Pitch Perfect 2 Full Movie


➽ Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Storyline
The Bellas are back, and they are better than ever. After being humiliated in front of none other than the President of the United States of America, the Bellas are taken out of the Aca-Circuit. In order to clear their name, and regain their status, the Bellas take on a seemingly impossible task: winning an international competition no American team has ever won. In order to accomplish this monumental task, they need to strengthen the bonds of friendship and sisterhood and blow away the competition with their amazing aca-magic! With all new friends and old rivals tagging along for the trip, the Bellas can hopefully accomplish their dreams.

➵ Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-05-15
Casts : Katey Sagal, Hailee Steinfeld, Shelley Regner, Anna Kendrick, Alexis Knapp, Elizabeth Banks, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin, Hana Mae Lee, Kelley Jakle, Ester Dean, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp
Duration : 115 minutes runtime
Rating : 7.6

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[Translation] Official Makoharu Mook Original Drama

scans by sunyshore

Bubbling of the Starry Sky

Haruka Nanase
- half-fish man
Makoto Tachibana - firefighter
Rin Matsuoka - Samezuka Station Police Officer
Nagisa Hazuki - astronaut
Rei Ryugazaki - Scientist

*at the wharf*

The warehouse is burning.  There are sounds of siren from the firetrucks.  The firefighters rush to the scene as they get off the firetrucks.  Makoto can be seen among them.

Makoto, wearing fireproof gears, grips onto the hose tightly with his strong arms as high-pressure water gushes out of it, directing the water towards  the roaring flames…

*in front of Makoto’s apartment* (at night)

The cherry blossom tree is in full bloom.  Makoto finishes work and returns home.

Makoto: Phew, what a day~ I’m so tired~

*inside Makoto’s apartment*

Makoto takes off his shoes and his jacket at the door

Makoto: Well then, time for a bath~

He says it out loud as he opens the bathroom door, where someone’s soaking in the bathtub.

Makoto: WAAHHH!?

Haruka is in the bathtub.

Haruka: Shut up…

Haruka turns around and flips his tails around.

Makoto: A mer…. merman!?

*Inside Makoto’s apartment: bathroom* (night)

Makoto and Haruka are in the bathroom.

Haruka: I’m not a Merman, that’s stuff of the legends.  I’m a halfbreed born between a fish and a human.

Makoto: So like… a half-fish man?

Haruka nods.

Makoto can’t believe this sudden turn of events.

Makoto: Um… well then, how did you manage to get here? Did you walk… you probably couldn’t have, with that tail…

Makoto looks at Haruka’s lower-half quizzically.

Haruka: I do have legs…

As he says that, he pulls the bathtub plug.

(gurgle gurgle)

The bath water swirls and gets sucked into the bathtub’s drain.

When all the water is gone, Haruka’s tail disappears and is left with a pair of legs.

Haruka: as long as I’m not in water.

Makoto is shocked.

Makoto: So you really are a half-fish man!?

Haruka: That’s what I’ve been saying.

Right at this moment, the doorbell rings.

(ding dong)

Makoto: Who would come here in the middle of the night…? Ah, stay here for now, and don’t come out.

Makoto says that and exits the bathroom leaving Haruka behind.

(ding dong, ding dong, ding dong)

The doorbell keeps ringing.

Makoto: Yes! Just a moment! I’m opening the door now!

Makoto opens the door.

And in front of him stands Rin, the police officer.

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  • Kuroo:Hey, Bokuto, a missing backpack. Looks like another case for...
  • Bokuto:Catman and The Owl!
  • Daichi:Enough!
  • Bokuto:What the hell's your problem?
  • Daichi:Every "Catman and The Owl" is the same. You pick a boring case, you bicker, then you solve it. The solution usually being that Kuroo is the culprit.
  • Kuroo:It's true. I've got the backpack right here.

Don’t emotionally bully someone that you know has a crush on you just so you can get free art out of them. Please, just don’t…and rethink a few things in your life while you’re at it…

i always find it funny the kind of looks i get when i reveal how earnest i am when i say that i believe in the inherent goodness of people. every once in a while i end up in these conversations with those who want to tell me how naive i’m being, that i’m prescribing to a sort of altruism that doesn’t actually exist. but i think it’s as equally naive to believe that all people, deep down, are really bad. no one is simply one thing or the other. each of us is a kaleidoscope of contrary influences & desires, motions towards grace & folly. sometimes we do down right awful shit to each other, other times we make music. but honestly, if i have to choose between looking at everyone like they might be carrying a dagger or holding flowers, i’m gonna go with the flowers every time.