you know, if you look through Luke’s instagram and twitter media, the most personal thing he shares with us nowadays is maybe a photo with his family or what he did during the day. sometimes with friends, though they’re usually friends ~in the public eye. it never gets more personal or private than that. that’s as far as he has chosen to let us in. idk.. something to think about when you see/post/reblog leaked photos. Just because someone else isn’t respecting his privacy doesn’t mean none of us should.



the thing that gets me about the blake siblings is that that scene (yall know the one im talking about) was so 100% unnecessary

like i get that they were trying to push the siblings apart into their respective dark corners, bellamy so that he could truly feel like he’d lost everything and start on his path towards the light again, and octagon so that she was also isolated and could start on her path towards the dark–but they completely fucked it all up by taking things way too far

it would have been just as heartbreaking and emotional for everyone, to have octagon simply disowning her brother. maybe she’d hit him once (which would STILL not be ok but would be more in line with what we’d already seen from her via lincoln and indra) and then she’d spit at him or w.e and walk away and that would be that. we’d still have the end result that the writers wanted

but instead they made octagon physically abuse her brother to the point of fucking cutting open his face, enough to leave scars, while he was chained to a rock and she hit others when they tried to make her stop

there is literally no coming back from that, or at least, not easily. and i’m 99% sure that whatever redemption arc they give her still won’t make up for it, bc i’m not even sure they realize how badly they fucked up

and just….the blake siblings were so important. their relationship was literally the healthiest one on the show, even with how much they argued. they understood and loved each other in a way which no other two characters would ever be able to, not jasper and monty, not even other grounder siblings, bc of the childhood and bond that the blake’s shared. and the writers completely ruined that, and for what? cheap shock value, and their weird perverse need to beat bellamy the fuck up every single season