just..... ignore this

Sasuke’s POV

Me when i’m too shy and trying to find excuse to hold bae’s hand

My expression when bae wanted to play rough and slammed me against the wall

His expression when he realized i’m the one who understand him the best about his fear of being alone

Ooooooohh this is exactly what it looks like

Me trying to keep up with bae’s stamina

Huh, i’m wrong? So I’m not in friendzone/brotherzone all this time?

Fangirl problem: when you ship Drarry and Scorbus freaking hard at the same time but can only have one because if Drarry gets married there’ll be no Scorpius and Albus, if there are Albus and Scorpius that means Harry’s married Ginny and Draco goes with Astoria, if Drarry gets married and there are Scorpius and Albus then they are Drarry’s sons and Scorbus can’t happen because it’s fucking incest no thank you, if there’s Drarry with Albus is Hinny’s and Scorpius is Drastoria’s… well, the men are having an affair and that’s just as horrible as incest regardless the ships and—————————-

Um… i don’t know what’s happening or what am i doing with my life, but i feel so bored with my life, i can’t even finish what am i sketching in my sketch pad & i just keep on staring at the paper…

It feels like i’m losing myself inside? Or am i just that quite that i can’t express myself right? Ugh!!! I don’t really know what’s happening, maybe i need rest? Can’t really think straight nowadays, i feel so empty inside bruhs… is there something wrong with me??

I should really take a break here for now… i might not open for a day or maybe days, imma find my self through those times

Welp, bye bye… maybe?? just gonna work with something else too
(Sorry if this bothers & stuff like it, just dun wanna make some of ya worried like last time? Or no? Feel so empty gosh, ok imma stop)

•Just Ignore This, Thanks•

me: *has a fever of literally 103 degrees and stuck in bed all day* it’s all good i’m good i’m fine pals

me: *hiccups for a solid 2 minutes* this is the worst thing that could ever happen to me i don’t deserve this 

Okay, so this is because @utaprimagines asked to see the picture I drew based on her wonderful writing. It’s nothing fancy, but I hope you like it!

Here’s the link to the post this is referencing: 


(by the way, if you haven’t checked out utaprimagines’ blog, then you should totally go check it out <333)