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“So,” Jeff said, leaning on Kent’s bathroom doorframe, trying to make his posture as nonthreatening as possible. They’d watched an episode of Man in the High Castle with Eric earlier, and it was becoming apparent to Jeff that Eric and Jack Zimmermann were definitely more than friends. Way more.

Considering how very recently Jeff had opened his door to find Kent on his doorstep and Jack Zimmermann partially responsible… he had questions.

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Can I get some insecure s/o with Reaper in a smutty scenario? I love yandere reaper's roughness and forcefulness, but I also like to think he'd be good to an obedient kidnapee

this turned out surprisingly tender so I hope that’s ok~ I’m a sucker for big scary dudes being all gentle with their beloved albeit-reluctant lil wifey. Also I hope it’s ok I chose a dfab reader since when it comes to nasties that’s the easiest and best option for me personally u////u

Your back was pressed hard against the metal bars of the headboard, unable to slink any further away as the man in black sat poised only inches away, watching you with an intent and fixated gaze. Anxiety and fear twisted around every thought you had as your captor kept you essentially trapped. He had made it all too clear what he wanted: ‘be good for me and don’t fight’.

The man suddenly reaches and you can’t help but flinch, too terrified to try and escape any longer as he brought his body closer to yours, stroking your cheek with an odd gentleness. “I won’t hurt you.” Reaper said in a hushed tone, easily feeling the rapid beating of your heart as his other ungloved hand brushes over your neck. He had struck the fear of God in you and he could tell all too well, those big dark eyes of his softening as he looked at you like you were the moon and stars.

Gabriel could see it in the way you moved and darted your eyes, your tensing, the heat he felt on your skin; you weren’t used to being touched. You weren’t used to being looked at the way he was looking at you right now. He wondered if it was out of neglect and loneliness, briefly musing on why no one had claimed you before he had. Fools, all of them. He would be the only one you needed and so, so much more.

He practically purred as you reluctantly let him move closer, pulling you flush against him as full lips envelop your own, Reyes groaning lowly. His kiss was needy, lonely, the man taking every second to enjoy your warmth and taste before his tongue pushed into your mouth, strong hands tangling in your hair to keep you close to him. It was all too obvious how much he was enjoying this, a tangible heat radiating from the aroused man as he finally broke away from you, eyes half-lidded and predatory with lust.

“I knew you’d be a good girl for me.”

You’re eased onto your back by hands gently tugging you downwards, your pulse frantic and intense as Reaper loomed above, fingers dipping under the hem of your shirt to pull it upwards, exposing your chest as a blush blooms across your cheeks. Calloused hands grope at the softness of your belly, gliding up your sides as the man kissed the tender flesh of your navel. Every move and touch made you practically shudder, face cherry-red in embarrassment as Gabriel tugged at your sweatpants.

But your knees snap closed, Reaper letting out a frustrated hum as he looks to your flushed expression. You’re afraid he’s mad, maybe even that he’ll hit you, but a playful smirk crosses his features. “Feeling shy?” He teased. “I can help with that.”

A startled yelp escapes you as the agent of Talon swiftly flips you over, pulling your lower half up onto your knees to present yourself to him. The chilled air hits your bare skin all too quickly as he practically tears your pants down, broad hands greedily groping your ass. Your skin feels alight with heat as a finger slowly tugs down your panties, exposing your vulnerable sex to your aroused captor.

“Don’t look…!” You plead softly, an inferno of embarrassment and shame coursing through you as thick digits finger your pussy, thankful that the man was at least merciful enough to put you in a position that hid your face. Gabriel only chuckles, your hips twitching as you feel his thumbs ease apart your folds, unwittingly raising your slit for him as his face quickly buries itself between your thighs, the unmistakable sensations of his tongue glossing over your sensitive walls causing your back to arch. You couldn’t help the mewling whimpers that fall from your lips as Reyes ate you out, the criminal’s movements expert and passionate as he sucked on your clit, squeezing the soft skin of your rear as he groaned into you.

“You don’t know how hard it was for me to wait.” Reaper growled lowly, his grip on you firm even as your hips twitched and wiggled with his touch. “Watching you from the shadows, waiting for the right moment to make you mine.”

His possessive words are only punctuated as you feel his chest brush against your back, finding yourself pushed onto your side as the Talon operative held you from behind, a hand under your knee holding your leg up to expose your cunt. You never even heard Reyes undo his belt, but the broad head of his cock prods against your sex, rubbing against it in almost teasing movements of his hips. “And just look at you,” He purrs, breath hot against the back of your neck as he spoke in a hushed tone, his lips grazing against your skin. “behaving so well.”

A brief peck of his lips to the nape of your neck and you’re all too sure that you can feel the corners of his mouth turn up in a smile. “I knew you’d be perfect for me.”

Reaper’s hips slowly push forward, burying himself in your tight heat practically to the hilt as a low rumble of pleasure vibrates in his throat. “So snug~.” He grunts, pleased as he begins pumping his cock in and out of you. “We’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”

Gabriel lifts your leg high to thrust as deep and hard as this intimate position will allow, his free hand snaking into your hair to tilt your head back for a kiss, wet and sloppy as equally vulgar noises escape from in between your legs. The man’s grin is hungry, wolfish, a small nip to the lobe of your ear as his words reach you through your cries of pleasure.

“I’ll paint your insides white.