just...so many babies


West Virginia honky-tonk, 1991, pretty waitress,bunch of personal business between us after closing. And then i git, ‘cause Johnny Law’s breathing down my neck. Lacking a forwarding address, I never heard from her again.

What are you trying to tell me?



okay, also this “what-if/future” image is just really cute??? part of it is my biased juhaku heart (as always), but I love that Judal & Hakuryuu are still right there next to each other, Hakuryuu has long hair, and Judal appears to be wearing his super edgy priest robes from back in the Belial arc :D

also, why do Alibaba and Morgiana seem to have so many children, that’s just…too many…. (I don’t understand kids I’m sorry I’m just lost here okay)

but yeah I’m weak for this sort of thing so I’m just gonna stare at this and be incoherent and silly about it for awhile!!

Look, guys, Dylan decided to be a porn cop for Halloween and I’m not ok rn.

The porn ‘stache. The cheesy sunglasses. The shirt opened for maximum sleaziness. I am so into it, send help. Why self why.

(I guess Latts dressed up as a cop too? I’ll be honest, I was too focused on Dylan to realize anyone else was even there.)

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Please!! Give me eruri mpreg, yes?!!! <3

Erwin is unbelievable sometimes.

Thank you for the nice ask :) I know this is not exactly what you wanted but food-pregnant Eruris is the most mpreg I am able to do :D If you want, you can ignore the dialogue though xD

I could totally imagine drawing an Eruri-lovechild though…maybe another time. Oh and I think Levi looks too tall in the last picture…blame it on the references I looked up

many hours later at the hospital

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“Babe, just look at them. So many babies.”

“Hello. Would you like to meet your children?”

“I am guessing it is too late to jump out of the window and run, right? We might as well.”

“Oh my… Are those ours?”

“I think they are. Tony, aren’t they the most amazing things in the world?”

“Those are babies. Beautiful babies. Are they real?”

“Ah! They are real! Steve, they are really ours?”

“They are. Those are our children. We did it, Tony. We are parents. … Babe, are you crying?”

“Hmhpphh… Better look at yourself.”

“Oh, they are looking at us! Hi!”

“Hi, little muffins… I love you so much. I promise to be the best mom in the world.”

“Hey, you called yourself a mom.”

“Fu–dge off.”

“You are beautiful when you cry from happiness.”

“Stop talking, I don’t want the first thing our babies hear is parents arguing.”

“I love you, Tony. I love them. I never imagined I could be this happy.”

“I love you too. And them.”



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                                                     EYES  STARE  HEAVILY  AT  THE  WALL  BEFORE  HIM,  it’s  bright  white  paint  almost  BLINDS  him  no  thanks  to  the  sun  that  reflects  of  it’s  flat,  pale  surface.  he  can’t  feel  a  thing,  &  he  rather  LIKES  it  this  way  —  no  pain,  no  emotion,  NOTHING.  his  new  medication  caused  him  moments  of  pause,  as  if  his  brain  needed  to  reboot  itself;  to  process  what  century  he  was  in,  his  stomach  craving  something  to  feast  on  however.  a  hand  absentmindedly  placing  itself  on  his  belly  as  it  to  calm  the  beast  within. 

                                                            ❛    — …..  sorry,  what  did  you  say  …  ??    

Everyone: Omg Will this! Will that! FUCKIN’ SOLANGELO!!!!!!!!!

Me: Who the fuck is Will

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They win the game and when reporters ask them about their penguin children, Sid's just like "we need to wrap this up because it's so so far past their bed time and I won't be able to ground them until they stop looking cute and making my husband muffle peals of laughter." Several rookies are holding egg babies while other small penguins are terrorizing the Penguins by leaping off benches and onto their unsuspecting uncles. They're all hyped up on sugar and Sid dreads having to put them to bed.

they just have SO MANY EGG BABIES and they’re all SO CUTE in their ridiculous penguins get up and geno is no help because he keeps skating around with his daughter and showing her off aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Imagine Joshua getting shy and smiley when you keep complimenting his new pink hair.

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Also Gency baby prompt but mainly HC. Rei being one those babies that /loved running away naked./ Bath time or diaper change even just a second without clothes and zoom shes out of their arms xD they just, have so many baby butt photos and embarrass the hell out of Rei later in life. She totally got it from dad :| according to Hanzo lol

Oh for sure. Rei’s a free spirit like that.

Genji: It took us half an hour to just get pants on her. Half an hour. For pants. I love her but she’s a nightmare, sometimes.
Hanzo: You were a nightmare.
Genji: I wasn’t that ba–
Hanzo: Do you want to know how many times I had to see you streaking through our family’s ancestral gardens?
Genji: Well—
Hanzo: Too many times, Genji. Too many times.

Jack Morrison wakes up early in the morning, steps outside his apartment in the Watchpoint residences to catch the sunrise, only to have a buck naked cackling Rei zip past with Genji in swift pursuit. Jack sighs deeply and heads back to bed because it is too damn early for this.