• [During a practice break, Kuroko points at Kagami’s shirt]
  • Kuroko:What color is this?
  • Riko:Grey.
  • Hyuuga:Grey.
  • Kiyoshi:Grey.
  • Izuki:Grey.
  • Koganei:Grey.
  • Furihata:Grey.
  • Fukuda:Grey.
  • Kawahara:Grey.
  • [Kuroko looks at Kagami]
  • Kuroko:Now tell them what you think it is.
  • Kagami:Dark white.

Does anyone else try to have fun with their family but they end up yelling at you all the time and wonder why you go with them places so you just want to go to your room to be alone because most of the time it seems like they don’t want you around anyway but somehow they get offended if you want to be alone 

anyone else find the “i chipped my tooth while fighting a demon” story slightly questionable?
 maybe jace made up that story to cover up the real but embarrassing way that he chipped his tooth. maybe he chipped it another way like:
-alec and jace get into a fight. a drunk, hurt and angry alec asks jace if he can punch him in the face. jace thinks he’s kidding and says “go ahead.” turns out, alec wasn’t fcuking around.
-jace is drinking lemonade from a glass and isabelle accidentally elbows him and sends the glass flying into his tooth
-extreme frisbee game gone wrong?
-he aggravates church
-he drunkenly fell flat on his face
-dancing incident. fergalicious came out right around the time that this supposedly happened. also dance, dance and dirty little secret were out during the years that his tooth got chipped. coincidence? i think not.
- karaoke incident where he got too into it and accidentally brought the microphone too close to his mouth?
-jace, alec, izzy and max decide that having races where they slide around the halls while wearing socks is a good idea?