After today’s ep, I just think Twelve needs some handholding….

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and cheek-palm consoling…

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and definitely some hugs.

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hey guys some advice from a popular blogger: if a minority poster makes a post complaining about the oppression of the majority, DON’T comment a dumb generic comment you think is helpful or funny that’s ALREADY BEEN COMMENTED A THOUSAND TIMES because u think you’re not like the majority

do you ever think about how mordin tries to set garrus up with bakara 3 TIMES

like mordin do you not recall the awkward sex advice you gave me because EXCUSE ME


Gunner found a baby bunny outside the bedroom window - so away from the peanut butter and other goodies I had waiting - so I just scurried over to the bedroom with two squeakers in my fists, squeezing them madly. 😂

It took me getting kind of close and being exciting, then he went silent, turned around, and looked at me with his head tilted a bit. The aroo??? look.

Then he came running over, bouncing, jumping. We went to his toy bench together, got out the toy he had just mostly destroyed and a bone, took him to his crate. Now we chillin’.

Gonna keep this up until I see a shift in behavior/reaction to critters outside windows. If he can get to a point where he can be calmer, where he can feel me and hear me, then we can work on counter conditioning and eventually move towards a calmer initial reaction overall. But we have to start here first, with simple redirection (and then getting all of this massive drive out).

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Since we discover that Mor doesn't love Azriel, and Azriel is really kind to Elain, do you think Sarah will explore a love triangle between Elain-Lucien-Arzriel? I actually ship Elain with Azriel more than with Lucien.

I sure as hell hope not.

I’m 1000% not here for that ship unless it’s a brotp situation. NOT EVERYONE IN THIS FRIEND GROUP HAS TO BE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER OMFG

Why can’t any of these people just be friends without being related, in love, or previous in love I just

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Organisation XIII trash. Omg. High five girl. 💛

Man, I was forgetting just how trash I would be for like almost half the members or something until I got that ask in my inbox. Y'all out here trying to thirst my way into writing KH smut, I stg!

… I ain’t even mad, tho

Okay so 1) my fitbit battery ran out and Saturday is usually my most active day. I don’t have a charger here. Sad :C

Also, 2) I dreamt some really weird shit about my ex (he was suddenly a contractor instead of graphic designer and had built huge buildings and had a kid?) and now I’m wondering how he’s doing. Like - I have this curiosity that may be sliiightly fueled by a sense of “I’m doing way better without you” but it feels super nosy, and it leaves me wondering whether it’s normal/healthy to feel like that.