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Err just letting some of you know, if you see those videos using “MAPs” on youtube, that stands for “Multi Animator Project” and are mostly filled with minor animators. They aren’t pedophiles, they are ACTUAL children animating animals/anthros/humans.

Please don’t get this confused with the pedophilic users on tumblr!! Thank you!!

Okay, this has been on my mind lately but someone mentioned how Levi was half serious half not when he said he would break Erwin’s legs to prevent him from going on the mission and I thought “what if Levi actually DID break Erwin’s legs, then what?”

My first thought was how would Erwin react? And I don’t know about you but I couldn’t see his usual smiling-and-laughing at Levi’s poop jokes self. Erwin is so determined to even throw his own life away to achieve his dream and yet his dearest friend (I wanna call them lovers but y'know they’re not there……yet) has just hindered him from achieving that dream and selfishly kept him alive.

I imagine Erwin so visually pissed and conflicted it shocks and stabs Levi to his fucking core. He probably understands that Levi did it out of worry, that if he left the safety of his office, a place far from the battle, Erwin would probably die. He’d be conflicted because he understands why Levi did it. He be angry because he didn’t care whether he lived or died as long as he was continuously fighting for that dream and Levi just stopped him from his own decision.

And oh man imagine the miscommunication or just the lack of. Erwin doesn’t talk to Levi because he’s afraid of lashing out about his own internal conflict and Levi wants Erwin to speak to him but is afraid of being ignored. 

Or Erwin might not even want to LOOK at Levi because he doesn’t want to see the shock in Levi’s face when he stares at him completely stoic or devoid of any indication of tenderness. It’d drive Levi insane trying to bring back the tenderness he missed so much.

Imagine Erwin being stuck in a wheelchair for months and having Levi take care of him with now 3 of his 4 limbs completely useless. Levi gets to bring Erwin his meals and bathes Erwin and write his reports for him and wheels him around the gardens inside Wall Sina when he needs some sun, and while Levi is grateful that Erwin is safe and within his reach, he did not look forward to the tense atmosphere when the two are alone. He didn’t look forward to Erwin’s depression worsening because he’s stuck in that chair and Erwin’s too much of a lead weight to take on missions until his legs heal as properly as Levi promised.

Levi’s so used to trusting Erwin that it seems if he were to stop trusting him for even a moment and do something rash and selfish, y'know his way, everything would just turn to shit. HE’D probably feel so fucking guilty that his desire to protect his best friend was stronger than his willingness to give and work around anything his friend wants or needs and contemplate how much worse it would have to just follow Erwin to his grave—

fuckign I need to stop rambling about angsty shit and try petting kittens or take a fucking nap

The Legacy of the Batman: Part 2 - Batman: The Movie

The Legacy of the Batman: Part 2 – Batman: The Movie

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With further behind-the-scenes details uncovered, we revisit our series The Legacy of the Batman; a broadstrokes look at the origins, production and legacy of the show. A William Dozier production The Batman TV Series, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Doctor Who hold a common link; they were just some of the television shows that started in the 1960s to be given spin-off films whilst their weekly…

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Will Solace is the kind of person who randomly starts running and jumps onto someone’s back fully trusting them to carry him piggy back style.


There was an attack in Nice (Big city in the south of France) during the firework for Bastille day the media say that there are about 30/50 dead. The authorities say that it might be a terror attack

14th of July is our National day. It celebrates La prise de de la bastille, when parisians took weapons from the royal prison to free their delegates trapped in Versailles by the King in 1789. They fought for their freedom. And since, we celebrate this by a parade, and fireworks in every cities, the 14th or 13th, even in the small ones. We go there with our family, with the children. I went to the firework of my city on the 13th, there were 1000 peoples, and half of them where children or teens. There isn’t any defined number yet, but I think most of the victims, are children.


00:14 here in France : more than 60 dead.

01:07 : more than 70 dead.

02:00 : at least 75 dead.

02:34 : at least 77 dead.

10:31 : at least 84 dead.

how are any of you still posting here saying things like how “noone cares about poc victims of terrorist attacks” and then in the very same post saying inaccurate stuff about how french terrorist victims are all white? as if being non-white and french isn’t a thing?? this is galling because the attacks are also in particularly multiethnic areas of the country & france is one of those european countries that is very much not lily-white. 

or saying that “everyone talks about terrorist attacks in france but not on muslims” as if being french & muslim are mutually exclusive? i’m talking about posts that clearly assumed the victims are almost all white non-muslims. like i just saw a post saying this about the attacks in nice, of all places- a city that has a significant population of french muslims. french muslims have been killed in literally every single previous daesh/is attack and you’ve yourself erased them, which is the very thing you say you don’t want people to do!

SNK 83: Short Summary...

Armin Team: “The serum should definitely go to Armin. We mean, he is the most intelligent & promising commander-to-be…right..and had his dreams to see the ocean..and Eren & Mikasa…they’re like family…blah blah blah..”

Erwin Team: “Nah, we love Armin, but if given only 2 choices, the commander should be prioritized. He is very essential not only to humanity, but also clearly to Levi so we fully support his decision…blah blah blah..”

Levi Team: “This is heartbreaking…poor Levi. His life has been so miserable. You guys…please try to empathize with him. It’s such an impossibly cruel position to be in. Go..Levi, no matter what decision you make, we’ll forever support you!!”

World Peace Team: “Calm down everyone…there’s no need to fight. Please…we need to support each others in this critical time. Let’s stay together and pray for both of them to be (miraculously) saved somehow..!!

Shipping Team: “Oh My God!…this is so tragically beautiful. We can’t believe they are literally canon” (crying tears & beginning to compose fictions/songs/riddles/etc…and probably crying more tears along…)

Warriors Team: “Have some sympathy for Reiner & Bert, please. They are not evil and might not even be the true enemy either. They’d been through so much….especially Bertoldt,…This great Titan Icon doesn’t deserve to become a piece of snack!!!

Neutral/Levelheaded Team: "We need to make some theories & discussions about Zeke-Grisha-warriors and their relationships with Titan & Human histories….Let’s dig down into our memories to make some connections…refers to chapters 1, 2, 3…and so on..”
Isayama Team: “Stop it, all of you. I’m the God of this SNK world. Just chill, go on with your healthy lives and wait for next month until I throw you another bomb. And no need to try to predict anything ‘coz you’ll never catch up with my dark & genius brain anyway!!!

The Fandom: (first time in unison)…Okay…!!”

@drinkyourfuckingmilk i really, really adore this drawing of levi and hanji I HOPE YOU ARE OK WITH ME COLOURING THIS IM SORRY IF I HAVE RUINED THIS BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ART

thank you so much for being an inspiration to draw more often, your art is amazing and expressive and you bring all the good levihan material HAHA

i love your art, your sense of humour, your sass, your confidence and your kindness and patience yOU ARE MY GOALS