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She sighed loudly.

“Fine. If this makes you happy I’ll call them a very devoted female companions or simply your other female friends or….. just allies?” finished her sentence and constant mocking when earned a very hard glare at the suggestions. The young adult shook off her previous child-like persona like it was an unwanted blanket now. She was a little childish when she was bored.

“Sorry, missions like this one just simply kills my mood. And yes, maybe spying is part of our job I am just being really bad in it as you see.” smiled. Oh she could do better if she really wanted, but that time was not now. But when he suggested and even turned back toward the building they just left behind she turned back after him, grabbed his elbow and tugged him back to stop him.

“Jacob please no! We already lost him, do not make me trying to find him, the city is huge!”

And I am tired and hungry and all I need is you around me without the ‘Master Assassin and Mentor’ facade.