just...ugh thank you for everything

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3 people on tumblr who make your day better?

nooooo, i have to choose just 3??? there are so many!! but that’s such a cute question oh my god, thank you!!! 💖

@themcinebcnd because beth is the best thing that ever happened to me and i love her??? she has helped me so much (more than she actually knows) and i honestly don’t know where i would be without her!!! she never fails to cheer me up and i don’t know how she puts up with me, but she’s my angel 💕

@hufflepuffkira because cosi is the sweetest ever and just deserves all the love in the world??? she’s so kind and talented and ugh i just wish i could give her a hug! thank you for everything! 💗

@kira-scott because sanya is so talented (everything she makes is gorgeous!), and i always love seeing her on my dash!!! also, she’s very nice and i’m so happy she has fallen down the b99 hole with me!! 😊

I commissioned the lovely @kelslk-art​ for a Thor!Jane/Loki to go with my fanfic Aeviternity. And I could not be happier with how this turned out. Look at their expressions, their hair, their outfits… ugh. I just love everything about this. Thank you! 

P.S. I’ve also decided to tag MCU Thor!Jane as “Mighty Jane” and MCU Thor!Jane/Loki and “Mighty Lokane”. Hopefully that should help me keep track of things from now on.



So I just wanted to say something that might have been said 300 times already, but:

I was never this involved with any other fandom like this.

Now I could say that its probably because no other series have so many lesbians in it, and Im a useless queer…

But the chat nights in which I can not stop laughing, the fact that the cast is so accessible, the constant love AND EVERYTHING ELSE, its just… UGH.

Thank you. With all my heart. And thank you ubykotex for sponsering this amazing series.

Happy creampuffs selfie weekand!

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Meeting Jeffree Stars meant the world to me! I love him to death. He has helped me through the hardest times in my life. I told him thank you for everything and that because of him I haven’t self harmed or purged in a year. I literally broke down in tears when I told him that. He pulled me over to the side and told me that I am beautiful and strong. Which made me cry even more. Ugh just typing this is making me so emotional. Thank you Jeffree for everything. I hope to meet you next year at Warped Tour.

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Why are you so cute?? I would kill to be with a guy like you😒 I could never get someone who is as great as you you've got the looks, the personality, just everything ugh

Thank you, you made my night.