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Hello! I wanted to drop by and say that I love your OC's! Noah is definitely my favorite and I look forward to seeing more of him. Hope you have a wonderful day.

knowing that you like him already made my day very wonderful i’m so happy 🌷

(here he is, trying hard to hide his crush… but obviously failing)

I am a keeper of keepsakes,
Holding on to what life takes,
Keep it treasured in a chest
When the night puts me to rest

Early morning here I rise,
What are witnessing my eyes?
The bits and pieces they are gone
A kobold pulled a cunning con

Crept inside on crooked paws
Only disregard for laws
Leaving footprints grey and dirty
Took of my possessions thirty.

Bravery is not for me,
Hence the thief is roaming free.
Coins and nickels, name the cost!
If you can find what I have lost.

My inktober project for this year is to tell you about the 30 things lyrical me is missing. 


aah! i guess this is kinda a really really late celebration for 4,000 followers or a late question answer?! thank you to the lovely anons who encouraged me, take a bunch of selfies of me being way too tired and moody :D

thank you so much to everybody who follows me here!!! <3


The October prizes have been published! :D

The bundles include PSDs of works done in September, sketches and wips of commissions I’m working on, and the secret doodle of the month! Everything for your eyes only :)

Thank you for supporting me! Stay tuned for more ❤️

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“When we recognize that our personal good coincides with the Good of everyone, our inner light is turned on: at this point, when a human being becomes a Human Angel, their light, like a beacon, shines all around.
The more lights are lit, the more humanity will be enlightened in these dark times, when the world of the ego, driven to its extreme, has begun its dramatic collapse.” 

~ Human Angels

~ Precious Animation by George RedHawk_DarkAngelØne