Basically, when James asked him about the boys supporting him and after he mentioned that they tweeted him, Niall more or less said that just because they don’t tweet each other stuff all the time that it doesn’t mean they don’t still support or talk to each other. (Essentially, he called out the fan culture of believing that they all hate/don’t talk to/don’t support each other just because they might not make it public all of the time!)

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He’s so cooll

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Hi! Do you now any Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor fic?

i haven’t read any yet but i can sure find you some! i’ll probably read some of these later myself (so if you have a specific one i should read gimme names!)

Open Your Eyes by Cerberus_Spectre  [On-going]

When Kara admitted that she was jealous of James and Lucy….not because they were together, but because of what that meant. They had someone to come home to, to kiss, to hold…a shoulder to cry on, to cuddle with…to vent with. To love.

Kara’s only family, blood related family, is in a coma or floating off in dark space. And seeing what Lena Luthor was going through felt like an out of body experience, as if she were just replaying her own life in just 48 hours. She’s never felt more alone in her life, and it’s almost mind consuming. That is until Supergirl is invited by Lena Luthor herself to dinner as a ‘Thank You’ for saving her life, and unknowingly saving Kara’s in the process.

A drink, coffee, dinner or something? by UltimateGryffindork  [One-shot]

After the fourth time in a week that Lena wants to talk to Kara about her article, Kara begins to suspect that something else is going on…

In which Lena attempts to ask Kara out on a date.

Headline: Luthor Shoots Down Supergirl, Just Not in the Way You’d Expect by SorceressOfTheHighestExCalibur  [One-shot]

Kara scrolls through post after post about the incident she’s since deemed It, each a variation of - or simply just - “Supergirl is fucking dead.”

She feels like crawling under a rock and dying for real.

Trust? by LadyJessYU  [Finished]

Lena’s reluctant to believe Supergirl or reluctant to believe she would look past the Luthor name.

First Assignment by anamatics  [On-going]

Snapper’s first assignment to Kara is a teaching moment: one he considers vital needs if she wants to be a journalist. It seems simple, write about L-Corp’s new green initiative, get a few quotes, write something semi-decent. But as Kara starts to dig in, she finds herself at the center of L-Corp’s new CEO’s attention…for better or for worse.

Oblivious by MarvelDC31  [One-shot]

Prompt from H0lygabz: Lena pops in unannounced and visits Kara at CatCo, where a jealous Cat sees them flirting. Bam Kara has two ladies fighting over her while she is just oblivious to everything. Bonus points if you can fit Alex into all of this.

The Power in Encouraging Sentiment by AzureLightningEmeraldCloud  [On-going]

A Lena and Kara story, taking place post- S2 premier.

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Hi everyone.

So I know it’s been awhile since I’ve really posted anything so I thought I should explain. Life has gotten pretty busy for with my job and family and I’m getting ready to apply for college. But those really weren’t holding me back as much as something else was.

Over the past month, I have received a lot of hate in my inbox from people who don’t agree with what I ship in the Voltron fandom. And many of those words hurt, no matter what I told myself, they really did hurt. I received many terrible anons who just wished to see me crumble, but they have all been removed my inbox and I may disable anon messages for awhile until the fandom calms down again. But because of this, I removed myself from Tumblr for awhile just so I could deal with everything and distance myself from the discourse. And see what’s been going on for the past few days, I’m glad I did. This fandom is one of the more toxic ones I’ve seen in a long time, but I’m still going to enjoy the better parts of it because I refuse to let those who wish to police me about what I can and cannot enjoy, to win. I enjoy Sheith content, as well as many of the other wonderful parings in this fandom, and will continue to do so, no matter how upset others might be at me. You don’t have to follow me and I don’t mind if you block me, but please don’t try and send me any hate because it will be deleted or I might just post it to prove I don’t care what you say about me.

So I’m some-what back and I will be trying to release the dabbles and the next chapter of “Genetics Do Not Define a Person” soon but it still might take sometime. So thank you for all of your support and I hope to talk to all real soon!

I don’t understand people being aggressive to strangers right off the bat, like it blows my mind that there are people okay with having their first interaction with someone just be vicious, if that person hasn’t even done anything??

like people who take their bad moods out on service workers or make rude remarks to strangers for drinking the “wrong” thing or wearing (non-oppressive) fashion they don’t like or for having a body they don’t like looking at…

like obviously it’s terrible but it’s also so shocking that ppl do it at all? like even moral implications aside I literally do not understand how it’s possible to have that little shame or not feel awful for even thinking of doing that?