lbr tho james sirius potter is probably such a little shit

he knows how much mcgonagall is dreading him coming to hogwarts

he knows

so he acts angelic for the first couple of months, and everyone is so confused and mcgonagall is tearing her hair out (in the most dignified way ofc) 

and she’s writing letters to harry and ginny like why HASNT YOUR SON ATTEMPTED TO BURN DOWN THE CASTLE YET

((and ginny is horrified when she reads these letters bc shes honestly v disappointed she had expected so much more from her child like what))

but then mcgonagall gives herself a good talking to and calms herself down like goddamn minerva you are a teacher you fought in the war you aint afraid of no freakin 11 year old

and she spends the rest of the week v satisfied with herself and is beginning to believe that maybe, just maybe he’s not that much of a troublemaker

until one day she runs into him in a hallway

and he winks at her 

and then STRUTS away

and that was the day minerva mcgonagall turned in her resignation 

Okay, but that Klossy video, though. Does anybody else feel like their heart is about to burst out of their chest with the amount of love they have for Karlie?

I have been a fan of Karlie’s since that day in 2007 when I saw her in the Little Manhattan editorial for Teen Vogue. It feels like I grew up with her. I’ve watched her go from this tiny little 15 year old baby who walked an exclusive for Calvin Klein, to this amazing 23 year old woman who is one of the world’s biggest supermodels, and has one of the world’s biggest hearts.

So, to the me from 2007, who tore that editorial out of Teen Vogue and pinned it to her bedroom wall - well done. You couldn’t have picked a better person to be a fan of.

i was 17 in 2012, when i first started trying to draw spn things, and you guys can probably tell why i was made fun of for even being interested during my initial attempts

Compliments are so underused. A simple sentence, a few words, or even one word, can honestly make such a difference to a person, and stick with them for a long time. Even if it’s something simple, like their hair, eyes, clothes, laugh, nails etc, it honestly can make someone’s day, week or even month. Sadly, there are so many people who are so used to not being complimented, that when they are, they are so shocked to the point where they’re speechless or they instantly believe that ‘it’s got to be some kind of joke’ because they’re so used to never being flattered. For people who have low self esteem and/or high self-consciousness, this can truly mean the world. 

It doesn’t take long. Few seconds tops. And in that small amount of time it took to compliment them, you could have changed the way someone looks at a part of themselves for a long time.

anonymous asked:

man, zico is such a pervert 😂 i love him

It made me laugh because the ask says he a pervert but right below he acting like a cute Catholic school boy

But yes anon he is 

gifs I totally stole/saved from purrposeful when she showed them to me one day

That’s why he has so many religious tattoos because he knows he nasty so he wants a balance