just....... UGH

but like?? even if he does decide to write a song with incredibly sexual lyrics who cares??? he’s 22, you think he’s a pure little innocent boy? like who the fuck cares??

jay releases a song all about eating a girl out and no one complains, we just fucking jam to that lit shit and sing along


I’m not gonna say “dudes are out of pocket” because if his GF is really okay with the shit, then that’s them. Maybe she givin him the benefit of the doubt or something for some reason but anyway… I more-so posted this to say, don’t do any sexual thing w/ someone that you don’t wanna do if you don’t wanna. Also to post that some guys really just don’t know when to give the fuck up.

I laughed at the conversation because I’m 22 & I been through some shit so I’m more confident in my answers & in knowing I’m grown af and if I don’t want to do something I am not going to… but I just feel like someone out there just needs to see how shit can go down. Don’t let people pressure you to do shit. ESPECIALLY if it’s someone you have even a light history with (I personally am okay with the idea that ex’s can be friends but I’m aware that it can get sticky. My opinion. Don’t fucking @ me.) They’re probs still just as shitty as they were.

The text messages just happen to be light but trust that if it went any further left I was about to be verbally assassinating this guy 😐 shit like this be making me sad. Like he has a girl that is planning give her all to him at some point (if his ass is still around) and he’s over here being stupid asking me for head. Like yeah bruh, head game stupid or whatever but IM NOT. Like respect yourself and take that queen!

& also head is FUCKING cheating!

HEYO MY DUDES!! just wanted to let y’all know, this morning my phone just decided to??? stop working????? like altogether??????? and since i’m literally always at work or rehearsal or running errands my phone is the only way for me to get on this hellsite (like right now i just dashed home for a second between errands to make this post whoops)

so!! i’m probably gonna go awol for the rest of the day unless i can somehow miraculously get my phone fixed, and maybe also most of tomorrow since more likely than not i’m just gonna need to get a new phone… rip my savings account……

but yeah, anyway, just wanted to let u guys know. if you tag me in posts or message me or whatever i’ll have get around to all that late tonight after the alestorm concert ^^’ take care my dudes ily all!!

“no i dont know how computers work” says carrie while working in the console and absolutely dispassionately coding some shit on c++, but then she sees kinzie and throws the laptop in the window “i dont know how computers work, like, how i was supposed to know that they cant fucking fly”   

So this is weird but I’m having a really weird reaction to the lamictal? I’m super itchy all over but there’s no rashes or anything. It’s literally all over my body and I keep checking but nothing’s showing up in the itchy spots…

I looked it up and apparently this has happened to other people but I’m pretty sure I should just discontinue it now:/ At first, I thought it was psychosomatic or something but I know when my mind plays tricks and this isn’t in my head.

okay it’s late so i’m just going to go ahead and rant for a bit

i fucking hate yaoi fangirls sometimes. i cannot stand them, not one bit. it’s fucking gross how they can twist something wholesome and twist it into something sexual, especially if the two boys in question are siblings or have a mentor/student relationship or a father/son relationship. not fucking everything is about a guy getting mounted so you can jack off to it and then call it “sinful” because it’s gay. can they just keep their grimey hands off of wholesome relationships? like do you not know what a friendship is? do you not know what any other relationship besides a sexual one purely for your consumption is? it’s so annoying, just stop.

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It's kind of off-putting how much you post about 'Anti-Hinanami'. Like we get that you don't like them romantically but consistently posting it could be offending for some and upset them

I am really really sorry - but that’s why i try to tag it as that, so that people can blacklist it, you know? And honestly I try to be super careful, even if I throw shade over at that ship, even if it’s not really ‘hate’ or ‘anti’ I try to tag it. I really want people’s dashes to be happy for them, and if that ship makes them happy I really don’t want to ruin that.

I like to think I do a good job, but really whenever that ship gets shoved in my face, I get passionate about it, I really can’t help it even though I know it’s awful. I’m very sorry, and I’ll try to lay off, but my blog is supposed to be a place where I can express myself, so you might just wanna unfollow if it bothers you that much.

  • teacher:Yeah, just write a paragraph, no more than a page, just a little reaction to this article :)
  • me:
  • me:*Writes over a page and changes it from 12 to 11 pt font so it fits on one page*
  • me:nice

I love living in a constant struggle with myself 
I wish I just knew certain things, rather than fighting my head that keep telling me that im the most annoying and unlikeable piece of shit still alive

Also my roommates are leaving for their reading weeks so im mostly in an empty house. It’s so quiet and Im starting to feel alone again
I wish my cats were here, its the only thing i miss from home frankly