the pavement. Not rushed, not chasing after someone, just very slowly strolling up the lodging house. The boy in question. “Jack?” You asked. His face and arms were littered with cuts. He sighed deeply, pleasant smile fading. “Where the hell were you? I was worried.” You crossed your arms and leaned up against the door frame. “And what’s all this, you look like you’ve been run through'a papermill.”

Jack shook his head. “You’d laugh if I told ya.”

Your arms remained crossed, pushing for an answer.

“I fell?” He tried. That couldn’t be it. You pushed again for more.

“I fell… Out of a tree.”

You walked over to him, looking over him, stifling a giggle. “You what? That’s so…” you were cut off by one of his famous glares. You noticed Jack wasn’t putting weight on his right foot. “Kelly, your ankle ain’t lookin’ so hot. Lemme fix you up.” You took hold of his slim hand and tried to pull him toward the oak doors. Jack resisted.

“I’m fine, you don’t need ta keep fixin’ me up like this. I’m just an idiot. It’ll be better by tomorra.” Jack insisted. You remained unconvinced. It looked a little too swollen to improve so quickly on its own.

Your eyes pleaded with the brunette. “Jack Kelly, let me help you up those stairs… Or so help you God.” That was all it took. Jack squeezed your hand, and followed you inside. The cool air washed over both of you. His free hand pushed down hard on banister, the one formerly holding your hand, was wrapped around your shoulder for support.

You sat him down in the washroom, and searched for some gauze, after you gave him a wet rag to start cleaning up those cuts. “So… A tree?”