having my dorm right across from all these frathouses is pretty interesting bc just by looking out my window i can see all the fratboys and sorority girls buzzed at 4pm and stumbling around in prom gear for their formal-greek-college-prom-whatever-jamboree and it’s like

I really hope people took what troye said to heart in the DMs where troye said that it puts an immense strain on him having to think about his relationships and what he’s saying/doing because he feels like they’re overanalyzed. a majority people do a great job keeping shipping within the tags (although some people still do not which is a big issue), but that might not be enough. it clearly makes him uncomfy, so please just watch your headcanons, assumptions and “detective work” (which frankly, we should not be doing. we all know troye and connor are hanging out, why is there a need to keep posting about how obvious it is?). I know shipping is fun and it’s the focus of a lot of people’s blogs, but just make sure that what you’re posting wouldn’t make them uncomfortable, or like they have to hide from us. make his job easier by easing the stress of worrying that every move he makes will be getting 500+ notes on tumblr.

yess okay the first one went really major wrong so i’m doing it this way sorry :)

was it really necessary to touch his hair like that

waist grabby

this really looks like what a boyfriend would to to calm someones nerves or something

someone wants the dick

come here my love pls

i didn’t want anything i just wanted you to be near me

not fanservice, they don’t even know they’re being filmed

and when soo notices the camera he kinda goes oh shit and moves

jongin honey i think he’s trying to cook

soos face tho

butt touches

jongin wouldn’t let go

come on lets be alone

wait what

random hand grabs

actual five year old being scolded

hand holding

crotch/thigh rubbing

thigh grab

he’s mine go away

can u get any closer jfc

i honestly adore troye, as you may well know. and the thought of the internet, something he loves, becoming a scary and uncomfortable place for him really upsets me. this boy has brought nothing but happiness, creativity and inspiration into our lives, and he is entitled to respect and his own opinion.




The birthday wake-up at Fredensborg Palace in celebration of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s 75th birthday on 16 April 2015