no but i don’t even watch steven universe at all, i’ve never watched a single episode but the characters are so cute like what the fuck

look at these fucking cutes and their simple af designs

what the fuck she looks like she gives the best hugs and can fight 800 dinosaurs

shes so majestic and her palete is so soft and cute woah is she a swan in disguise

this is a cute muffin look at her and what?? she can have a crocodile face? SWEET

? mtn dew dorito? she looks so mlg

big thunder cat lady that looks really mad all the time


why is everyone cute

Riku Appreciation Week - Day 5 - Favorite Outfit or Physical Feature

-“Sora, are you seriously eating candy right now?” 

        -  “MMHMM~ WANT SOME??” *NOM*

…My favourite thing physically about Riku is… the dudes a tank. I have no doubt he can pick up Sora or Kairi and just bench press them. Thats probably apart of his daily keyblade training!~